Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review: Does it Work?

Hands-on review of Hurricane Spin Scrubber, a 300 rpm bathroom and tile scrubber. Tests shown include a sink, tub, tile (grout), and glass shower door.

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Note: I have no association with the company or this product. I purchased it with my own money – I was not given a free sample.


Daria Jakubowska says:

Mr clean white sponge would do better job.

Bryan Hauschild says:

I bought one. Has no power. It will spin if I just hold the handle, but do not put any pressure on it.

nekesha clayton says:

Thank you.

ImmersiveGamer83 says:

would this clean up car alloys with white vinegar? or scratch risk?

Elaine says:

Add some cleanser. It may make the job easier.

Cedric Ward says:

I use Scrubbing Bubbles spray. Works like magic on chrome and scum. You barely need to scrub. Water calcification needs CLR or LimeAway.
The only advantage to this machine is not having to bend over to clean in a tub or shower floor or lower walls. If you just spray your tub and/or shower with a shower spray after you shower and then rinse it down after some time to soak in you should have a clean tub/shower all the time. This is a waste of money especially because of the length of time to charge it and/or the short battery time to use the device.

Rene Rivera says:

I got one for my elderly mom.Waste of money…

Jim Handtmann says:

Is this the first time that bathroom has ever been cleaned? Ever? Because that’s just gross as hell.

MrCevant says:

We tried the spin scrubber and it wasn’t powerful enough. It slowed down when we pressed hard. We returned ours

los 3 pinguinos says:

pasatelo por la pelada puto jajaja es genial porque nadie va a entender esto

chantelle venter says:

why are your bathroom so dirty :/

nammie12345 says:

Sounds like a dentists drill. Could never use it myself. By the way my sinks at my old frat house were cleaner than yours.

Michael S. says:

& for the record, my bathroom is nowhere near as dirty as this guys. Lol I was like damn!!! Who the hell lives there?!!?

Billy Darley says:

No thank you. Ill stick with my cordless impact gun. Its a beast on a roid rage.

Michael B. says:

I don’t know why, but I find your reviews both interesting and entertaining. It’s nice to see what some of this garbage does in real life and not by a guy with a bow tie.

HemlockFirefighter29_ says:

My mom cleans houses for a living and she loves this

my tunes says:

What did you use to clean with?

Faith B says:

Moved into a place with tiled floors that have a design in it and some deep dirt areas. Will it work on that??

Miss_Bonnie 54 says:

I’d use some Tilex with it.

Yidris says:

A toilet sprinkler….. How fun

yoly507 says:

Thge first brush you had with the grout would of did a better job. I use this all the time cleaning houses.

ltkozaczka says:

I threw mine out! Didn’t work with a crap on soap build up in shower.

Judy Melrose says:

It is unclear as to the charging light…..When I attach the charger the red light blinks off and on, Is it suppose to be solid red if charging? And, how do I know when it is fully charged? Will watch for an answer. thx

Helen Mbye says:

In the UK the first charge is only 8 hours, and subsequent charges 6 hours because we have 240v. Great review, thank you!

Mohammad Pourheydarian says:

Review on Walmart site is not very good.

Cody B. says:

you could save a fortune on toilet paper

Lily Val says:

You have bad build up & stain there. Trick is 2 keep up with it, clean often so it doesn’t build up. I though mines was starting to build that stuff &get bad, so don’t want it to get all that crust & trying to keep. Yeah all things must wait 24 hrs to charge. Duh. Lol

Jason Xiong says:

Nasty do you never clean your bathroom?

chiko14june says:

…. is a dog living in the bathroom?

Kate Held says:

It doesn’t look any easier than scrubbing with one of those green scour sponges.

billbarber8 says:

I’d use it to clean my wheel wells out. That’s about it

Manny says:

Hi mr. Clean

Michael S. says:

Oh!!! 20 hour charge the 1st time!? That’s probably why it lacked in power for use on the wall. I only charged it for about an hour & a half & still managed to clean the tub. Note that hour & a half charged got me about 30mins of power.

ascendence says:

its a big electric toothbrush, thats what it is

Sonja Trl says:

Limeaway on tile ooooooohhh nononono thanks for the info though.

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