The Clarisonic Bible: 10 Things You Need to Know ASAP!

The Clarisonic is, arguably, the first beauty tool (other than the SoniCare Toothbrush) that feels like an absolute necessity. I’ve personally owned one for almost seven years now, and although we have had our ups and downs, I can say that it’s back to being a part of my daily regimen.

Admittedly, I stopped using my last year for a variety of reasons. I felt like it was too aggressive for my skin and that I didn’t need to exfoliate as often as I had been; my skin was turning ruddy, to the point that a dermatologist thought I had Rosacea. Cutting out the every day exfoliating made a huge difference, but I felt like I didn’t have the glow I used to.

That said, I visited the Clarisonic factory in Seattle this year and met with Dr. Robb, the man behind the device, who provided me with a slew of facts that blew my mind. Most importantly? The Clarisonic is not an exfoliating device! Yes, it’s a brush, so it’s easy to associate it as one, but it’s not meant to exfoliate the skin. Just like the SoniCare Toothbrush deeply cleans your teeth, the brush is meant to deeply clean your skin. Next? I was using an aggressive, exfoliating face wash, which was totally unnecessary for the brush. And I was also going HAM with the device, using it morning and evening. Once I changed the face wash I used with my Clarisonic (along with how much I was applying to the brush head), as well as wetting the brush thoroughly, I noticed a drastic improvement in my skin! Also? the brush head matters. I was using the normal brush head, but it was too aggressive for me. Switching to the Luxe Cashmere Cleanse option really did wonders for my skin.

Check out 10 mistakes you’re making with your Clarisonic, and let me know in the comments any tips or tricks you have.

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Rose Queen says:

You don’t blink. Also skin isn’t like teeth it has a million little holes which we call pores. To have good skin we don’t need to scrub it we need to not use make up all the time and remove make up every time we use it, use a good cleansing routine. If u really want a brush get a vanity planet and save half the money. It’s just a product to remove dirt nothing special, not like a toothbrush as we don’t eat with our face and our skin is soft and made of layers and layers of very thin skin which can be damaged by over using one of these , so that analogy is not correct.

beautywithbenefits says:

After you submerge it in rubbing alcohol do you go and rinse that off with warm soapy water? Or just leave it to let it sink in?

Rachel Rosen says:

The Botox job in this chicks eyebrows prevent her eyes from blinking it’s really creepy.

Jia Makes says:

What if it’s to expensive to buy it

Maria Manning says:


Hira Cuteq says:

thankyou so much

CLewisReading M says:

I just bought a mia2



Rimsha Khalid says:

Clarisonic Mia fit I love it

Nikki Murphy says:

I love my Mia 2 ♡♡♡

Nikki Murphy says:

I used to never think I’d have one, and I saved up and got one for a pretty good price at (an authorized vendor). I never go a day without it. . but I still breakout even after a few months of use. I really need to use it twice a day.. my skin seems to react well the more I use it. my skin isn’t very sensitive at all. but I love how every single bit of makeup is removed.. always a clean cotton ball when I use my toner! ♡♡♡

Raras Umaratih says:

Woman, you are scary.

Paepin says:

I loved my Mia 1 and now I’m loving my Mia 2. Unboxing of the Mia 2 here, if anyone is interested:

HeyBecky says:


Lucius Dreaman says:

What brush head should I use?(oily and acne-prone skin, when using Retin-a, skin tends to be a little bit sensitive)

Tshiab Nag says:

She said don’t clean with shampoo and then she cleaned with shampoo?

Wafa Shah says: For 30-40 $ on all brushes ! CRUELTY FREE

MegaAnezia says:

there is information that few people know, when the clarisonic no longer works unfortunately can not be repaired, there are no care centers!

Wayne Small says:

Are you interested in learning more about the beauty tips. Just go to google and type: “Blast4beauty”. You will get lot of new ideas to enhance your beauty.

Natasha K. says:

I am so excited that I finally got a Clarisonic/Mia2 for Christmas! I’ve been wanting one for years. I follow a a morning and evening skincare routine like everyone should and the only thing I found missing was a Clarisonic. I will be so excited to share with my Dermatologist’s Assistant that I finally got a Clarisonic! She highly recommends a Clarisonic to her patients. I already have awesome skin, but the Clarisonic will definitely improve my skin even more. I always do a ton of research before and after a product is purchased, but also watch fun YouTube videos. I can’t wait to use my Mia2! The only product that I use daily and at night that I wouldn’t use with a Clarisonic is my Obagi Vitascrub. That would definitely be too abrasive. I use Cerave face wash in the morning and it would go great with my Mia2. I am a HUGE freak about my teeth, skin, and body that I definitely wouldn’t have any issues keeping the system semi-sterile. Get your own brush head if you want to share with me. Lol! Any other suggestions for a new user?

sam abdullah says:

I’m a woman & I use the alfa fit for men! Makes my skin amazing after every use..

AprilStephanie says:

I love my clarisonic ! & I use my three step Clinique anti blemish solutions. I have acne prone skin. But it’s clearing up loads. Makes my skin feel so fresh! I feel more confident to walk outside with 0 makeup.

The Green African says:

Honestly I’ve had the same brush head for 11 months. No breakouts and the bristles are still abrasive. All you need to do is wash and disinfect it. I change mine once a year. That whole change it 3 months is pure marketing. For toothbrushes I understand because they are more brittle. I have the first generation Clarisonic Mia so I don’t know if their brush quality has changed. Save your pennies and buy groceries.

Bear Clarke says:

Great tips (I used my Clarisonic for a year before I realised I could detach the centre part of the brush – doh!). Do you only use the Clarisonic cleanser gel, or have you tried other brands that give as good results but within a tighter budget?

AyeItzYourGirlViv says:

I’m thinking I want one for Christmas. I was watching a lot of videos and some of them scared me to use the MIA 2. You relieved me from being nervous to use it. thanks!

susan moore says:

I always remove my makeup before I cleanse my skin with my clarisonic. I think that a double cleanse is what helps keep your skin looking it’s best and keeps the makeup from getting down in my brush heads and down under the brush head. Even if you don’t have a clarisonic, remove your makeup before actually cleaning your skin….hope this helps someone else. I have done it for years.

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