Hey Everyone! In today’s video I share with you my full cleaning product line-up prior to switching to non-toxic cleaners. I also share with you a cleaner haul of all the products I am switching out. All of the non-toxic cleaners are listed further down in the description. Of course vinegar and baking soda are tops along with essential oils but I do enjoy supporting companies with a pre-mixed product with top ingredients. Were you as shocked as I at some of my old product’s gradings?

EWG (Environmental Working Group): https://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners

My video on EWG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3mXefqG93o

My new non-toxic cleaning product line up:

Aspen Glass Cleaner: https://bit.ly/2DmbybR
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multisurface cleaner: https://amzn.to/2MGw4qF
Seventh Generation Toilet Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2TrUqXX
Better Life Dish Soap: https://amzn.to/2CXRPh1
Ecover Rinse Aid: https://amzn.to/2TrUwyN
Seventh Generation Dishwasher Packs: https://amzn.to/2BlkUDt
Babyganics Floor Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2MHQ8c0
Attitude Grapefruit Laundry Detergent: https://amzn.to/2ThWCRw
Ecover Bleach: https://amzn.to/2ThOoZH


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💫 Boppy: https://amzn.to/2SQD3Qd

Cleaning Products I love:
💫Vacuum I use: https://amzn.to/2FpADVn
💫 Diffuser: https://amzn.to/2TL74Rg
💫 Lemon Oil: https://amzn.to/2SLx4w0

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Alexander B says:

Thank you for sharing Laura. If you don’t mind me asking.. How much was the glass cleaner w/ taxes at whole foods?

My everyday says:

THANK YOU! I always cringe when I see people advertising (especially method) as a natural non-toxic cleaner. I was guilty years ago too of using cleaners that I had no idea were harmful to my family. Now we use mostly Norwex and so many of our ailments have disappeared. I often tell people I didn’t know that we were sick until we weren’t sick anymore. Thanks again for sharing.

kimbers 123 says:

What a great topic. Thank you for sharing.

Nina Chand says:

For ezcema skin Laura, my allergist suggested CeraVe lotion from Costco/Walmart/Shoppers and only Cetaphil body wash or CeraVe baby body wash. She said it replaces the ceramide layer on our skin and once we fix that layer your skin gets better. (It’s like a protective layer ?) I have rosacea but it’s all cleared up since I began slathering that on before was $75 Rosacea moisturizers from Drug store a month! ! It’s a giant tub at Costco lasts us forever, get a glass jar with pump (mines from Ikea, $0.79 still working a year later!) And just fill it up. You can use all over your body. First time in my life I don’t have ezcema! She also said anything that suds up is bad for ezcema, and there’s an ingredient that’s also bad for ezcema skin in every single liquid body soap and shampoo even ones listed as hypoallergenic and the chemical keeps the soap in liquid form and to avoid it, but I can’t find a Cetaphil bar soap so had to do with the liquid unless anyone knows where I can get one!

Mary Slaney says:

Thnx for this! We’re in the process of phasing in what I thought were better products (primarily Method…who knew?!). Will be using your alternatives as a guide 🙂

Jules M says:

I like the effort you put in with your editing and also your research, pretty surprising that the ratings of cleaning products are so bad. Finding more eco friendly goods is difficult but worth while; Going to find out what are the most eco friendly UK cleaning products are. Great vlog!

Stacy Gilinson says:

Have you thought about making cleaners? I’m using white vinegar and water as a glass/surface cleaner.

ladysmithrose says:

I use Seventh Generation also and really like there products.I use septic safe products since l’m on acres here Just becareful with floor products since you have a furbaby. Some are hard on there noses and they lick there paws no scent is the best for floors. I haven’t given up my bleach , I use it after company use my bathroom l’m abit on germs,family calls me OCD lol .Your’e rocking the hat so you need to lick and claim it now its yours .Makeup is pretty 🙂 God bless you n your wonderful family 🙂 Isn’t the weather been so nice lately 🙂

kelly dry says:

The hat is cute. I use flylady rags. You can use them with just water. They clean glass really good. They run them half off every so often.

RaisingAllBoys says:

Thank you for this video!! I always thought the method brand was non toxic!! I’m floored!! Definitely going to be checking out the ones you mentioned!!

Malea Ann says:

I couldn’t find the Aspen brand on Amazon in the USA, but did find Attitude which it looks like you also found. Also, the hat is cool mom chic. 😀 I just looked up a few products on EWG and was surprised that Mrs Meyers brand isn’t listed! But, I found that a few other items I use have A and B ratings and only a couple have C or D and none have F. Baby steps!

Right now, our challenge is reducing our waste. It’s amazing how much is packaged in plastic and other hard to break down or recycle materials. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s but have been doing so less and less due to packaging.

Nina Chand says:

Amazing Laura thank you for sharing and doing all the hard work for us. I want to use non toxic.as well will def follow your lead. I.am SHOCKED, just floored by ratings. The effects were awesome by the way!

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