DIY CLEANERS: Clean Your Whole Home for $7.25!

Maker’s Microfibre Cloths:

Everybody loves DIY Cleaning Products for their home – and everyone enjoys saving money! So, in this video Melissa Maker shares 6 easy DIY natural cleaning products that you can clean your whole home with for less than $10 ($7.25 to be exact)

COMMENT QUESTION: What is your favourite DIY homekeeping tip?

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Varness S says:

Great Channel!

Angelica Claudio says:

Hey Melissa, I’ve been spotting ads for that cleaning product, Force of Nature. Do you know more about it?

Anne-Marie Æfan says:

awesome !!! thanks !

sallie vanhoose says:

How long do you keep/use these once mixed?

Nicole Brant says:

Can’t you use 50:50 vinegar and water as an all purpose cleaner?

vicky armendariz says:

Can you this recipe for the stove cleaner on your stove glass top?

Alexandra ortiz says:

Are these solutions disinfecting?

Tonya Jones says:

Hello, is it safe to use on granite? Thank you.

hadi malik says:

Which producet we can use fir muvh greasy blinds which i have behind my stove?

GWife2 says:

This is such a great video.
My husband and I are leaning towards more natural cleaners.
I’m even thinking of giving away cleaning tools w/recipes for natural cleaners as Christmas gifts this year! What do you think??

Katie Dunlap says:

If you use the DIY laundry detergent that has oxi, washingsoda, borax, baking soda and scent booster can you still put vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser? i know vinegar cant mix with baking soda but i wasnt sure since they would release at different times

Monique ChiGlo says:

Ooooo…Babbbyyyy! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate your daily cleaning with your baby. Congrats!

Carrot Kim says:

Love your videos

Carmen Mouzaffar says:

Clean My Space can I prepare the toilet cleaner for a long term use or do I have to prepare it for one time use only? Thanks!!

Sharmin Rahman says:

can all these cleaners be kept for later use, or do you have to use up what you make. particularly the de-greaser and the grout cleaner?

Abby Lowe says:


Chass Whipps says:

Oh my goodness!!!!! You look stunning…congrats girly girl!!

Marie Gilchrist says:

What is the best way to clean a pet stain that has dried Help!!!

Shelbey Champagne says:

My kids are absolutely amazing at making mystery stains on the carpet, and the miracle mixture I always use to spot clean is, blue dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Brush with a cleaning toothbrush and it disappears.

John & Sue McInnis says:

Favorite scrubber: Equal parts baking soda, borax and table salt. Sprinkle in the tub, or a sink, and scrub away! It’s awesome on soap scum!

GWife2 says:

My favorite DIY is…vinegar & dish soap.

Tania rana says:

How to arrange without shelf cabinets I have two cabana without shelf

Luísa Lima says:

Hi i m using white wine vinagre, for cleaning, its the same?

Clean My Space says:

What’s your favourite DIY CLEANER?

c s72 says:

I love baking soda and dish soap together for all purpose cleaning too. I especially love vinegar, dish soap, and lemon juice mixed together for cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. You are always so helpful and upbeat, and I enjoy all your videos and your book!

Hannah Costello says:

Hi Melissa! I just stumbled upon your channel and I’ve now been binge watching everything! I also own a cleaning company, fairly new and small, so your very inspirational. I was just wondering what vacuum you would recommend for cleaning homes and offices?? I would love to try the Dyson you mention in the down bar, but would that stand up to every day use? I’m looking for something light weight, convenient, and something that obviously works well with strong suction… thanks for any insight…ill be purchasing book and your cloths!!

Tirufat Worku says:

Melissa did I hear you saying a half teaspoon of dish soap?

Kamadice says:

I color code leftovers with pieces of duct tape in roygbiv, sunday-saturday. I’ll always know if its been a week since the food has lived in our fridge and we decide that day either to eat or toss.

Nancy Peterman says:

My favorite thing in this video is that you are BAREFOOT! My favorite “shoe” is barefoot!

Keila Shuler says:

Using vinegar as fabric softener

Karatsukino says:

um i have a question as far as cleaning the toilet, I just moved into a new apartment and there’s a rust stain ring around the inside of the toilet. I’ve tried using lime away to get rid of it, but it didn’t make a dent. does anyone know of either an all natural or even a commercial cleanser that would get rid of the rust and make my toilet look less disgusting? thanks 🙂

xeepromx says:

One part rubbing alcohol to how many parts of what?

savithri Savithri says:

Effective cleaner for granite countertops please…

Tania rana says:

Ur r not give answer I all not comments again because u r not replying

Tess Crowley says:

I know you like your essential oils, i found a recipe to make your own

5345312E456 says:

I use pretty much hot water w/a couple drops of Dr. Bronners Sal Suds Soap on almost everything. Even on my son’s cloth diapers!

When I’m not using that.
I’m using my homemade laundry detergent for both my family’s clothes and the cloth diapers. We have hard water so I changed the recipe that floats around.
But, I just do 1 full bar of Zote soap + 4 cups baking soda + 3 cups of washing soda + 3 cups borax.
Gets everything nice, clean and stain free (even my hubby’s work clothes, he works on fighter jets & military planes… there is lots of oil and chemicals on his clothes).

I also sprinkle baking soda on top of my glass stove top, lay towels over it and pour hot water (just enough to get it damp) let it set overnight and wipe it away. I do this once a week for a deep clean.

For the windows and mirrors. I think I got it from one of your older vids. I use half water and half rubbing alcohol. I also use it on the toilet seat, light switches, door knows, etc to sanatize everything around the house. I have two kiddos…one that just turned 2 years old last month and he make a mess of everything.

ajaFox1222 says:

How do you avoid the white film baking soda can leave on appliances?

Tania rana says:

When u give reply plssssssssss reply

nufoxiemommy says:

I use dawn, white vinegar and water for cleaning the shower. In the summer for the pups baths good for getting rid of fleas.

metasophi says:

By clean water…do you mean filtered than boiled water or something else?

Michelle Holloway says:

What toilet bowl scrubber do you recommend.

Francis Suemitsu says:

Yikes I have a tons of videos to catch up… ^_^

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