HOW TO: Deep Clean, Disinfect & Condition Your Makeup Brushes

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Hi loviesss. I have been under the weather the past couple of days and even struggled to film this but wanted to get something up. I’ve been washing makeup brushes for yearssssss and this is by far my go to method. It’s easy, inexpensive & effective. I use to use baby shampoo but realized that it wasn’t disinfecting them so the antibacterial soap is the way to go. Also the Sigma Brush Washing Glove is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever used to wash my brushes. This isn’t sponsored just had to mention it because it’s honestly amazing but remember if you don’t wanna splurge on it go on Ebay or Amazon & search for one, it cut my rinsing time down by almost more than half. It usually takes me 1 to 2 hours depending on how many brushes I’m washing! Eeeeeek. I will try to get another video up tomorrow and hope you enjoy this one.

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– I try to wash my brushes every week or 2 but try not to go longer than 2 weeks. I have a tonnnn of brushes so the longer I wait to wash the more brushes I have to clean! ;p

Products Used:
Dawn Antibacterial Soap (*cleans & disinfects)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (*conditions – any kind will do)
Sigma Brush Spa – Spa Cleaning Glove

-Filmed with: Canon 60D
-Edited with: iMovie ’11
-Music: audio micro

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Chanelle Pina says:

This is such a good and helpful technique! I save tons by doing it this way. I add a little bit of coconut oil to condition the brushes as well.

Alexus Barrientos says:

Can we use regular olive oil lol

Jan Legaspi says:

It’s ok clean your make up brushes why cat doing beside of your clean brushes

Deann Burnett says:

Thank you

silva or says:

hmm doesn’t that transfer the bacteria from one to the other?

QueenChampion says:

What are the colorful brushes called(brand) ..or where to buy?


Thank you ma’am…I am glad I came across this video..Now I know how to keep my brushes clean…Now if I can just apply and fix my eyebrows like the youngsters do…Still working on it…again thank you so much! Have a wonderful Blessed day!

Glitz n’ Glam by Jaclyn says:

Thanks so much for the awesome video!

Julissa Lavender says:

I found out someone share the brushes from this store before
My brush set come yesterday and I like it so much! Really soft and easy to wash

Itz Ebonie Bennett says:

Do u have to use extra virgin olive oil?

LaShawna Blanton says:

Thanks for sharing! Your cat is so adorable sitting there watching you dry off the brushes 🙂 He looks just like my old cat Reggie.

LadyGreyBlack says:

Love the kitty cameo!

Yu Yuan says:

Safe silicone material, easy to clean without bacterium, corrosion resistant, not easy to deform. Highly quality with favorable price.

Im Tong says:

anybody knows the bgm??

Girl Logic says:

Do u have to use virgan oil or can u just use normal oil

Ryan Rojas says:


Teresa W. says:

I prefer to use a soft brush to using my make-up. I buy my brush from here
This is the perfect brush for me !! It very awesome and feel great on my skin, I have actually been utilizing this brush set like daily. It likewise feature a quite eyeshadow sample. LOVE!

Ahuti Harichandan says:

I love your brushes

Terri Snyder says:

I like the kitty

Luka Larrs says:

Great video how often do I wash them

Diva Diva says:

don’t use olive oil, it ruined my brushes

Gloria Fekete says:

also works to clean beauty blenders great

Sarah C says:

Could I use coconut oil?

liliana Chase says:

very helpful

Alvi S says:

Everytime I wash my brushes the larger face brushes always have soap suds left in them and I absolutely cannot get them out no matter how long I wash them. Any tips?

MakeupByHannah : D says:

Your not the only one who has cat hair in their makeup brushes

CupcakeRiyoko says:

Give me your cat right now

Emma Helton says:

this made my brushes really oily and i had to wash them over two more times to get them back to the way they were….

Zenub Khokhar says:

she’s copying Michelle Phan!

jadywady jadey wady says:

thank you!!!

Zeel Ibarra says:

great tip, but you wasted too much water:c

Lexie Schoonover says:

obviously it’s totally fine if she uses the same cleaning technique as Michelle Phan, my only issue with this is that the video itself from start to finish is step by step almost exactly the same as hers. Even the dialogue is the same. Like girl just give a quick shout out or something

MissMaddy 14 says:

I tried this strategy and it cleaned my sisters nastiest brushes insane

Jojo says:

does it have to be olive oil

nursegel_ says:

can u use coconut oil?

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