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Hey guys! So hopefully this can be a new series on my channel, but of course it will only stay if you guys are interested in it or find it helpful. So if you have any requests or questions pertaining to makeup artistry or the business of it then leave them in the comments! Also feel free to input your suggestions relating to this video topic as well, we are all learning from one another 🙂

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Yup I said it says:

I wouldn’t put products in my hand, just get a cheap easel from the art supply store and apply your products on that, always have plenty on disposable doefoot applicators and disposable mascara wands. You can’t be putting things on the back of your hand in Georgia working in any salon or makeup counter/ store. you won’t be hired when you are going in for the model portion of your interview; you can or will be fired or written up for using the back of your hand even if you wash your hands. doesn’t look professional at all having products all over your hands.

Lora Condon says:

Using the back of your hand is NOT sanitary!!!

Meldoesmakeup says:

This video was great. Only thing i would be careful of is using your hand as a palette. It can be seen as unprofessional and unsanitary. I do do it still after sanitizing my hands but i would just use your judgement on the type of client you are working with. I use a metal palette and spatula to transfer products.

Nyki Middleton says:

Thank you so much! I use this brush cleaner too! Between clients, I love it! Thnx for the tip to put it in a spray bottled!! New subbie

Anabel Andrade says:

Thank you so much! This video was so helpful ❤️️

V Beauty says:

I love your hair here! This video was so helpful! Love your YouTube videos ❤️

Jamya Cathey says:

Can we get a video on the look u wearing I love the eyes #OnFleek

BeatByDom J says:

what about mascara ?? disposable wands but I need to apply each eye more than once

Wil Matheny says:

I always use BeautySoClean beauty sanitizing spray. It works so well and doesnt dry out your lipsticks, and other make up.

Mk Muew says:

thanks for the tip. this is helpful becuase im not a professional but when I do friends make up i wish to keep my make up clean for them and my self.

ForeverDesiray says:

When working with loose glitter or even pressed glitter how would you recommend applying it? Would you put it on the back of your hand or on a tray so you can build up the product?

Vandella Dahl says:

This was extremely helpful and informative. Thank you 🙂

Nicole Pierce says:

I love this video, but please do not work from the back of your hand. The skin in your hand absorbs some product and your hand is covered in bacteria and you never know what could come from it. Use a metal palette instead.

Adri Garcia says:

Applying it to the back of your hand is still unsanitary.

Raw beauty by Kat says:

Lip combo ?❤️


You are so awesome thank you for sharing I would never attempt to be a makeup artist but I love learning these tips!!!!

MUA Gabbie says:

This was super helpful!! ❤️ thank you

abeautyfreak says:

i couldn’t concentrate. . this lippie is everything!

Stella Kolstad says:

Sounds good

jaclyn johnson says:

Thank you!! So happy that I came across your tutorial! I’ll be doing makeup for a wedding in April and have been watching videos and reading everything to make sure I cross my t’s and dot my i’s. Thank you!!!

It's Sarah says:

I would love to see a video about how to break into the beauty industry and how long did it take you to start getting clients after you started freelancing? I’m in a small town in New York and I starting a kit for freelancing any advise would help

Emily Vincent says:

Hello, loved this video was so helpful! I’ve just started freelancing and Is there any way of sanitising a beauty blender between clients? Because I use them a lot but don’t want to end up buying a load of different beauty blenders! X

Tahvey Claussen says:

I love this!!! Thank you for this video

Ms Kate says:

Cinema secrets brush cleaner is amazing!!!! Im almost done with the 32 oz

Deborah Mallek says:

You are certainly beautiful and seem to be very talented; however, your video is very disjointed. Try storyboarding or using an outline before you record.

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