Shark Steam Pocket Review! Do Steam Cleaners Work? (Clean My Space)

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Ever wonder, like we do, does a steam cleaner actually work? Well, Melissa Maker is here to find out! Visit for the full post.



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Carol Binnie says:

Melissa you live in a constantly clean clean CLEAN house. I’m beginning to think you’re the proverbial cleaning fairy LOL 😀 😛

Cabbage Lettuce says:

Seems kind of a waste of money. LOve the elevator music lol

Steam, Clean, Renew! says:

I need to get my hands on this. Looks like a lot of great attachments are included!

Sahar Kazmi says:

Where to buy in canada

Gajani Mohan says:

Thanks for the video, I will use my shark steamer now for more than just steaming my clothes. 🙂
Regards…Linda Melb Australia.

Donna Harris says:

What about cleaning the floor?

Jason Caminiti says:

I love the opening of this video. Really funny.

Shawna Kay says:

“Oh cool I might buy it..” Hears $130 price tag…. dies laughing #rip

sexylilmutumbo44 says:

Distilled water should be used

Maddie Shields says:

Has anyone tried this to clean grout on your kitchen floor tiles?

Syrian General says:

so when is she taking her tops off

Alexander Van Den Bosch Noa says:


cate mitten says:

I love POLENTI Steam cleaner! <3

Taylor Schull says:

Curious how well it would clean a car.

myrtle164 says:

Please make the video without the really annoying background music.

Danny Cruz says:

you’re hot and steamy

Mike L says:

Fact: does not sanitize anything. By the time the steam makes it out of the vessel, down the hose and out the attachment it is nearly 100 degrees cooler than boiling (212 degrees Fahrenheit). It may remove minor dirt, but a cloth/sponge with water does just as good and much better on real dirt. Good review for anyone who lives in fantasy land, but terrible for real life scenarios. Blah. Shame on you.

David Zhao says:

how is the watt of this device. I saw the bissell one which is nicely priced, but worried if it’s not as strong as this one

Stephanie Ciancio says:

Could you steam clean an upholstered seat (picturing my car seat) and maybe some cloth shoes?

Sabertooth Vlogs says:

who saw this because of the hot lady

Landon Crews says:

Good video, I may buy this. I’m still researching though.

Carol Baker says:

Window blinds. Mine are so filthy, looking for an easy clean up.

Danny Toney says:

Hey melissa do you thinkyou would ever get a chance to test out the bissell syphony steam mop / vacuum

Cj Westover says:

i would definitely buy!

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