How To Clean and Disinfect Your Nail Bits and Implements

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Barbicide Alternatives
If you don’t have cosmetiology industry license, you probably aren’t going to be able to get your hands on barricade. So I wanted to give some alternatives. The easiest thing to use is going to be isopropyl alcohol, you want to find the highest percentage that you can, up to 99%. Then soak your implements in the alcohol for the same 10 minutes. If you are just using the implements on yourself and family (and nobody has a nail infection!) this will be just fine. Otherwise a bathroom germicide type product will work as well.

I hope this helped you all out! I know that it might not be something that you always think about, but cleaning implements is a crucial step in the battle against nail infections. Don’t hesitate to comment (or send me a private message) with any questions that you may have! I’m happy to help. Also don’t forget to click “LIKE” and “Subscribe” to help support my channel!

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G- Bgcg says:

You can buy Barbicide at Sally’s. Also the glass, tall container with pull up rack for around $16. Use Sallys coupons. You don’t need a license for that. I am very careful about nail hygiene having worked in a hospital previously. If I give manicures to family members, I have separate nail implements, files etc for each person. I put them in those plastic pencil boxes for kids (a different color for each person) I disinfect everything after each use. Thanks for the video!!!

Bekah Boo says:

You promised and you delivered! Thank you so much for this informative video!!

kelly mulholland says:

Yay! Thank you thank you!

Aloha says:

Can i reuse the barbiside that i already used already?

Lismarie Natal says:

Its like you read my mind! I was researching this all day yesterday!

SCSilk says:

Very cool!

Considering all the salons that use cuticle nippers on the eponychium, I’d like to hope they are going the extra step to sterilize them.

Bekah Boo says:

Sorry one more question: when you’re done using this stuff do you just pour it down the sink? Or what’s the proper way to dispose the used product?

mvalonso75 says:

Do you just let them dry after the blue soaking by themselves or do you rinse them with distilled water and then dry them with paper towel?

JayKB says:

I just dip my things into alcohol and remove them… Why the 10 minute soak?

Kwintina Files says:

Awesome vid! Thanks for sharing….this was super helpful and a great tip!

Bekah Boo says:

A question I have for you: I recently bought something on amazon called opti-cide and it’s a health care grade disinfectant which had a ton of good reviews from health care professionals. In your professional opinion do you think that could be a good replacement for barbicide or do you urge me to get barbicide instead?

Alex says:

How do you clean the Barbicide recipient? How often do you replace the nail brush that you use for sanitizing?

Mrs.Clarissa Moorefield says:

I didn’t know how to properly get in touch with you other than here. But I saw something and I thought you could appreciate it.

Trish Houchins says:

You can buy barbicide on eBay

Aloha says:

Hi. I love your channel. You are so creative. I have a completely off topic question. Ive seen all of these dip powder tutorials and I was wondering if dip powder acrylic is any different than regular acrylic powder that you use with liquid to form a bead/nail? Are they just using resin and the same powder? Or is it a completely different powder/product? It looks like the same product to me, just maybe milled finer. Thanks

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