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Young Gotti says:

killing the germs is most important but some baby powder for smell…or just buy new insoles

AntiSharkSpray says:

Come on that was weak. You have to do more than spray some spray a few times before wearing them. At least loosen the laces and go in with a towel and some soap before using the spray.

Ellison VIllarias says:

Thx I was eating food

MultiRayman98 says:

I use disinfected and two them outside

Chris School says:

Nice sponsored video bruh.

kevin15776 says:

To clean the insides I recommend taking the insoles out and giving them a good cleaning. I also recommend taking tape and running it along the insides to remove dirt and hair. Then I usually take my mini steamer and thoroughly steam the insides (careful not to melt any glue). Afterwards I clean the insides with soap and water though if you don’t want to do this, skip ahead to just spray with a disinfectant.

littlelosito says:

Yea im the same way. I wore 1 pair of used shoes once in my life. It was my cousins 01 Breds.

Nicholas Christian says:

“The basics” mentions one product from one brand lol.

MrMc Dopeman says:

Clean or Change the Insole

YoseMiteEmery says:

Just bought two used sneakers on eBay earlier today. Rocket boost (waterproof) and ultra boost st!

DJ SICK__BOY says:

whatever you do if the person who had the sneakers have fungus then you can do anything foot fungus is very resistant type of fungus and if the shoe have some type of foam or pillars to dry your feet then things become more difficult to clean/sterilize almost impossible !!!! you gone need very high temp water (we all know what heat do to the glue of the shoes) and you gone need pure alcohol or same type material which is toxic to the shoe !!!! for me only for that reasons is big big NO to wear shoes from other persons i will never ever do it and i advise people do the same thing —> fuck the hype/shoe put your health first

PS: im not talking without knowing what i’m say —–>> both of my parents are dermatologist doctors so i know few things better from the average Joe

Enoch Hart says:

I just throw them bitches in the washing machine then replace the insoles

JacobHanna16 says:

You can’t throw every shoe in the wash lol

Blk Ghost says:

lol. I got a pair of 2016 bred ones used 8/10 below retail. I just can’t see myself wearing used shoes, so I sold them.

Emery Black says:

The whole cleaning system …from reshoevn8r ….looks like something I would purchase!

Kyle Stone says:

wat shoes are those??

Taino Supreme Montana says:

I would go one step further & use Clorox or Lysol wipes on the insole & then spraying them with the insole off.

Kev S says:

Not to judge but I could never wear used sneakers

Keshaun V says:

Me personally I find it hard to buy used sneakers the only way I could do it is if it’s a sneaker I wanted for a long time and it was a good price but I would probably take out the insole and switch them and spray Lysol

FadeofMaalik says:

try ons are cool but i dont think id ever buy sneakers that have been actually worn. every sneaker i get in a trade should have that certified new shoe smell lmao.

Zay The Banana says:

i lysol the fuck out of the inside to kill the germs and smells

Dg life 16 says:

just put them in the washing machine

Donski Grajo says:

Are you also a fraghead? Those are designer frags!!! 😀 Sauvage FTW!!!

Holden AcgA says:

Hes are you reviewing the EQT CNY ultra shoe?

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