Testing cleaners: which cleaner works best?

Welcome to Me Being Cheap! I am a single mom attempting to pay off my mortgage in 3.5 years. Tonight I review 6 cleaners that I have on hand: Ammonia, Fabuloso, PineSol, Windex, Softscrub and vinegar. I test each on a white cloth and a dirty tub (soap scum/dirt ring). I also do a test with plain water. Come watch to see the results! As I use up some of these cleaners, I will be scaling down. Thanks for watching!


Ms. Parker says:

Read your bio of being a single mother attempting to pay off your mortgage in 3.5 years and decided to subscribe just to support your efforts of becoming financially free! I loved the review!


Very nice!! Have a nice day!!

Dabney Fountain says:

Comet cleanser…time-tested,, slightly abrasive…yet will not scratch surfaces, inexpensive, NO FUMES to breathe, Women in my family have used this many, many years. Wet surfaces to be cleaned (all bathroom surfaces). Sprinkle a small amount of powdered Comet all over, distribute with a brush…let sit awhile for extra power. Brush surfaces, rinse well. Sparkling clean, fast and best of all…No fumes to breathe in…hallelujah!

RicharddtheStar says:

To be perfectly honest a magic eraser with baking soda and dawn dish soap will have had your bathtub new.

RicharddtheStar says:

But I want to thank you for the review thanks.

Fabuloso All Purpose says:

I’m the best

Lea Brown says:

This was such a waste of time to even watch this video. What the fuck was this shit ? Smh. Then u didn’t even clean the damn tub. Nasty ass shit. Thumbs down

Naturallyhoneybee1226 says:

I’m a couponer myself and I have tons of lysol bleach cleAner and I like using those for bathrooms. I like to use fabuloso to clean the floor. my nom used to use ammonia To clean To the bathroom when we were kids but I think tje fumes are just to powerful.

Chris Vandernaald says:

love your bathroom.. the tile and bath faucet handles especially

Miss Stacy says:

I agree ammonia is the best.

wishyuuknewme says:

Your bathroom floor looks dirty, you should try the miracle floor cleaner on it! Washing soda, cleaning vinegar and warm water and dawn dish soap!

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