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Hi, ScrubBunnies!🐇 I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

Here is the long awaited video on how I clean & disinfect my toilet, inside & out. It may be a bit of a shit show (no pun intended, lol), but I tried. I hope you enjoy! ❤ In my next tutorial, I will show you how I quickly clean my toilet every day. ☺

I don’t clean my toilet like this every day. This is my once weekly deep cleaning routine. Please also keep in mind that this routine isn’t necessary for everyone, but if your toilet doesn’t get cleaned very often, or is very dirty, this may be just the thing to shine it up like new! Like I said, you don’t have to use all of these products every time.. I don’t always use every product shown. You can just clean your toilet bowl with the Clorox bleach gel & not the Ajax.. you can use a 2 in 1 cleaner & disinfectant spray instead of doing 2 spray & wipe downs (Original Pine Sol disinfects when used full strength with no water, but I prefer disinfecting with bleach). Like I said, it’s all about what works for you, so you can pick & choose what steps you need. I just wanted to give you options, and the steps needed to clean even the dirtiest of toilets. I hope this helps someone!

-Original Pine-Sol Multi Surface Cleaner
-Ajax Powder Cleanser
-Homemade Disinfecting Bleach Spray
-Clorox Clinging Bleach Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner, ‘Rain Clean’ scent
-Great Value Fresh Scent Disinfecting Wipes (from Walmart)
-Clean Touch Scented Wipes



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1 GEM says:

Fabuloso is just for smell. Bleach is necessary for disinfecting!!

Analise Nicole Cuban says:

Firstly I love your videos!!!! Secondly have you ever tried lestoil? I got some today and I loveeeeeeeee it

Randi Hood says:

This might be a stupid question but how are you getting the water to go down?

liaciaria says:

I use the same method, for quick clean ups I just use a few clorox wipes.

1 GEM says:

Love it!!

oliviabeger says:

you should make a video of your mopping routine !!!

lily Tu says:

I Love it!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Chels. Beau says:

Can you do a Lysol max foamer and bleach toilet cleaning thank you ☺️

Robin Butler says:

What’s in your bleach solution?

FlyingBassMan says:

Keep being crazy with the cleaning CrazyCleaner!

liaciaria says:

Do you have those toilet cover& mat that goes around the base of the toilet?

Ariana Maunakapu says:

This is by far my FAVORITE video !

asmr fun says:

Omg your not using gloves and you are touching your toilet your nasty !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie Smail says:

so question? I did not realize that Ajax powder and comet powder are actually not to disinfect?? I thought they did. could you explain

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