How to Easily Remove Pesticides From Your Fruits and Vegetables

Believe it or not, there are chemicals in most of the fruit and vegetables that we eat every day.

These chemicals are called pesticides and are used by farmers to keep pests away from their crops.

However, sometimes some of the chemicals leave a residue on the fruit and vegetables.

Most of the time, the residue cannot be seen without a scientific microscope or perhaps a magnifying glass.

Even though we may not see the residue, we are likely still consuming it.

Too many of these chemicals can affect our health.

If fruit and vegetables are eaten raw, without properly being washed, you are ingesting chemicals.

This is important because pesticides can cause cancer. They can also damage your nervous system and reproductive system.

They can even cause birth defects to an unborn child.

It is important to note where you are purchasing your fruit and vegetables from and what types of chemicals, if any, that farmer uses.

When possible, buy organic fruit and vegetables so that you know no pesticides were used on your produce.

Regardless if you buy organic or not, it is important to properly clean your fruit and vegetables to remove any residue.

Below you will find a list of all-natural ways to clean fruit and vegetables.

These home tips can make you feel healthier, increase your lifespan, and decrease your risk of disease:

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most powerful ingredients that help to kill germs and pesticides from your fruit and vegetables.

– First, fill a sink with water.
– Then, add one cup of white vinegar.
– Rinse the fruit and vegetables in this solution.
– Once completed, place the fruit and vegetables in a clean bowl.

They are now ready to be eaten.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda helps to remove the harmful pesticides and chemicals from fruit and vegetables.

– Add 5 glasses of water to a big bowl.
– Add 4 tablespoons of baking soda.
– Soak the fruit and vegetables in this solution.
– Wait 15 minutes and then remove the fruit and vegetables.
– Wipe them dry.

It is now safe to eat your healthy food.

3. Turmeric Water

Turmeric is a spice that acts as an antibacterial. That means that it can kill germs.

– To a bowl of boiling water, add 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder.
– Add the fruit and vegetables to the turmeric water.
– Rinse the fruit and vegetables in the turmeric water.
– Transfer the fruit and vegetables to a bowl of clean water.
– Wipe dry. Your fruit and vegetables are now safe to eat.

4. Salt

Salt is a well known compound found all over the world. It comes in several forms.

Rock salt and ground salt kills pesticides quickly:

– In a bowl of clean water, add one cup of salt.
– Add the fruit and vegetables to the salt solution.
– Allow them to soak in the water for 10 minutes.
– After 10 minutes, drain the salt water and add fresh water to the bowl.
– Rinse the fruit and vegetables in clean water 5 times before consuming.

The tricks and tips listed above will remove almost 90% of any residue left from any chemicals the farmer may use.

They allow you to clean your fruit and vegetables at home.

However, to be on the safe side, peel the skin off fruits and vegetables that have deep ridges on the skin.

These are locations where the chemicals cling onto and linger.

Happy eating!

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Philip Rosson says:

The pesticide has gotten into the soil. This means the plant has the pesticide in it. It can not be cleaned off. Don’t eat it.

jason hardy says:

This is stupid, these so called remedies are good for killing some germs, pesticides are not germs.

Radu Nastase says:

Strawberry fields kill bee colonies nearby due to pesticides they us.
How do you think they will affect your child or unborn fetus or yourself when you eat them?

Nicholas Camp says:

Why do we let the corporations poison us??

Saab Marine says:

Lol ! I’m done , when I walk to any superstore to buying fruits I immediately start consuming before I even get to the til by the time I paid and fruits are gone .


It was very helpful

Peter Bungan says:

thanks, very useful

maria thiede says:

Is eating regular produce better than none at all lol even with the pesticides? This is a good question, I would think yes

edgar valderrama says:

Believe it or not! You would need to have been hibernating to avoid this knowledge!

SuperSaltydog77 says:

While I do believe that vinegar has the ability to kill pathogens (viral and bacterial) to a limited extant I have not seen a single piece of scientific evidence that vinegar can remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

Ray of the Spirit says:

Thank you <3

Natural Cures says:

Please watch the new and improved version of the video here:

Thanks for watching!

vp p says:

yes i like the video

Ronill Sangma says:

You cannot remove systemic pesticides

MD Naeem Shaikh says:

nice vedio

Chanel D says:

Good we are still alive .

Paula's Life says:

Not so safe the chemicals are inside the soil and roots of fruit veg. It’s all side the fruits and veg.. Mass murder is going on cancer etc and we
Take it lying down …… Governments way of also culling !! Wake up guys.

Anita Marskamp says:

Buy organic. Pesticides also destroy the soil and bee populations

Ramakrishna Prasad says:

Nice video. Thanks for the info. It could be more helpful, if it would have mentioned in detail that the quantity of salt/vinegar/turmeric/soda for how much quantity of water. We need to decide the quantity of water needed for the quantity of fruits we are cleaning.

4vrceltic says:


Louise Mayowa says:

Jennie Spooner how are sure that those so called organic are really organic how sure are you that soil doesn’t contain pesticides do you think are farmer will farm fruit and or vegetable knowing that they will not harvest anything? Me I think they all put pesticides on the soil but organic farmers just put a reasonable amount that is why when harvest the product they are expensive

Noor Himel says:


SimpleCanuckCook says:

Can I use the vinegar method on strawberries?

Osiris Rex says:

I like leaving the pesticides on because they kill the worms inside of me.

Ted Forbes says:

Good. Let’s be reminded that heavy spraying can also leach into the soil and contaminate the fruits from the roots. Whatever is on/in the soil is in the fruit or vegetable. The substances that cleans the products should also be ingested to detoxify the body as well. The absence of natural substances within the body is an opportunity for carcinogens to exploit, attack and defeat the bodies defenses. There are many ways to get the nutrients found in these commercial products without the concern of toxins and that is to forage your nutrient from the wild and from within your very backyard. These herbs goes from your hands to your mouth and never touched by anyone else hands, nor chemical. It’s far more safer. We need to teach this.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says:

Farmers must be awakened of the dangerous of pesticides…..we can make organic pesticides that suit our health without chemical stuuf

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