How to Clean A Bathroom: The Best Bathroom Cleaning Tutorial! (Clean My Space)

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Is cleaning a bathroom your worst nightmare? Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Our bathroom cleaning routine for people that hate (and love) cleaning! Straightforward, thorough and well-explained, as usual. Check out the full post on our blog

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Guys, I hate cleaning the bathroom probably as much as you do. In fact, I hate vacuuming the most but bathroom is a close second. But, I like a clean bathroom, or else I feel I can never quite get ‘clean’ in there! So here’s my system, this is also the way we train our staff to clean the bathroom.

Tools you’ll need:

Microfiber cloths for dusting, cleaning and polishing. I’d say to have 5.
Glass cleaning cloth, for mirrors and windows (if you feel like cleaning your windows), have 1
All purpose cleaner (you may choose one with a disinfectant if you wish)
Glass cleaner, but I prefer vinegar, and full-strength vinegar if you can find it
Tub and tile cleaner (which can be used for toilets as well)
Garbage bag, bag for recyclables, replacement garbage bag
Mop pole, hair elastic
Squeegee (optional, but helpful)
Toilet bowl brush
Double-sided sponge (ideally non-scratching)
Cleaning toothbrush

We’ll use the 3 wave approach again:
Wave 1: Tidying, organizing and pre-soaking
Wave 2: Dusting, cleaning, wiping and polishing (always clean the sink last)
Wave 3: Disinfecting, garbage, floors

Detailed cleaning technique videos you may want to watch:

How to clean a shower curtain and mat:

How to clean a toilet:

Quick and easy shower cleaning routine:

Clean a shower head:

Watch and learn!

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Thanks for watching!!


shasya ryna says:

Doesn vinegar smell???

Lisa G says:

Thanks, Melissa! Please tell me how I can clean the chrome sink stopper outer ring in my bathroom. It is turning black. Thank you.

Jmad0113 says:

Am I the only man here?

Carol Binnie says:

Wow Melissa, I didn’t know you keep your toilet in the kitchen LOL 😀 :p

dveisalive says:

4:00 in and you still didn’t start yet lol

Bryonna Rowe says:

Can u please give me a couple tips for cleaning my room?

boilweevel says:

what do you do with the microfiber cloths afterwards?

Rachel Weinstein says:

This may seem odd, but where do you buy a really effective toilet bowl brush? Do you use anything special?? Thanks, Melissa. I’ve been surveying Amazon but don’t know. Can you help???

Kenese Su'e says:

We only clean just to get dirty all over again.

GuimauveBonbon :D says:

Im pregnant and nesting and these videos are so addictive. I have them in the background while cleaning every little small spec of dirt around the house.

Victoria C says:

what’s in your bathroom cleaner?

Helena Sáez says:

Btw, the only paranormal activity that my closets is explained by my cats inside, cause I am minimalistic with clothes too.
Its my arts and crafts stuff what makes me panic lol

darrenwastestime says:

I love bathrooms with a floor drain and handheld shower head because you can just spray the fucker down and take no prisoners

Moogle Midgar says:

i know what else she uses the shower head for. 🙂

doThatGWalk says:

Thank you, this helped me get started lol

jevon rodriguez says:


Curledandcontoured says:

Just moved into my own place, definitely just subscribed

Keagan Shepherd says:

Thank you

X T says:

Cleaning and tips starts at 4:00

Isma Faisal says:

Hi malisa… can you plz advice me ho to deal with the splash that are all over and around the sink after each face wash during the day… it also gets over ur products placed nearby… and if ur ans is a microfibre cloth… where to keep the wet one each n every time…

Mia Tyler says:

Clean room

Demetruis Figgs says:

This is a easy to use Spin Brush to help clean around your bathroom
We all like to have a clean bathroom but the hard work of bending over and scrubbing is now over try our new Spin Brush today…..

Mary Martin says:

I love your cleaning techniques but please don’t use the a word

Hunter Paige says:

By now i know how to clean my bathroom but I still come back to this video every single time I want to deep clean because I feel like it motivates me lol

Morgan Businger says:

Thx, it’s a good video, but it’s not so much helpful:(

lly g says:

I wish I had a maid

Margarita Andriopoulos says:

You can also try using a grapefruit cut in half and saturate them with table salt and scrub the tiles and tub with them. If you have bad build up use a nylon scrubber. (For those who are looking for greener solutions). I learned that one from How clean is your home episode.

baspbasp111 says:

Skip to min 4. Less talk more cleaning.

vanecaptures says:

Hey Melissa, just wanted to let you know I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing your microfibre cloths. I’ve been wanting to for awhile but the cost (plus currency exchange + shipping to Canada) was a huge deterrent.

But you’ve really changed my life and it began with this video a few months ago when I was really depressed and down and unable to clean my own bathroom.

My favourite part is when you do that little twirl right before you enter the bathroom of horrors. Somehow watching you clean made it easier for me to picture myself cleaning. Having a roadmap of exactly how to go about it helped immensely. So thank you. Thank you thank you.

Now I have dollarstore spray bottles filled with all your DIY cleaners. I’ve invested in several essential oils, and now I’m a baking soda and vinegar fiend. The Maker’s cloths are the last item to fill my cleaning kit caddie. Dollarama cloths simply don’t do.

I can’t wait for them to come in. In the meantime, I’m enjoying your book I have borrowed from the library right now. It’s amazing. I think it’s the perfect Christmas gift to any young person moving out of their home for the first time. Or maybe when they become a teenager. haha. I may buy it for nieces when they are old enough (they can’t read yet). My sister in law will love me. 🙂

Abdullatif Adnan says:

I need a wife

Bhavana Dabir says:

Couple of questions: 1. How come you don’t use an enzyme cleaner here? 2. Do you use/need to use a shower curtain liner? Ours gets grimey and I hate looking at it while I shower. Thanks!!

lillypopx3 says:

Skip to 4:08 – you’re welcome.

Muslimah1987 says:

No, my OCD did not like this. The loose hair, the bare feet, the physical contact with the !!FLOOR!!, the bit of mold in the tub, the open cabinet….NO.

Brianna Kennedy says:

I got puppy’s and they tear the house up

firewireo says:

isn’t this chic doing porn?

Wisteria Sims says:

I hate laundry. It’s the worst of all

Jo Thika says:

Vedio starts at 4:07

dejon fitz says:

f you

TheGlitterogstas says:

Thank you for all the super vids, but how do you clean the toilet brush?

dveisalive says:

This should be renamed to Ultra Instinct Bathroom Cleaning

Albert killers says:

Why do many people not put on a bathroom sandals in the bathroom? Even if it is clean , it can not be entirely clean as to behave as she is in her bedroom.

Account9000 says:


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