Fabuloso Lavender Fragrance Cleaner: What It Does And Doesn’t Do

Wowed by this fragrance!!! When I stayed at the Country Hearth & Inn in Camden, TN, the rooms smelled great! My friends, the Hales, thought so and asked the cleaning crew what they used. It was Fabuloso and Lysol. I decided to try the Fabuloso Lavender in my home. This video review shows my results with Fabuloso in the laundry, for cleaning the shower, and for mopping floors. Just as an FYI, the bottle makes my laundry room smell better even with the lid on the bottle!

Fabuloso available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DEUTSu

Highly personal opinions. Just me expressing my thoughts and opinions. Watch the others in the series #1000Days #TownselTips #KimTownsel


Analise P says:

I love fabuloso I use it straight I don’t dilute it. You should review original pinesol.

Keila Shuler says:

I mix it with a little bleach. Smells great

Greg Hale says:

Imma be famous now! Lol

Fabuloso All Purpose says:

I’m great

Steve Duval says:

Yes. It is definitely in the fragrance!

Fabuloso says:

I love fabuloso

ASMR:Spatulas and Rugs says:

If I use fabuloso its only after I cleaner bleach and comet powder to clean and be sure the surface is rid of any build up, dirt, germs, film etc. then I use it to make it smell really pretty for a long time. For the bathrooms it just has to be that way

Horastina Warren says:

I don’t dilute it with water are use it for strength because I like the smell of it

Dafodyll Lane says:

The staff at the hotel mixes Fabuloso and Lysol because Lysol disinfects. That makes it a better cleaner. I use it for fragrance only or add it to things that kill germs.

Hannah Gilmer says:

Thanks for the suggestion of vinegar and Fabuloso. I’m going to try it in my showers for my hard water spots. I’ve bought it before and used it by it’s self, but I wasn’t a fan… I’m interested in three combo though.

Judy Frederick says:

Thanks, Kim. I appreciate the info!

Guitarfisherman1997 says:

vinegar and dish washing liquid you say for shower? i ll haveto put fabuloso on the dogs blankets then 🙂 when i wash nice review Kim

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