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Today I’m sharing with you the products that I use on a daily basis to keep my house smelling fresh and clean! We have a dog, cat and a toddler, which doesn’t always make for a clean smelling home! To try and make my house smell inviting and clean, I utilize a variety of products! Thanks for watching!

Products Mentioned

Bath & Body Works Candles –
Bath and Body works Wallflowers –
Scentsy Wax Burner – Need to buy from a Scentsy consultant but most stores, including Walmart & Bath and Body Works sells wax burners!
Kirkland Dryer sheets-
Baking soda (in fridge and for carpet) – Can get at any store!
Febreeze –
Downy Unstoppables –
Vinegar – Can get at any store!
Lemons – Any grocery store!




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Not only am I a wife and mother to a two-year-old, but I strive to maintain a simple life in everything that I do. My two-year-old daughter keeps me pretty busy so I try to be as efficient as possible all while trying to maintain my sanity and enjoy life!

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w Heinz 57 says:

Thanks for the tips, we have an 8 month old Rottweiler that had accidents occasionally.

Natalie Mansourian says:


Marie & Co. says:

I was told by a friend of mine who used to work at a dry cleaners that you can use the scent booster beads melted in hot water on any clothing items that say “dry clean only.”Just spray it on anything that can’t go into the washing machine. Then either hang it to dry or pop it in the dryer. I’ve tried it and it works like a charm and smells A-MAZING!!

Elizabeth Williamson says:

Some of the products she is showing are not for sensitive skin.

Crowden Danes says:

Woodwick candles!!

sunnydivia says:

Britt F says:

I love all of the tips! I do prefer using more natural ingredients when possible. I do love using essential oils, I prefer the ones that are 100% oils and not blends tho. Also when using essential oils, please do research as some are toxic to animals. A friend of a friend was diffusing tea tree oil & her dog became deathly ill from it. My favorite ingredients are baking soda, vinegar, essential oils & Dawn dish soap when cleaning. Also, sometimes I will boil water & sprinkle cinnamon powder & pumpkin pie spice & vanilla & let it simmer. Obviously you can boil oranges & lemons & limes or apples…but there was a time when I was out of fruits & had to use spices lol but my house smelled like fall time!

Carrie Gomez says:

I just came across this video and I was so glad to watch it. I have 5 boys under 11, plus my husband and a lily dog in the house. My husband and all 5 boys love the outdoors and we live in Florida so when they’ve been outside sweating and then come inside it’s like a giant Godzilla sized onion hit you in the face. They stink so bad. Plus my dog thinks he has to roll around outside every time he goes out to potty.

naomi castro says:

Great products but none of them last at all. I try them all . I’m still searching for that nice smell of laundry some ppl wears in there cloth.

MissTeeTee says:

I’m a 12 year old and have a dog and my mom wanna give the dog back because the house always smells like pee this really helped the house smell really good better than before

Happily Hirsch says:

I LOVE Sand & Fog candles!

Audrey Fritsch says:

Candles in marshalls! I haven’t found a bad candle there and they’re all so affordable!

Brandy Freeman says:

I use dryer sheets behind my air vents inside my home. Also, dryer sheets under your car seats in tucked up with your visors help your car smelling fresh

Loriann Parsons says:

Finally somebody else that uses scentsy!!!

Marie Allmon says:

I don’t I do not have Bath & Body Works Bath & Body Works is in the next town and that’s about half an hour to an hour away from my town so the closest thing to me to get a nice decent candle is Walmart and I find the same brand every time they have it there it is only like I’ll forward 5 bucks so and I get the same one every time they have it there all the time so I get about two or three of them throughout the whole year the same brand is and I buy it I buy the lavender

Cammy says:

Nice video, thanks for sharing. I was hunting for something safe (that I haven’t already tried) to remove dog odors when I came across it. I hope you don’t take offense, but I just wanted to suggest that perhaps you would think about how often and how much of the chemical laden products used. I won’t get into the effects in the long term, you may already know or perhaps you’ll look into it. I am a huge fan of white vinegar, baking soda and lemon (especially for the disposal). I also use essential oils. Please be aware that there is a lot to learn about them and they aren’t for casual use, especially for and/or around a small child, but animals and yourself, too.
Cheers to a happy, healthy and clean home!

Alex Tello says:

“and..eating” same. Like me when im trying to describe myself to someone

Jaheim and Dexter Gaming says:

Very nice

susan lec says:

I absolutely love and get frequent comments on the “Diva” scented candle from TYLER CANDLE COMPANY. I am a Realtor, and use I use it when I do OPEN HOUSES and recommend it to sellers when listing their home. It also lasts a very long time.

j p says:

HI Jamie, thank you for this video! Myers clean day candles are amazing!! I keep one lite in my kitchen. I feels as though it sucks up the kitchen smells and it makes my house smell fresh and clean. Im very sensitive to smells too.. and self conscious about them. I dont even want people to know that I cook,lol Plus I have 2 cats.

Dayna Molina says:

Thank you so much for these tips. I’ll try them!… I also own a Tyson vacuum cleaner. They recommend not vacuuming baking soda. I’m not sure if the kind you showed is an exception bc is made for that purpose.

cynthia Nobara says:

I have bought a couple of diffusers but was not impressed with them what branc is best?

Salvador Fernandes says:

Hi do you have an instagram?

LechuzaCeleste says:

I like dollar generals brand of wax melts and candels. Their island breeze candle smells great and so does their cinnamon wax melts

Frances Heid says:

I love Candleberry candles.

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