My New FAVORITE Brush Cleaner (and I HATE Cleaning Brushes)

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myozbubble says:

I can’t say I love to clean my makeup brushes but I HATE to have dirty brushes laying around. That’s a gross factor for me. I do use Wet N Wild’s instant cleaner for in between full on washes and that helps them from getting down right disgusting. Being a bit of a germaphobe helps me keep my vanity area pretty neat and clean.

Star Dust says:

An update would be super helpful!

Leesha Houlden says:

Just washed all my brushes tonight…all 40. I think I may be crazy but I actually enjoy cleaning them, lol!! Must be the fact that the next time I use them my makeup goes on so much easier.

Bunnay09 says:

I use the beauty blender solid brush and sponge cleaner

Lauren Wallace says:

I use the real techniques scrubby dish and brush gel cleanser! Works amazing! Made brush cleaning 1000 times easier and quicker!

0IAmMe says:

Maybe it comes with a refill or something. It does look promising & better than a lot of what’s out there. I definitely would like to see an update on this!

BeautyWearsBoots says:

Travel friendly lol. You think we clean brushes on vacation? Please!

JudyLovesNaps says:

I’m going to wash my makeup brushes now after watching this haha

Sofya Golub says:

I’m not a fan of washing my brushes but I essentially force myself to do it at least every week so I have a smaller batch (about 20 of them) to wash versus washing several sets, haha. My favorite brush soaps are Dr Bronner’s (both liquid and solid versions work pretty well, I feel like the liquid lasts much longer though) and the beautyblender solid soap. I used to use the baby shampoo like you do but I feel like it never got my brushes fully clean; with the beautyblender soap especially I feel like it leaves my brushes looking brand new and gets every last bit of product out of them.

bererockssocks says:

I use the enkore brush cleaner solid brush soap on one side loofa on the other and it’s amazing

snakeskin84 says:

I haaaaate cleaning my brushes lol I normally use anti-bacterial dish soap with a textured silicone pot holder I got from the 99 cent store lol. Last time though, I used this “goddess bar” from an indie company Rebel Rouge Labs and it worked pretty well too!

Cena B says:

This looks so cool, I would love the update on how long it lasts you. Even just having this on hand might be useful. I also dislike cleaning brushes & always wait until I have to XDD I use a mixture of dish soap and olive oil after I saw a Michelle Phan video doing that YEARS ago – and I love it! I love how inexpensive it is. 🙂

Tammy Thomason says:

Plain dial soap best thing I ever used. I had a brush cleaner and that crap never got my brushes clean.

Distorted says:


J L says:

I like the concept but my concern is that the soap will run out a lot quicker.

BeekoKat [Marcia] says:

would love an update!!!

XxstardropzdreammxX says:

I have been needing to get brush shampoo so I might try baby shampoo. I am curious about these brush cleanser

Ariel Rigdon says:

Ahh omg I’ve been watching your videos for over a decade! Hi!

Courtney says:

I don’t think I agree that it’ll last longer. I think the action of scrubbing the soap while scrubbing the nodules will use more soap than needed. I use the beauty blender solid soap and it’s lovely. hair is looking fierce girl! xo

Savannah Carlon says:

I wash my brushes with the scrublette from Tarte (which is actually for your face but works great for brushes) and the miceller cleanser from Simple. I find it really breaks down the makeup without leaving a soapy residue or smell on my brushes. It’s also really great for cleaning makeup sponges.

Paulette Marie says:

Zote. Works great. Walmart. Hugs

Andie Blondie says:

I think it’s pretty cool, but I do like the mat brush cleaner the Sigma made! I just feel like I would have to swirl the brush on my hand anyway, otherwise I’d be burrowing a fast hole into the solid soap. Idk, I think I’m fine with the mat, it gives my hands a little break and while this is a neat idea, I’m fine with my mat and soap/olive oil combo.

Faia510 says:

I love washing my brushes! I would wash your brushes for you lol
Every time I need to wash my brushes, I feel like saying “come on, y’all! It’s bath time!”

bubbles_ 61104 says:

Yes please do a update

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