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Hi guys! Todays video is top5 Dollar Tree products you should never buy. This video is made to help others learn from my mistakes. I highly recommend staying away from the items mentioned! But hey! If they work for you, thats whats up!
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Mara Vazquez says:

I use their razors and they work for me and some times they have name brands. Electronics I have the chargers and they are bad but I have them alone with some others because we trow them ecerywhere. Batteries work for me for remote ocntrols and things that are not so demanding. Toys are junk and the detergent yes it sucks , I use the laundry detergewnt and mix them with tide which they also sell.

Jody gonzales says:

I’ve had great luck with chargers from dollar tree and 5 below!!!

PinkCrushPegasus says:

Eggs , I don’t buy eggs or milk from there . I think the candy is safe though 🙂

emily exo says:


KnowEarth h says:

Don’t buy crayons

Lakesha Ward says:

You look just like Faith Evans

Lauren Lewis Grief Coach Practitioner says:

those toys have lead

DanaDiva77 says:


zeldatransformed says:


Mara Vazquez says:

You shuld do your home work slice cheesee is not real read the label in Borden and Kraft. They are mik or cheesee by product. Namely they are not real none of them their name brand or Dollar store kind is just cheaper and worst,

Iheart2cook says:

The wire clipper! On the second wire I cut, it broke in half. Definitely agree with you about the razors. They’re horrible. Although the scent boosters work a bit, you don’t get much and they are not as powerful as Purex crystals. TFS!!

Success First says:

It would be great if you could back your opinion up with some kind of fact and not just opinion. Because everyone has an opinion and sometimes it’s not necessarily valid .

D A says:

I totally agree with what you are saying. I have my own channel and one of my videos is about the cheese. I am not compensated in any way for my videos…but here is a link to my video to confirm what you are saying…

Vanessa Stewart says:

5 and below chargers are good had mines for two years now but u are so true about the dollar store chargers

David Earl says:

**BATTERIES** The SECRET to batteries is your portable handlheld house phones. What? Yes. Open the back where the Batteries are. As long as they are actual regular sized 1.5 Volt batteries like AAA or AA or similar (must be 1.5 Volt) you can use the phone charger as a battery recharger! Yes! You can. FIRST, Buy the rechargeable batteries, they are more expensive than regular batteries but last for HUNDREDS of rechargings! If your portable phone has AAA Batteries (most do) just swap out the depleted RECHARGEABLE batteries from your kids toys or whatever and you can use the phone/phone charger as a battery charger. to use a AAA battery phone to charge larger batteries like AA or even D, just run a pair of red and black wires from the + and – terminals in the phone to the 1.5 volt battery you want to charge and you can charge any rechargeable battery from AAAA to a D size! Just DONT try to recharge non-rechargeable (regular) batteries. Most of the time it wont work. but it could explode the regular batteries. ONLY use RechargeableBatteries!

Lanone Shepherd Jr. says:

She lied on Sun dish soap

JujehMashini says:

I think the major thing that this lady is missing is that this is a freaking Dollar Store so comparing a dollar cable to a $35 cable or a dollar battery which you get about 10 to 18 dollar Duracell batteries it’s just insane

Terry Jourdain says:

You are so right about the cords. The five below stuff is garbage too one of them the prong came off into my outlet after one use…terrible


That Cheese takes 5 hours to melt O_O LOL!!! I love Dollar Tree, but Velveeta is the best cheese (The Real Cheese And It Melts).

Virginia Shoaf says:

The dollar days are only for the poor people that can’t afford money the way family can.. if u have the money ,buy the expensive, if you don’t then buy the cheap things, so you prefer food, clothing or happiness , I refer to give, if I’m not happy , always in the doc, then I’m not happy ,

Natasseah Gomer says:

I buy all of these from the dollar store with no problems lol

budget vegan says:

I’ve never had one problem with batteries are charges that I’ve gotten from the Dollar Tree some of the batteries I’ve had for 2 years and the only reason I don’t have the Chargers and see if I keep losing them but they all worked great

Candy E says:

Heads up for your sons xbox. Get him the rechargeable backs that he plugs in. And they go on the back of the control like the normal backs. They are like $15 but you won’t feel like your going broke buying batteries.

Nancy Arellano says:

I agree with the sun dish detergent…but everything else is namebrand in my $tree…i love it..besides $general..and family dollar

Heather Laurenvil says:

At my dollar tree they have 2 pack 6 blade razors that work wonderfully and last. They have them in blue for men.

SheenaCarver says:

You can buy dollar shave club razors directly from their manufacturer, Dorco, without joining a club.

Matilda Collins says:



The Sunbeam alkaline batteries have gotten high ratings, although at least one person said hers got hot and leaked.

copal nopallintzin says:

Some people are taking this video way to serious lol. This sister is just sharing her opinions trying to help folks out in their choices with the invested dollars we contribute at the Dollar Tree, from her personal experiences. Everyone has different taste in product, and that’s ok? We should keep the feed back positive. She seems like a nice mom trying save a buck for her family, but still invest in worthy product, while helping others do the same.

sharon stone says:

their batteries, chargers should be banded wasted of money work for a little while may as well spend a little more at walmart.

Erica Sutton says:

Don’t buy light bulbs from Dollar tree! They only last about 2 months.

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