How To Disinfect A Contaminated Fish Tank With Deadly Aquarium Diseases

How To Disinfect A Contaminated Fish Tank With Deadly Aquarium Diseases

How do you clean a contaminated fish tank? Its simple really. All you need is Patience, Bleach and Seachem Safe. Oh and a Sponge or two. You will need to drain the tank and remove all rocks and sand and decor. Then take everything out of your Canister Filters, or Sumps, or Hang on back filters and sponges filters. It is important to make sure that everything that was in the tank or was touching the tank is cleaned. if not you can run into problems.

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Cae Walker says:

A lot of people don’t realize that bleach needs at least 10 minutes contact time to start working. Thanks for sharing.

empirestatebullies says:

What size tank are you disaffecting ?

Efrain's Cichlids says:

Great video Sir, I will going to do the same with my 40g tank, quick question, 1st time water with bleach and then 4-5 times fill and drain with clean water?

CJ P says:

Hey Paul. Nice video. Question- Unrelated to the topic of the video. What type of lights are you running on those tanks and where do you get them? Thanks

Donna says:

Never used bleach and never would after my son (who was around 4/5 years old at the time) decided to help mummy clean the fish with *bleach* killed all my fish and that tank with numerous amounts of rinsing or scrubbing never got the smell of bleach out.

*IF* I would ever need to steralize any tank or pond I would use Milton steralizing tablets which are safer than bleach (and don’t leave a smell) but do the same job since they’re made for baby bottles.

Chronicles of Chris' Fishroom. says:

Not much fun, but if it needs to be done this is good way to go at it.

OmegaChar says:

What did you do with the biomedia in the canister filter after you dumped it out? I’m considering sterilizing my tank as all my fish died from something, but I’m not sure if I should bleach the biomedia as well just in case something is hiding in there?

doug hefernen says:

Great information once again

Weird Stuff says:


fish frenzy says:

Learning and conquering fish diseases is a pain and costly sometimes it’s just better to start with a clean slate.

The Budget Aquarist says:

2:08. Anyone else cringing and waiting to hear a crack?

Gewglesux says:

Hey Man,
Thanks for the tip! Man.. I envy you… not for having such a beautiful room… it’s for a room that you dont have to be careful in..I wish i had a place like that where i can slop around and “wipe up later”
Best of luck this time around.

David Bogert says:

I’m wondering what the disease was that you need to do this?

Chris EJ says:

Why not buy a ozone generator with an air stone? You can use to disinfect filters, nets, etc..

cascade ghost says:

I do the same thing on my quarantine tank.

Steve's Aquatics says:

Paul please tell me how to get one of those inline thermometers that you have on your python hose attached to the faucet I’ve been looking for one of those forever. Thank you

margaret wood says:

Thanks for this video. I have wondered how I’d handle a problem like this. How do you know that the disease is dead? 10 minutes doesn’t seem very long for such a small amount of bleach in such a huge tank How many times would the nleach water recycle the water in 10 minutes? Would the silicone react badly to a longer time or more bleach? Cheers

Jaime Fernandez says:

What do u do about your deco. Same thing?

Billy_BillyBoy says:

0:19 gave me a good laugh

Aqua Matrix says:

…Or you can use hydrogen peroxyde 🙂

Jimmy Huynh says:

That bleach smelled didn’t it? Lol

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Good vid buddy luckily I have never had to do this and don’t ever want to but good to know seems like a lot of work hope it works for you

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

What are your “lessons learned” about having wild caught fish in a fish room? Would be a very informative video.

Rath Man says:

But what about the fishes that are carrying the diseases? Aren’t they going to reintroduce the disease back in?

shijin chen says:

300W aquarium heater , cost 18.99 in US stock .

Aquariums With Ty says:

Where u get big rocks like that?

bxkid7 says:

hydrogen peroxide doesnt kill bacteria it can be use for algae

Peter Baldwin says:

Why don’t you make a friction fit extension for your pump with a bit of extra pvc pipe it’ll be cheap and save you a lot of time draining those epic tanks of yours

m9j16 says:

Doing it today sadly

A.C. Aquatics says:

Very informative video man. Where did you get that scooper you used to remove the sand? Thanks for sharing and keep doing what you do if it works for you.

Ervin Kallfa says:

Wouldn’t the chlorine in the tap water be enough?

Eastie Cichlids says:

Nice vid.. what did you do with the sponges and media you just get rid and start fresh? And did you bleach the rocks and sand?

Larry R says:

This is the man you want to ask to help you move.. He doesn’t mess around.. Bull by the horns and gets it done..ha

Kaleb says:

Could you cycle this with the sand and decor if you plan to re-use it. Perhaps leave it a little longer. Also is there any threat to damaging your pumps plastics if you leave it for an hour or two?

cichlid guru nyc says:

Nice info .

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