President Steve Davison Talks About OdoBan® the Original Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant

Clean Control Corporation’s President Steve Davison talks about OdoBan® the Original Odor Eliminator since 1980.

This OdoBan® product is 1 gallon of concentrate that makes up to 32 gallons. It can be diluted to make solutions for your odor problem. Use as an Air Freshener, in the Laundry, as a Fabric Refresher, in Kitchens and Bathrooms, Sink Disposals, Trash Cans, the uses are endless… Eliminates Odors… Kills 99.99% of germs…


haydn4ever says:

My son just moved into an apartment …….the previous tenants were smokers. I want to use this product to get rid of the lingering smoke odor. I would like to spray the walls, floors, cabinets, etc. Is it safe to spray this on the shaggy carpet and tan painted walls? I know it will be safe on the linoleum floors, bathrooms and kitchens cabinets and floors.

IrishJane Sta Ana says:

is this product available in winnipeg canada?

Sherelle Clark says:

Can you use OdoBan on foam & black leather?  I spilled milk in the back seat of a car, it soaked into the foam. We have removed the seat in order to clean it & TRY to get rid of the smell.   The covering is black leather.  Please advise.

odobanprofessional says:

To make the air freshener solution it is a 5:1 ratio. “For example, if you have a 24 oz. spray bottle, mix 2 ½ cups of water with ½ cup of OdoBan.”

odobanprofessional says:

Yes, OdoBan is excellent for eliminating smoke odor from cigarettes, cooking, and house fires.

G Negrete says:

I just bought a house and my house stinks like cat puss I tried throwing everything out painted still smells I’ve tried everything

odobanprofessional says:

Sorry for the confusion. The Air Freshener solution is the same strength as the Ready-to-Use sprays found in stores. Mix the 5:1 (water:OdoBan) ratio to get the same results as with the Ready-to-Use spray!

odobanprofessional says:

Coming soon to Canadian stores. OdoBan RTU will be sold in Red Apple, Home Hardware, Bargain Stores, and Giant Tiger. It may already be on their shelves! It is a disinfectant and deodorizer for hard, nonporous surfaces.

Daniel Strouth says:

will it remove diesel smell

Wesley Brown says:

it’s good stuff. it will actually eliminate odors. I have a 20 year old cat. if he smells it on the carpet he will start using the litter box again. Don’t use around any sort of filter . trust me you don’t want that gunky mess. Also use caution around house plants. avoid spraying on to leaves and roots . Peace

diesel vegas says:

tried the citrus scented odoban. it did NOT take out the smell out of my clothes as i’d hoped. back to home depot it goes

mylifeonthehill says:

How do I use it when washing clothes? My front load washer smells.


can I use this for my laminate floors with a microfiber cloth

odobanprofessional says:

Great testimonial! Thank you.

apmat nlif says:

The janitorial supply store that I go to carries your product. I detail for a living, and I clean microfiber cloths. Unfortunately unlike cotton I cannot put microfiber in boiling hot water or use bleach to sanitize. Will Odoban disinfect microfiber cloths? I am looking for a germacide and virucide to use in the laundry.

Brittney Rosas says:

So to make the cleaner solution in a 24oz bottle how much odoban do I use for the cleaner?

niceleedone says:

Lingering burnt food
Cooked fish
Bodily odors
All disappeared when using this product!!! I will never by a name brand airfreshener again!
This stuff works in seconds!!!
You have a customer for life…Please…Never stop making this product!!!

suzybella57 says:

I love the stuff !! Works great

Kenny Edward Yap says:

Is this product available to obtain in Singapore?  Please advise.  Thanks.

odobanprofessional says:


undergroundbasement says:

I love the stuff. Home Depot in my area recently had a clearance sale on OdoBan in Jan 2015. It was marked down to $2.50 per gallon with the spray bottle of OdoBan. I bought 8 gallons at one time. With all those sprayer bottles included, actually 9.5 gallons altogether for $20.00. Normally it’s $10.00 per gallon. I take 1 gallon of concentrate and prefer it strong, mixing 32 ounces in 1 gallon of water. I don’t care for the Lavender OdoBan, I prefer the original scent OdoBan.

cielo052393 says:

my neighbor downstairs smokes. and whenever he does the smell seeps up into our apartment through the vents and other random places. what can I do to eliminate the smell when it comes out. and keeping out without having to keep sorting for hours @odoban

odobanprofessional says:

No, it is not recommended to use OdoBan in your dishwasher. Thanks for checking!

odobanprofessional says:

We’re very sorry you were disappointed with the product performance. Normally, we have positive reviews regarding use of OdoBan to rid clothing of many types of odors. We recommend using up to 8 oz. of OdoBan concentrate in your washer’s fabric softener dispenser for deodorizing laundry. Thanks for giving it a try.

odobanprofessional says:

No, the disinfectant is not sold in Canada.

Mar C says:

Can you use odoban in the dishwasher for washing dishes?

Heidi Barker says:

My son is 13 and has Cerebral Palsy. His clothes and linens reeked of urine smell, which transferred to our laundry as well. This product works so great in that laundry as well as his room. We never have to smell that again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As for the Canadians, just an idea, I ordered Odoban from Amazon. Maybe that would work for you?

CAPS Foster says:

I love ODOBAN adn first saw it being used at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary last May. Problem being….it is not sold here in Canada and not one store ,including Home Depot would order it in for us. I know it would sell like wildfire…..I am wondering WHY it is not available in Canada????

odobanprofessional says:

OdoBan is a disinfectant, not licensed for sale in Canada. We currently have a non-disinfecting formula in a small test market in Calgary–5 Home Depot stores.

wild orchid says:

When will this be available in Toronto, CANADA?

odobanprofessional says:

Yes, he did mention OdoBan being used in bed pans, colostomy bags, etc. It is fine to use OdoBan do deodorize colostomy bags. You should follow the deodorizing process with a rinse.

odobanprofessional says:

As with all upholstery and textiles, we recommend testing a small area for colorfastness on carpets. If you spray the area and it dries without changes in color, then treat the entire area. Painted walls can be discolored by OdoBan. This is difficult to predict with so many types and colors of paints. Again, you can test a small area. You’ll only need 4 oz. of OdoBan per gallon of water for a large job like cleaning/deodorizing walls. Thanks for asking!

Michael Sammut says:

Can’t find it in Toronto

matthew Gaytan says:

i bought this for $ 2.50 for a gallon at home depo

lucifer3331911 says:

i love odoban!!!! gets rid of my pet smells, i JUST steam cleaned my carpet, using odoban 😉 and i especially love it cause i can use it without feeling guilty, as it is not tested on animals!! <3

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