The “Miracle” Shower Cleaner

This is a pin that’s all over the internet. I’m happy to say it’s a winner!
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Vicki Kitty says:

This really works, I used Dawn:Vinegar 1:1 and used the little scrubby brush. I treied store bought cleaners, nothing works as good as this!

AmysLifeJourney says:

I use vinegar and dawn to clean my bathroom but I cut it with water. I don’t use as much dawn either. But this combo works amazing! We also have hard+rusty water.

Loraine White says:

I live in South Africa and have major difficulty in finding Dawn dish soap. What can I use as an alternative?

Billy Melgar says:

Wake me up when you get to the good part…  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

777 927 says:

So were are the little Blue body’s buried at ? ROFL. Good vid  . tu

Shelley Compton says:

OH, after cleaning with the Borax solution; dry the walls and then use automobile wax set up a barrier from further dirt buildup. Wax and shine (or use buffer).

Spungy Jefferson says:

I used the mixture on my oven, let stand overnight, reapplied in morning, cooked on grime came right off thanks.

Kendra Rodriguez says:


Kenny Spade says:

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber works great! There is even a two for one deal! Get yours here

Rosa Abrego says:

Wish you would have shown the part when you were actually cleaning

Sandy Vantine says:

Hey try a funnel to pour into bottle ya think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Miranda says:

get to the point!!! geez,

Karen Evans says:

Heat the mixture first, let it sit for 10-15 min. Also I use cleaning vinegar

Molicious says:

There is a huge dirt stain in my bathtub that refuses to come out…even with bleach which also leaves a nasty black ring around the entire drain! Is there something that I can use other than bleach to rid that?!?

Lisha Fischer says:

You don’t shake it first?

Alejandra Limas says:

I’m a professional house cleaner and I use this solution all the time after I have done the intial deep cleaning, for maintenance cleanings. It is wonderful in kitchens too!
Keep in mind that ratios of this solution vary from household to household, it’s not a set in stone ratio, so use more or less of the ingredients. For those concerned with the vinegar smell, it will go away once the surface is dry. This is an excellent disinfectant because of the disinfecting properties of vinegar.
Free tip: after cleaning and to cut soap scum and hard water in shower knobs and handle, similar results as lime away, soak paper towels with full strength vinegar and place it around knobs. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, scrub and rinse. You will have soap scum and hard water free knobs and sparkly shine.

Shelley Compton says:

Did not work for me, in fact not only did it not CLEAN the shower walls but made a hugh mess. Took me 5 rinsings to get the “mixture” off the walls. The dawn dish washing soap also left blue stains that i then had to deal with. Use Borax disolved in warm water and use elbow grease to clean a vinyl/fiberglass shower.

Debra G says:

I’ve heard that if you wipe your fixtures with wax paper they don’t get water spots.

FamilyLife OurWay says:

If you have a dishwasher put your soap caddy in it to clean. It will come up gleaming.

Thejudge says:

You do not need to use all of that Dawn. It is very strong and you only need a little bit.

Jo Ann Somers says:

Invest in some funnels of two or three different sizes. Makes for a clean pour, wasted time to clean up the spill.

Dana Michigan says:

or….. just use Dawn on a scrubbie (I buy both at Dollar Tree) The Dawn cuts right through the soap scum. I cannot take the smell of vinegar and Dawn (it actually hurts my lungs to breathe it).

Jamil Gotcher says:

I think Dawn alone would have cleaned it.

Grandma Maria says:

I don’t mix anything into the vinegar, I spray straight vinegar.

Sonya Hubbard says:

actually just a disinfecting wipe cleans the chrome very well..then use some pledge on it.

Susan says:

That was way too much Dawn. Also…do you realize that you used a measuring cup…to put vinegar in a…measuring cup?


Excited to give this a try~Thank you for the Video.

MON STER74 says:

I live in california and have same problem. With the hard water n soap scum. Will try this is as well. I have tried so much. Saw the bleach thing which worked but i think its just bleaches the mold. Im like u. Yes i clean shower but its hard to get it all. I have tried so much. On the tub it self what i found for me that works more than any cleaning product i have tried…is the magic eraser sponges. Omg. Brilliant. But there is some stubborn build up on the knobs and faucet and its hard to reach with the sponge. So spraying this would be great. Also that subborn mold along the tub. I soaked with vinger and scrubbed with old toohtbrush. That helped a bit but still have some mold im trying to get rid of. Uuugg …i have tried so many product… did this work for any mold?

Paulette Hammond-Duerson says:

like the TV commercial shower show. Get a cleaner with bleach in. I use Clorox bath cleaner with bleach. Thank you very much.

Stevannah321 says:

I saw this same miracle concoction from youtuber Katie Sottile, but she puts the dawn in first so it doesn’t leak. I will have to try. Thanks.

Ray Robinson says:

you need more dish soap.

Tamala Owens says:

I loved the comment ” it looks like a murdered a smurf”. You have me dying laughing! Thank you!

Mr,Casino says:

99 cents store sells white vinager and blue dawn soap….thats really kool

Jenny McQuade says:


Donna Kotoff says:

OHHH! It’s NOT equal amounts of soap to Vinegar! It’s a tablespoon of the soap to the Vinegar! Or 1/2 distilled water to 1/2 amount of Vinegar with a tablespoon of Dawn! I also add Young Living Essential Oils… THIEVES 5-10 drops or LEMON Essential Oil!!

Mr. C Jokey says:

I have recently just used dawn alone, I have never seen my shower so clean, came right off & just rinsed the suds off. Dumped the comet forever now

TheFairday says:

It took 1:44 minutes to start talking about the miracle shower cleaner. Too wordy.

Jo Ann Somers says:

soak the shower caddy in a bit of the solution, then run thru dishwasher

Holly XO says:

I have really hard water where I live. The plumber said it’s the worst he’s seen in his entire career. Pure white vinegar cuts through it all by itself.

keara sexton says:

Save yourself the headache and buy a magic eraser, problem solved.

Mona S says:

Thanks for info. I think a funnel would be very helpful in filling the bottle and scrubber!

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