Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

Car Cleaning Tips. Here are my Top 10 mistakes I see people make while cleaning their car. As you watch this you will realize one of the main things you want to do when cleaning your car is prevent scratches.
Comment below if you have any other mistakes you see people do. I would love to hear and share them!

How to SuperClean you Car:
Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make:

Wax I use:
Microfiber towels I use:
Microfiber Wash Mit:
Car Soap I use:
Hose nozzle I use:
Rim Cleaner I use:

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Gary Moore says:

Excellent Chris……thank you…

Christian Samin says:

bro thank you for the tips can u do a video about cleaning the interior of the car properly. thank you so much

migs paneda says:

what if i use a microfiber cloth on dry, slightly dusty motorcycle? will it be one of the mistakes in cleaning? thankyou

Kyl3 D says:

how often should you replace drying towels?

Penurious Sierra says:

Some tips, not necessarily automotive related:
– Asphalt can be removed with acetone or wheel cleaner. On rubber, use wheel cleaner. On metal, use acetone. Do not use acetone on painted or coated surfaces or on plastics, ESPECIALLY ABS.
– UV protection spray or cream works great for coating plastic so they don’t get damaged from UV exposure.
– Hazy glass? Have a set of windows that get constantly get dirty from road dust? Use dish soap then apply glass wax. Windex is expensive, so use diluted dish soap. For road grime or dust with lots of oil on them, laundry detergent works great. Use HE detergent and one with less foaming.
– Mix cheap toothpaste with gel bleach to make a whitening scrub for the floor.
– Armor-All protection spray is only good for places you want smoothness. If you need grip, don’t use it on that spot. It even says on the bottle — Do not use on handles and knobs.
– In a serious pinch, Pam works like relatively high-temperature lubricant. Just make sure to degrease after you bought the proper product and apply it as soon as possible.

Crazycar 401 says:

Holy crap dude! How many cars do you have!? It looks like you have like, 4 vehicles, plus the minivan you were talking about in the beginning!

vercetti12 says:

You say that a sponge is not good for the paint. What ist with a extra car sponge ? It’s that the same thing ?

pinter123 says:

Took me forever to figure out what ‘wuta’ is…

glory says:

take the tags off the microfiber rags they will just scratch the car and the paint

Zerfallsgesetz says:

Chris sounds much older in the old videos than in the new ones haha

Yaseen Ebrahim says:

Great tips, much appreciated. One thing to note is opening your windows (electric) straight after you washed your car. It has happened in my family a few times that the motor for the electric windows stopped working because of this. You would know you can open your windows when you bring it down very slightly and bring it back up again and see that there is no residue or droplets. Saves you money and also helps keep your windows clean after you washed your car because wet surfaces “lock” dust onto that surface.

Ad Vic says:

Dude…….you left the tags on the towels

Muhan C.A. says:

So, Mr. Miyagi was wrong after all.


Scott Croydon says:

Chris, just leased a 2017 Pilot, all leather. What care should I use to clean and protect the seats and trim keeping it soft and supple? I’ve been warned not to use Armor All.

zeno 2019 says:

hi chris my name is ryan and i have a 02 trailblazer i have a question it unrelated to washing ur car im getting a radi installed in my trailblazer and i picked up a back up camera for it how would i install it

Debbie Barnes says:

Great tips. Thanks Mr. Chris Fix

MrSupercar55 says:

I use this high end wheel cleaner that smells like rotten eggs. I always say it smells like HowToBasic’s kitchen. Guess I should stop using it, huh.

Brendan Mccabe says:

Hey chris how do you keep your cars clean in the winter???

Ed Yue says:

This might be more cumbersome, but maybe move your towel from vertical v. horizontal because vertical scratches might not catch the sunlight as easily?

Zainab Noor says:

Dent popping video

Doug Cline says:

Hi Chris, Lots of good information provided. I use microfiber for cleaning but a chamois for drying. I will keep a eye out for the microfiber dryer towel. My car is black so it is more difficult to keep clean and scratch free. My most memorable cleaning error was as a poor student driving my Renault R8 in winter conditions. To save money on windshield anti-freeze I used engine coolant anti- freeze. It was something like applying Vaseline to the windshield. Could not see a thing and it really took a while to get it off! As another subject that you partially addressed, seagull shit on a black car, I would be interested to know what wax product offers the most protection. Any thoughts

SouthBayRider says:


Ken Spence The Inscrypshun says:


Rolling Stone says:

Profesionally !!! Cheers !

Furkan Şehit says:

Thanks Chris

Garrett Rogers says:

Hello everyone, I have a black car that has slight scratches like in the video at 3:05. Does anyone know how to remove them? I have waxed the car but they don’t entirely leave, I am wondering if I should use a dish soap to de-wax the car. And then re-wax it. Does anyone know if that will help or have any other ideas. Thank you all!

Neil Aloysius says:

But i thought soapy water was good for the paint

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