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43110 says:

Can you switch the tops of the two spray bottles? Maybe they’d fit better than tops from other products?

Evelyn Martinez says:

Great haul. Thanks for all the great tips! I know we’re in September but glad I watched this video! Love all your videos! Tfs

Taylor Colvard says:

what vacuum is that

Meredith Blodgett says:

I will have try the cleaning stuff from Dollar tree

chyna luv says:

I Love the Golden Girls

gmamary47 says:

Watched this a year later but I am a new-by. I think I might go to a dollar tree today that is on the other side of town and maybe they will have a bigger selection. Definitely going to look for the cleaning vinegar. I use a lot of regular vinegar for everything.

Spider Dude161 says:

thank you so much

fabulously plus says:

awesome cleaner is a great cleaner

stephanie bush says:

I shop at dollar tree… I don’t really like the crowd at Walmart also we walk so dollar tree is closer than Walmart so convenience fee is worth a few cents

tloves2shop says:

Melanie Silverson, you just opened a door that I wish you wouldn’t have. You attaked me for no reason. I simply read something that concerned me and I acutually honestly was worried FOR YOU! Your little comment about “tlovesdrama” and calling me a stalker is not going to go unresolved, I will be reporting this and contacting whoever I need to about your attack and Defamation of character. You know nothing about me. How dare you call me a stalker.

Cindy Falos says:

Great Picks I have to agree with you,God Bless!

kscmad says:

Thank you, great video. I’m impressed with you’re other videos too! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Garcia says:

Will be looking for that duster…hagd…

Creative Monster says:

The paper towels at Dollar Tree are the worst ever, however the other cleaning products you listed are great for the price. Good video.

Sandy Garcia says:

Baking soda is also a great exfoliate mixed with your facial wash…

Tempest Benoit says:

Thank you

Julia Perry says:

I am a retired chef and was surprised several years ago when we were taught the life of a disposable sponge…one week in a home situation and 3 days in a business situation. I buy 52 a year at sam’s club/2 26 packs. isn’t this amazing? gloves are about a month and both are suggested to be cleaned in boiling water and lemon juice or white vinegar. stand sponges up to dry after sterilizing. Americans use disposable items far longer than they are intended-razors was one of these/3 suggested uses) thanks and God bless.

StargrlAnny says:

Love this video and finding out your favorites, my current favorite is the quick erasers, they are simply amazing!

miat789 says:

Why wouldn’t anyone buy food at DT? Not trying to be conflictive just wondering why.

Ani Cole says:

It’s my understanding that the difference between regular vinegar and cleaning vinegar is odor control.

Teri Keller says:

Thank u

San50 San50 says:

the cleaning vinegar is my fave. also use the gloves and sponges regularly.

Kim B. says:

I ALWAYS buy my gloves at dollar tree!! I go through them so much so I def don’t want to spend more than a dollar!

Cabo Wabo says:

spread the fireplace ashes on your lawn and you’ll have the best greenest grass in your neighborhood

Gena says:

I love that dust pan to clean my bunny cage!

ezfunshine says:

Great video maybe get to the point faster next time that would be great ,thanks

Jami Skelton says:

I get my baking soda from Walmart for 54 cents! I love love love baking soda too! I use it so so so much. Im a sweet tea addict and I have found that putting a half a tea spoon in my tea when Im boiling my bags to make a gallon. It takes that lil bitterness that all tea has completely out of it! Amazing!! My husband puts 1/4 teaspoon in his coffee.. he just adds it straight in the filter with the coffee and then brews it and its also amazing!! I could be here all day if I tell u all I do with baking soda! One thing I will share is if u try this and love it and add this to your routine I recommend buying the the one thats in a plastic container that has a lid and sprinkle holes. I then just purchase the 54 cent boxes and renew mine every 6 months just by popping that top off.

Vickie Workman says:

i cut my sponges in half, then you have even more length of use , and i dont like them great big.

Jackie Clark says:

We’re are you haven’t seen a video in weeks hope your ok miss you x

Andrea Matson says:

My fav is the wipes. I work at a call center and so sometimes we have to share desks or move spots. It’s amazing how dirty people leave the desks behind. I’m talking hunks of food, sticky messes from coffee, and the worse thing was once I found nail clipping! Those wipes are you godsend for me and i feel better paying a buck then $4 for name brand.

Hey Heidi says:

The magic erasers are actually a very fine grit sand “paper”, which is why you need to be a little careful on the walls. I love them! ♥️

Charlene O'Neill says:

Love it

Rob Stan says:

You talk way too much. You could get your message across without all that talking.

Tip Tig says:

i hope you use papper towels for other things putting a spunge in the micowave can catch on fire

Jonah Cool 21 says:

Blanche Devarow…haha I ❤️ Golden Girls..❤️ your channel

Phatnsassy in FL says:

I also have had a mastif. You are so right about how messy their faces can get. I really miss her.

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