Review: Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner

Simply put, best thing ever, check out the reviews on Amazon as well:


Mad Penguin says:

Does it come with a bucket? because I’m going to throw up

james t Smith says:

bought the new one like you have, it died after less than a year

larryspub says:

Does this thing actually use a bag for dust? How hard is it too clean the machine? Would you say this is probably better than the proheat one?

BlackHawkPSU says:

Blaming the dog for a dump you took is not cool. lol

formosanblackbear says:

that look like shit.. instead of his vomit.. lol

Sandra McLean says:

That’s fantastic, sold!

Robert Barry says:

This is why I don’t own a dog

ducklandwikeno says:

Oh if your pump go’s out its the motor that needs oil in it . The motor will not turn after sometime and will need to be oiled . Mine did that . I made a video showing people on you tube .

Gin81593 says:

I think it would be wise to clean the bristles on the the vacuum head after using it on feces or vomit like that.

Dominic's Curiosity says:

You can buy an attachment to her and traps the dirty nasty pet odors in the handheld you should look it up

The Carpet Heros says:

I hope you used some type of deodorizer and that you sanitized the carpet as well. dog poop has a lot of bacteria in it.

curlykale says:

You could eat your dinner off that carpet!

Colleen Patterson says:

Very impressive. Just ordered one based off how well it worked on those stains. Bissell should be paying you commission because I’m sure I’m not alone! lol.

BlackHawkPSU says:

Except for the green color is this the same unit as the black colored BISSELL Auto Care ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, model 14254 found on Amazon? There are so many of these that seem to be so similar it’s a little confusing. Thanks for any help.

Ashton Carlson says:

Jesus Christ and I thought my dog had issues

link7524 says:

My machine has lost most of its suction. Is there a filter or a screen to clean?

jagodek02 says:

what are these dirty spots?

Mad Penguin says:

I don’t rate Bissel at all. Had a real good one. The way they disperse water is weak, the way the heads are designed leaves alot of residue once it’s dried you can’t get to or get out.

The head of that cleaner in the video will be caked with crap, literally and will remain dirty. Bissel sucks imho/

Jason Henderliter says:

Yes, these little Bissells are excellent for cars. The only thing is the the crevice tool is large, so there are areas that you still have to get with a brush by hand. Also, I am a professional detailer and though these are great for people who want to clean their own car. For professional jobs, I recommend a professional grade machine. These will work, until you get one though.

JDM4006 says:

what mixture did you use? we just got a new dark gray couch, so I cant use bleach haha.

Jayson Morin says:

I have that same issue with the attachments , I kind of wish bissell would make their attachments the way they used to in their 2nd generation of these things. I have the proheat one.

Berenice Martínez says:

Can anyone tell me where can I buy this exact cleaner?

ducklandwikeno says:

Thats responsibility of owning a pet like a cat or dog . But you can also use dishwasher power like cassade with phospate . the comerical grade product from them . You can get it at GSF food service . The phospate will realese the stain very well .

charr cook says:

A friend just gave me a old one..inside is pretty dirty..I have ran hot water in it but the parts don’t come out for me to way to get a brush down there any suggestions?

Francois Deshue says:

did you kill the dog afterward?

Thunderclaw88 says:

Dude just sold me!

mimi dermody says:

This review has sold me on this product !!

Michael Yates says:

This vacuum works great for cars, but you have to remember to thoroughly wash and maintenance the brush attachments

james t Smith says:

Had one of the first that came out, looked like a big car battery. Bought it at Sams club 17 years ago since it came with a squigee for doing windows (had 63 in the house at the time), sucked on windows but still going strong for minor cleaning of rugs or furniture!

hump frog says:

It’s been 2 years since your review. Is it still working ok?

Jason Voorhees says:

That’s totally gross, but a GREAT video to show all of us how well that machine works. I might have to get one for my car after seeing how well it worked for you.

Cindy Henderson says:

I have chihuahuas, and I bought this like two months ago. I have yet to use it, but after this video my carpet is getting cleaned today!!! that works great!!!!!

mark40511 says:

These are great little portable deep cleaners. Take care of them and they should last a long time. This was a massively gross mess! After done, suck large amounts of plain water to flush the hose out. Additionally, when done, fill the solution tank with plain water  to flush residue out of the spray nozzle from any shampoo that might gunk up and dry (which is what causes some to stop spraying), and don’t store the unit closed up (what I mean is, the flap that closes on top of the dirty tank, leave it open to air dry. Same with the solution tank….

TheXboxSux says:

Wow look at it tackle that crap explosion.

If it can do that, I don’t see why bother asking if it can handle doing a car. Looks more than capable for cleaning vehicles.

Patricia DelMercado says:

Great machine, it did a wonderful job. I’m going to buy one for my car upholstery and carpet.

Eddy P says:

can i use this to clean and remove urine and the smell from a mattress?

Legendary4030 says:

and i thought my dog had issues X.X


You don’t even know how to use it and you made a vid. Soak then pull it slowly towards you not away from you

Grawp55 says:

Have u ever had to clear an obstruction from the hose? Is there a way to access the top of the hose where there’s a U bend? Mine stopped sucking and I miss it! Thanks!

nellievance says:

Dude, that’s awesome. Just bought one and wanted to see if I was doing it right

brendagrosa says:

Just got mine at target on Clarence for 23.xx yeahhhh boy time to put this little thing to work 😉

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