How to Clean Walls & Baseboards! (Clean My Space)

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Walls & Baseboards may not be exciting to most people, but every now and then you’ve got to clean them and that’s probably why you’d be interested in this video. Melissa drops some knowledge about cleaning stains, scruffs and fingerprints off walls and the most effective way to clean baseboards!



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John Livingston says:

music too damn loud, prefered to hear your voice

João Miguel says:

Thank you. I will try with dish soap

dtec30 says:

what no sugar soap ?

Casey Gottschalk says:

Cleaning baseboards is. Job most kids love. Kiev them some baby wipes and they will have a blast.

Claire Smith Author, Whovian and Planner Girl says:

I’m looking to deep clean my baseboards because they’re VERY dusty and I’ve been sick a lot with migraines and am thinking a good cleaning can’t hurt. Thanks for this! I wish you could come over to help me lol — I’ll make pizza!

CC CC says:

I do it every week lol

Shannon Chambers says:

I do a deep cleaning of my entire house seasonly from top to bottom. Including my walls. I have really bad allergies and chronic migraine so my house MUST be clean. I have a rainbow vacuum and that vacuum is awesome.

Saul Goodman says:

Your Great

Kathy Becklin says:

I have a new problem w/baseboards… my Roomba has left a black streak on all my baseboards. Any solutions for easy removal?

Creative Jacki says:

Very helpful and grt

Sharon Jones says:

I use a swiffer mop to clean my big sliding glass doors. Saves a lot of bending and stretching.

Mark D says:

wow. this is grt stuff

cristybutit79 says:

Background music is a bit too loud.

Ventilate says:

What last time?

Adrienne Hall says:

Will this work on the ceiling too?
Clean walls every year and spot clean every 3 months.

Echoplexic al says:

How can i tackle a truly gunky base board, like dust and everything sticks to it . There is so much buildup its between the wall and the baseboard all my attempts to fix it seem in vain. I am not sure how long it had been since the previous resident cleaned it but it seems like 50 years of cleaning incorrectly . The same goes for under my claw foot tub (shudders). I don’t want to ruin the dark wood but it needs to be clean enough that I can use the upkeep tips in this vidso. Any suggestions?

triece04 says:


Dan R. says:

Any other wall-cleaning guys here?

Linda Farneth says:

Been looking through your videos but can’t find one on this. I painted my kitchen in high gloss paint. After a year of being sick and neglecting my walls I have serous grease splatters behind the stove. (no back splash 🙁 ) Any easy tips for cleaning these grease spots. It takes so long to get even a few inches done.

Melissa Gallagher says:

Twice a year for baseboards

alan forrest says:

Moved into a new apartment 2 months ago. Newly painted walls. Tripped over cat on the stairs while holding a cup of coffee which got spilled in ‘small amount’ on both walls either side of the stairs. Tonight I decided to scrub down all my walls in upstairs hall, stairs walls, cupboards, downstairs dining room and living room walls. Spent 2 hours slaving. Go back to look at my word and EVERY SINGLE WALL LOOKS ABSOLUTELY FILTHY. hAD TO SPEND ANOTHER 2 HOURS wiping them down and they still don’t look as good as when I started wtf

Amber S says:

This is great! I usually clean my walls with magic erasers. I’m going try these steps. 🙂

Nimra Shahzad says:

I just love you…

xChhriiss says:

Walls do get dusty I don’t know what this girls talking about

VivaLa GeeGee says:

My house has the most beautiful white baseboards. However, they collect so much dust and drive me absolutely insane! Great video. Thanks so much for the tips because I was losing my mind trying to figure out how to clean them correctly.

Feras Khan says:

bitch talks too much

Annette Specht says:

i cleaned my baseboards for the 1st time this year, and yuck!- i used a spray bottle of pinesol /water and wipe down with a fabric sheet ,,, smells nice too

Dorothy Carter says:

06/16/18 I don’t like white baseboards. White does not compliment my choice of paint/decor. My baseboards are dark brown in the basement. So far, I like it.

Irene Simpson says:

Thx for sharing

Kimberley Fatima Ling says:

I havent cleaned my baseboards yet but I am going to do it right now. I have just cleaned my walls with a mop already so walls are nicely clean just the baseboards left to do.
Thanks for the tips they really helped.

Nicole Cav says:

Don’t you have to clean the walls with bleach

Shannon Chambers says:

I do not use mops to clean my walls. I use my hands, microfiber cloth & either pine sol in a spray bottle or Mrs. Meyer’s all purpose spray. Same with my base boards. Not one speck of dust or dirt is left behind. I clean my base boards once a month. I clean my walls once per season.

Teresa Sanchez says:

Ur awesome blossom

Eddna E Soto says:

Great channel ❤️

Teresa Sanchez says:

Enjoying ur videos for more convenient clean and organized ways for me.

Alexander Düerr Williams says:

Great video – low on preamble high on info. I think maybe mix your music about -3db lower and it’s perfect.

Shannon Saephanh says:

Lol I clean my baseboards twice a month .

sydney alexander says:

I have to correct you, as I was corrected with my most recent cleaning job….I didn’t know that walls got dusty, I mean not really. Lies!!! This chicks house I’m cleaning now, the walls were COATED with dust! This lady had dust in her medicine cabinet!!! Not ON but IN!!! There was dust inside boxes of medicine INSIDE the cabinet. I’ve seen messy places before; I’ve NEVER seen anything like that!

DeadwoodSD1876 says:

Doesn’t the dish soap leave a film? I tend to use vinegar water or exp deodorizer when I my walls. I never used a mop. I always use a rag. Your mop method will save me loads of time and arm pain. Thank you.

Teresa Sanchez says:

I need catching up to do.

doll S. says:

Like in about 5 minutes.

Jessica Manson says:

That moment when you are about to start renovating an old yucky kitchen and you dig up this video to make sure you are going to get cleaning and prepping done right! (I also need to clean my ceilings too.)

Jessi Latiolais says:

I can’t believe I never thought about using chalk to remove greasing fingerprints

Extraordinary Randomness says:

195 people don’t like clean walls.

Sugar Life says:

Twice a week.

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