Today, I am back with another comparison video. In this video, I am comparing the Method and Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaners. I tried to make sure I did everything evenly and fairly, so the results would be accurate. I hope you enjoy.

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Method vs. Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Spray Comparison

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TopChelsea Girl says:

I love watching your comparison videos!  I have to say that I prefer the look of the method bottle myself. Could you do an oven cleaner and or stainless steel cleaner comparison at some point?

Dee 113 says:

Well try it with a papper towel & see it solves the problem but I do like great value non ammonia glass cleaner better than all the others. I have 4 s on & a hubby so it’s tested true

SuperTech14 says:

I’m so surprised! I’m not partial to either but I just assumed Mrs Meyers would be better! Thanks for sharing!!

Stephanie Smedley says:

We got Method for our bathroom and love it so far!

Mama Mitzey says:

I absolutely love the Mrs Meyers scents but found, for me, Method cleans better in all products. I would absolutely love it if Method did more scents!

Ella T.E says:

You were on the french side :p not spanish ! Love u anyway

Sigrid Mines says:

Thank You! I love the method products plus better for our budget!

Autumn Spring says:

I like both but the Mrs. Meyers smells more natural to me than Method. My favorite Method scent is Pink Grapefruit and So far, I’ve only tried two Mrs.Meyers scents the Basil and the Lemon Verbena. I prefer the scent of the LemonVerbena even though it smells nothing like lemon to me. I love the scent! So therapeutic.

ceecee. villalpando says:

Are they both 99.9%of germ killing…. I am the biggest germ freak in my family

Amanda Lasser says:

Thank you for this video. I have felt that my Method cleaner was so good at what it does, but I kept seeing everyone using Mrs.Myers. I bought one bottle, but I didn’t feel like it compared to Method. So thank you for actually testing it out, I will continue to use the Method cleaner!
Also, Costco has a great window cleaner. It’s in the automotive isle, my husband bought it for work, but I tried it on our bathroom mirrors and it’s fantastic!

Cherish Life with JenElaine says:

Enjoyed. I’m amazed too! I love the Mrs. Meyer’s Mint smell tho.

Barbara King says:

No I’m not surprised I love method. How it cleans and I like the smell better.

Rachel Hill says:

Great testing, we do t get mrs Myers in Australia, I’ve only just started using method. Can you do washing powder/ liquid for clothes please

Pamela Jaenen, Educational Assistant says:

I love the Method products especially the squit&mop, it hase a wonderful almond scent, and the all purpose No Streak in the mint scent, blue bottle.

Gayla Pappenfoht says:

Nice comparison. I have always bought both but felt “closer” to Mrs. Meyer…Maybe the name personalized it. So I was cheering for her… But I was surprised about the performance. My curiosity is up. Maybe Method contains more water which makes it clean better, cheaper, and everything else… I do love those seasonal scents of Mrs. Meyers… But anyway… thanks a bunch!

A M says:

In my area method is $8.97 meyers 5.97

Brittany Sharp says:

I’ve been waiting for this video! Thanks for doing it. I have used both products but was still curious to see which one would do the best. That scent in Method is my new favorite. Loved the intro, too.

April G says:

I was one of the couple of us that said the Method left my counters sticky! I have no clue why but it really leaves them icky, maybe because they’re granite? And we have a glass stove top that looks horrendous with the Method. Ugh! But I still use it for my wet dusting and the kitchen table with no sticky icky afterwards. I also love the Antibac! The Method glass cleaner left my sliding door a disaster but my bathroom mirror with no streaks. Maybe it has to do with how clean the surface is? I’m so confused! Thank you for the video!!

Elizabeth Myers says:

Thanks for the comparison. I like the way the kitchen smells after using the Mrs. Meyers but it’s good to know the Method cleaned better in so many situations. What both companies need to do is to fully list all the ingredients. Just saying natural products is not enough for me. Still, I’m sure both products are way better health wise than traditional cleaners. Thanks again!!

Pam Hall says:

Would you compare window and glass cleaners? Thanks.

Dana Brooks says:

I use vinegar and water to clean mostly, also use rubbing alcohol wipes. I guess I’m ‘old school’ and little to no chemicals left behind but still sanitized is my goal

rose609 says:

I hope you keep doing these types of videos I love them

Christy G. says:

Fun comparison video! Loved it!!! 🙂

Courtney Hartwell says:

I personally like the fall scents from Mrs. Meyers the most. But I like the summer scents from method. I don’t use either on my mirrors though. I’m use both on my wood furniture with no problems. I usually just buy whichever scent I crave at the time.

Gilda Meraz says:

I secretly wanted Mrs Meyers to win as well but price alone is a big plus for Method. I just purchased my first Method all purpose cleaner a few weeks back along with the hand soap.

S Hartman says:

Thanks for doing this! I assumed they worked the same but good to know. I’m using some spray from Williams Sonoma right now. It’s pricey but it’s made with essential oils. Maybe you could compare this with the Method? Now I’m curious…Have you tried the Method Heavy Dirt De-greaser? It’s great for my range hood and stove top.

Michelle's Homemade says:

I’m a Method person and have been and will continue. Thanks for the comparison

Fed Up With Fatigue says:

Mrs Meyers makes its own glass cleaner. The multi surface isn’t for glass so this test isn’t really fair.

shalylah11 says:

Great video!! Please do a comparison video on Method vs Mrs. Meyers tub & tile cleaner.

Dee 113 says:

I like Method & Mrs. Meyers products but I only use great value glass cleaner on my glass with a papper towel. I find almost all my glass products streak with a clean microfiber cloth.

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