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Cleaning your washing machine (also called washer in some countries) will help improve the performance of your washer while removing gunk, odors, mold and mildew.

For FRONT LOAD washing machines:
1) Add 2 cups (one full box) of baking soda in the washing machine.
2) Run the longest and hottest cycle possible.
3) Add 2 cups of white vinegar (with 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil) to the washing machine.
4) Run the longest and hottest cycle possible.

For TOP LOAD washers:
1) Fill your washer with hot water.
2) Add 1 quart (32 oz, or 1 liter) of chlorine bleach to the water.
3) Start the highest, largest capacity cycle and let it run for 15 minutes.
4) After 15 minutes, stop the cycle and let the mixture soak for 1 hour.
5) After 1 hour, restart the cycle and let it finish.
6) Restart steps 1 to 5 but with 1 quart of white vinegar (32 oz, or 1 liter).

If you follow these quick and easy steps, your washing machine will thank you and your clothes will smell much better! Plus you’ll lower the risks of getting mold and mildew that could have harmful effects on your family’s health!

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EclipseMan1214 says:

Wow. I have never cleaned it. NO wonder it seems not to be getting my clothes clean. They don’t smell fresh at all. But I find that front loading washers don’t seem to get the clothes as clean as the old fashioned top loading washers. I will definitely be cleaning it. Thanks so much!

Momof3 says:

Can you use Pine Sol or Bleach instead?

Tony Lorefice says:

Why is there a toilet in your laundry room?

Me Me says:

I just recently was in an auto accident and it’s impossible for me to bend and clean out my machine. But I actually couldn’t do laundry because of the black mold smell. So I did pour the baking soda then vinegar regimen (hap-hazardly) you would have laughed or been appauld. Anyway no smell and when my ribs are healed I will do it properly. looking forward to more videos

song dong says:

Thank you for teaching me that

F A says:

Thanks for sharing! Was about to buy a new washing machine until I tried your way with the vinegar and it works!!!

Chelle-Chell says:

Thanks for the tip!

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Another excellent option to baking soda is Borax – It is a detergent builder and deodorizer that has lost popularity. It has some very unique properties. Hot water, bleach, and borax through a cycle will clean and deodorize the washer.

John McDermott says:

I opened my washer today to throw in a load and WOW, the smell of mold!! I removed the drawer that you load the detergent, softener, and bleach into. The drawer, as well as the cavity it goes into, was full of mold. My wife has the bad habit of leaving wet laundry in there, and thinks that I am being mean by constantly getting on her case about it. Now I have photo proof to show her.
One thing that was not mentioned in this video that I think is a good idea… When ever possible, leave the door open to allow any moisture to evaporate out and not be trapped, moisture is what facilitates mold growth… No moisture = no mold.

Syed Rafiq says:

I liked the salute at the end.

Michelle Fangrad says:

I have a too loading washer. How do I clean the softener dispenser. Can I put vinegar in there? It is very mouldy and slimy.

Parvez Askari says:

Simple and easy. I like the way you explained the whole procedure, as compared to some other videos which were lengthy and complicated. Thanks.

Cliff L says:

I used vinegar and baking soda at the same time. so its better to do it the other way ?

leptopi1 says:


Andy Faizal says:

Thank you very much in Bahasa is terimakasih banyak.^^

Morgan Harshfield says:

Hey just a quick question I have seen stuff on the internet that said to put a baking soda and water mixture in the detergent spot and vinegar in the drum does doing it ur way make a difference?

Mia Nichols says:

Thank you very much.

MsBizzyGurl says:

Why is there a toilet in the laundry room?

George Francis says:

M np

Dawn Finch says:

Great channel glad I found you

Matt Thomas says:

Better idea. Don’t buy a front loader. Front load washers have concrete in them. They weigh more and cost more then top loaders. There’s plenty of top loaders that do the same quality job if not better.

sude cross says:

This is for a specific machine–Mine is nothing like this—No filter either–

syhem hateb says:

Hi Should I use lime scale “calgan” every days or every five or other day thanks

I Splash On You says:

That intro doe!!!

Barbra McGee says:

maybe you should mention when cleaning the filter be prepared for quite a bit of it about 2 cups comes pouring out and if you are not prepared it can go under the machine

Curt S says:

Great video. Needed a better way to clean mine. Don’t know why I didn’t think of baking soda. Mold has become a issue that I didn’t fully know about this machine. I knew they had issues but not this bad. Health problems were arising between the wife and I. This damn machine has been hiding the problem.

As a fyi alot of machines have a test mode. On my LG and most LG’s its hold soil and spin speed. I learned this when I changed the pump a few years ago.

Anyways I will then use the certain test modes to my advantage. I am able to fill my machine with hot water till the machine stops then I add a few more gallons through the soap dispenser.

Water then is above where all the scum hides in the seal. I toggle between the circulate and spin to clean it out. I play for about a hour. The result thanks to baking soda is a machine thats near perfect.

Thank you.

May04bwu says:

I never found anything in the filter! It’s really weird. Especially since I have a dog.

Lisa Atkinson says:

definitely going to try this on my washing machine xx

Omer Quenneville says:

I add vinegar to my wash every time, is this good enough? Vinegar locks in color, your cloths will never fade, removes lint and static.

Sigga Maria says:

awesome! my machine smells so bad, trying this

Josefina Santos says:

thank u for sharing that’s very very helpful !!!!

Bill Wardhaugh says:

Hi from the UK. We looked up You Tube to clean washer and your site was there. Great site and straight forward – thank you. We are going to try it. One question… you say two cups of baking soda (we assume bicarbonate of soda?) yet the box in your hand looked quite small… what is the cup size measuring the weight in grams? A standard tea cup of soda in the dispenser looks quite a lot… Hope you can assist with this. Bye for now, Bill

zuzu's petals says:

I clean mine a few times a year with baking soda and vinegar, or ammonia and hot water rinse. I’m obsessive about cleaning around the top rim (I have a top loading Kenmore machine that is about 25 years old) and outside, because you are cleaning clothes in it. We vacuum under it twice a year. I leave it open when I’m done washing to let it air out.

Nina Roberts says:

Big help . Thank you !

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