Hello, everyone! I am excited to be sharing my cleaning and beauty product empties today! Many of these product empties I absolutely LOVED and will repurchase, but a few were a miss. I hope this was helpful and you find a couple of new products to try out! 🙂

Ultimate Clean with Me| EXTREME Cleaning Motivation video:



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Mrs. Myer surface spray in Honeysuckle
Mrs. Myer hand soap in Honeysuckle
Method Shower Cleaner
Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner
Seventh Generation Surface Wipes:
Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Cleaner
Method Squirt + Mop

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Joy Wind says:

Great video! I like all the products you mentioned.

Megan McCune says:

I just ordered from Grove Collaborative for the first time. Having 4 kids and two of them being only 7.5 months old, I think going all natural will be better for everyone and I’ll feel better about cleaning too.

tracy armstrong says:

Yes to the foundation! I’ve used it easily for 10 years!

Lashlove16 says:

I love mint too !!!
I just use vinegar/ blue dawn and that cleans everything.
Vinegar and water are a great as windex and as an after shower spray … just add in your favorite essential oil if you wish

deidra rocks says:

Omg Revlon Colorstay in combo/oily is my absolute holy grail foundation. I’m glad someone else loves it as much as I do, I alwayyyys have a back up! Lol

Stacey Morgan says:

I was just watching this, and you talking about how hard it is to find Mrs. Meyers reminded me to look to see if the spring scents peony and lilac are at Target. They have them in but haven’t got to the floor yet. They will hold an all purpose of each for me. They sell so fast, so if I didn’t get them soon they would be sold out. So happy that you talked about their fall scents in your video!

Brooke Barrett says:

Try the 7th generation disinfectant wipes

Yuli v Lev says:

How did you feel about the method all purpose cleaners? I felt like the one I tried didn’t work very well lol.

Angie Tijerina says:

I buy the Method pink grapefruit multi surface cleaner and daily shower cleaner in 68 fl. oz. refill bottles on They are so great to have!!

Kelli Johnson says:

Just bought from Method Vanilla Chi hand soap smells so good. And the Christmas design on it is super cute.

Kay K says:

The best, non streaking window cleaner is vinegar and water and wipe with newspapers NOT paper towels

Emily Adams says:

The method honey crisp apple isn’t limited edition. I only know, because It’s my favorite! The lime and sea salt is really good too!

Sherry Inge says:

I love all the method scents. So yummy!

Kerri D. says:

Do you think you will ever switch to soy or beeswax candles? I plan to eventually, but I have so many other candles to get through first!

kelseybird14 says:

The DW Homes candle in Cooling Eucalyptus is awesome if you like minty scents! I always find them at TJ Maxx 🙂

Amanda Dobbs says:

50/50 Vinegar & water plus a drop of dish liquid. Cleans everything, streak free & ultra cheap. If your mirrors streak badly, use crushed newspaper to buff it. 50/50 rubbing alcohol & water is great for disinfecting.

Nia Nicole says:

Thanks for sharing this video! I really want to switch over my cleaning products as well. What are your top 5 best cleaning products that you could recommend?

kprplrose1 says:

I lucked out and found one of the Mrs. Myers hand soap in apple cider on clearance. Smells so good. Will definitely look for more next year.

Devi Seecharran Gibson says:

I buy straight from the Mrs Meyers and Method websites! I haven’t found a natural disinfectant wipe that I really like yet, so I’m sticking with Lysol.

Susan Johnson says:

If you have not found something for your glass I have 2 suggestions H2o has a shamie cloth you just use with water that works wonders. Can’t wash it with laundry detergent though. My other suggestion is use vinegar. Just plain white vinegar.

Anne Bean says:

In the “Easy weekly cleaning routine and products I love” video you mentioned how much you liked the Method glass cleaner and “it wasn’t streaky at all”. Did your view change the longer you used it?

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