Steam Cleaning a Filthy Bathtub with the McCulloch MC-1275

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Watch as we steam clean a bathtub that has faced years of neglect! In this steam cleaner review of the powerful Mculloch MC-1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner we got this tub back to a like-new state that it was when it was first purchased. Steam cleaning is a great addition to any home looking to sanitize and disinfect using just water. Our McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Cleaner Reviews aim to show you just how effective these tools can be and honestly, how much fun they are! Multi-purpose steam cleaners generally come with a wide variety of useful cleaning attachments that make your life easier, and cleaner! Look out for our next video ‘How To Steam Clean Your Kitchen Tile Grout’!

You can see in this video that our steam cleaner melts all of the soap scum away to reveal the bathtub’s original finish. The McCulloch MC-1275 heats steam to over 200° Fahrenheit so when we say it melts the soap scum away, we really mean it! In this video we are demonstrating both the green buffer attachment, and the very handy detailing brush made of Nylon bristles. The McCulloch MC-1275 comes with over 15 cleaning attachments so any job is easily taken care of.

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Kallista Metropoulos says:

Who doesn’t clean their bathtub?! What a skank!

Piotrek Piotrek says:

Jak można tak zajebac wanne?

Holly Zahn says:

wtf song is this? I kinda love it

Christine Overton says:

I would love to see Kaboom clean this…yeah, right!

Kris91 says:

taaaak, i wannę będę czyścił 4h ;|

Pov Yi says:

I wanna see the after

1959Berre says:

Why are these steam tools always the size of a toothbrush?

Tracey T says:

Haha so tiny for such a big job! After cleaning endless rental properties all I can say is odorless oven cleaner. You are welcome

N Conne says:

anyone who has ever cleaned a bathroom with a steamer knows, just use cleaner, you don’t want steamed piss lodged in your sinus

abutts02 says:

Holy shit that tub looked filthy. My tub may not be the greatest at times, but I don’t let it go that bad.

Boring_ Tired says:

That owner has some explaining to do

Bob Back says:

Would like to get the bathroom that dirty I would not

David Amores says:

Am I the only one feeling unsatisfied on the fact that he started cleaning first from the left rather than the other side?

Ghost Lingers says:

It sounds like the…..



Katywu Ste says:

Nobody has a bath that dirty

Zuri Poole says:

i wouldn’t even get in that motherfucka after they steamed it.

setite says:

I see it still works fine, but did the steam melt those bristles?

mjuklo5 says:

the music isn’t so satisfying..

Elizabeth Bonilla says:

I would’ve just bought a new bathtub LOL. Dirtiest tub EVER

David Gray says:

Does the crappy music come with it? Are you selling music or a product?

Hawk Girl says:

Worst choice of music or whatever the hell this is! Crap

brianroark88 says:

It’s not doing anything soap and water would do

Red Dragon790 says:

Why am i here

Larissa Li says:

Jeez! The music is sickish annoying!

Forevergeo says:

Honestly…. i dont even think you needd to use that steamer in my opinion

lIlIlIlIl- -_- says:

Why would you let it get this dirty anyways?!?

Бойко Александр says:


WellOfTradition says:

Gr8 way to cause damp

Sorchia says:

OMGosh, I have this! Buy it, everyone! It’s incredible. I LOVE mine. I even use it on my floors. Not harmful at all!

Zey - Kon says:

Oven cleaner and a buffer attachment for a drill is muuuuch faster

elementaleighteight says:

Yea start with the drain…Im sure nothing will run over it

Lyndsay says:

Anyone know the lyrics to that song please?

Tiekneepony Xoxo says:

Seriously though…just gut that bathroom.

Steam, Clean, Renew! says:

Get the McCulloch MC-1275 from Amazon by clicking the link in the description!

Fly Lord says:

is there a job field in this bc id love to get paid to do this

sean miller says:

Will it ruin the machine if you add bleach to the water

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