DIY Green Kitchen Cleaners | Tackle Big Messes and Save Money with These Easy Recipes

Today I’m in the kitchen showing you how to make your own kitchen cleaners! I love making my own cleaning products – It’s so easy (seriously) and it’s a great way to keep chemicals out of your home! I start with awesome disinfectant wipes that are non-toxic and are reusable. If you don’t want to use a bamboo towel as your wipe, you can also use an old towel or t-shirt. I’m also making a stainless steal cleaner that will cost you only a dollar to make!

INGREDIENTS – DIY Disinfecting Wipes
– Mason glass jar/container //
– Face cloths/rags (or, you can cut up old towels) //
– 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar //
– 3/4 cup distilled water
– 12 drops of tea tree essential oil //

1) Pour the liquids into the container.
2) Fold the towels into quarters and stack them into the container – they will soak up the liquid.
3) Use on all surfaces in the kitchen to disinfect. If you are using a paper towel, discard after each use. If you are using a bamboo towel, simply rinse under hot water and place back into your cleaning solution.

You can also make a bathroom wipe:
– 1 32-ounce mason jar // //
– 3-4 face cloths //
– Solution: Same recipe as above
– Use: Use to disinfect bathroom surfaces such as sinks, counter tops, handles etc.
– Toss each cloth into the laundry after use.

DIY Stainless Steel Cleaner
– 1 cup baking soda //
– 1/2 salt //

Directions for Stainless Steel Cleaner
Spray the vinegar over the steel surface and rub away dirt and stains with the rag.
Turn the rag over, place a few drops of olive oil onto it.
Polish the steel surface until it shines!

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lorraine o callaghan says:

Great tips thanks x

Darshita Gohil says:

very helpful tips Ms. Sophie

Asifa Saud says:

Luv u Sophie..

oLi102 says:

Will the stainless steel be greasy after we apply olive oil?? Hmm..kinda skeptical about iit

Fujii Keiko says:

Oh my goodness. I ♥ you for this! Thank you. Two thumbs up. Your channel is really, really wondeful. Thank you, so so much for all of your wonderful ideas. You are a game changer!

Hina G says:

hey sophie! i love watching and reading you videos and blogs and try to make as much of my home and body products as I can, including laundry detergent which my recipe consists of grated soap (usually castille) with baking soda and washing soda along with lavender essential oil. However, my boyfriend is a mechanic and so I was wonder what you would recommend to 1) keep my lighted colored clothes bright and colorful as well as 2) help with any of the grease that may find its way to his non work clothes. please and thank you I really appreciate any help or advice <3 Peace

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