How to Clean Your Hydration Bladder – The Outdoor Gear Review

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Need to know how to clean your Hydration Bladder? Look no further.

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LindsEntertainment TV says:

I have had my camel back for 2 years now, and i have had some water in it for maybe 2 mounts now, is it still save for me to clean it, or is my camelbak dangerous now or something?

Boston Harold says:

Thanks – this is helpful.   I just bought a backpack at the local REI garage sale that came with a Camelbak.    Good to see how to maintain it.   The Camelbak still had some water in it, so I may need to try a deep clean, but there doesn’t appear to be any visible mold.

WubbaLubba DubDub says:

Thank You.

Mark Mal says:

Qustion my job requires me to be inside a company car most of the time I don’t have a cup holder so I bought one of these my qustion is would it be dum to have this on my back while driving ? Mine is only 2L it sits flat on my back but I’m worried I’ll pop the bladder while sitting in the car. But work gets so busy that I don’t have time to grab Somthing to drink and then worry where to put it when I need to get out. (I work out doors everyday heat etc) is this a bad idea?

NewHampshire Bound says:

Maybe I just don’t understand. But you didn’t clean anything. You didn’t even rinse anything. You just dried it.  I clean mine with a CLEAN kitchen sponge and soapy water. Get my hand in there with the sponge and rub all surfaces. Swoosh the water for a minute, then let it drain out the tube, which is non removeable. Repeat. Rinse well. Then I let it dry in the sun which is practically sterilizing it. Never had a problem and it looks new after years of use.

Harshal Shah says:

We are going on a 6 day backpacking hike…do I need to clean everyday or can I clean after the hike is complete?

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

Hmmm, I don’t have any experience with Osprey Bladders, sorry.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:


Alex Macmillan says:

after we use ours we fill them back up and freeze them with water in them until we use them next

Larry Duran says:

what if I use an air compressor to get the remaining water out?

JayRT2012 says:

9m on how to dry a bladder…. waste of time man.

Jameson Bond says:

I use white vinegar to disinfect naturally, use a blow-dryer on the bladder and air dry my hose

Michael Puffer says:

Hi there, I’m using a solution of baking powder and water and let it sit for a while. Works very well!

Roger Olivas says:

Camelbak makes a cleaning kit with scrub brush wire tube brush and tablets you drop in your carrier to clean and kill all bacteria. Great product, I clean mine every 3 months depending on how much I go into the field. Paper towels are a no no!

Wheatley says:

what if it does owe me money

Sam Willis says:

Would u recommend the osprey bladder? Thanks

Greg Stritch says:

Always enjoy your informative video submissions. Another option for cleaning is to empty the bladder, fill with mild concentration of bleach, let it remain for thirty minutes and then let it run through the bite valve. Rinse with fresh water.
A number of ClO2 tabs in the prescribed ratio will keep your equipment clean between regular uses.
If not used regularly , open system after use to dry components and store dry

Eric Thompson says:

What a great video! Thank you for the valuable information and tips! I just recently am purchasing a hydration bladder system and can use this information for my family hiking and camping adventures. Again, thank you!

Steve says:

fast forward to 3:00 to start the cleaning process

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

I’ve never freeze mine and don’t have the space. Be well.

Night Shift Justice says:

Thanks Luke! Your videos are a great help to someone new to backpacking like myself. They’re the best resource on the internet or anywhere else. Hike on brotha!

Aaron Escamilla says:

my bladder is od green but it is getting yellow stains may that be mold?

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

I try to please. 🙂

CalebCutler says:

I just bought a Colman Hydration pack and it has a bitter plastic taste. Any tips on how to get rid of it?

Tracy Kime says:

dude.. get a geigerrig. all you do is put it in the dishwasher.. why would anyone go through all this just to clean theirs. that is crazy

Sam Rudin says:

Osprey will give u another if you ruin it 3)

Burny says:

is it absolutely necessary to clean it? what’s the worst case scenario if I don’t clean it ever? I mean it’s just water in there, how dirty can it get?!

Maleah Payne says:

I’m trying to find a cheap, nice hydration pack. Any suggestions?

tehzman brews says:

Does this method also work when you first buy a CamelBak?

Randall Moore says:

yes,thnx an stay Safe. 🙂

2Timothy3:1-3:5 says:

Ive been using noting but a denture cleaning tablet for years. Fill the bladder, drop one in, let it set for an hour or so. Run some of the water with dissolved tablet out of the hose. I then dump everything out and let hang dry until next time. I always flush it out the next time just to be sure. Even has a nice minty smell!

Deputy Prepper says:

I do the same cleaning process, only I use camelback cleaning tabs. they desolv in water and really fast.

Dylan Prashad says:

I know I’m late but do you remember when you first got it how did you get out the nasty plastic taste out if it without using the denture tablets

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