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Hi everyone! This is basically a follow me around vlog… while I film videos, make beef curry, and clean. I also talk a bit about favourite cleaning products. I will link them all soon (update: links added!) but I wanted to get this vlog up. Also, our step ladder is by a brand called “Lite” but it’s from years and years ago. Similar ones linked below but I’m not sure of the quality (seemed to get good reviews though):

Article referencing Method’s cruelty free status is here https://logicalharmony.net/is-method-cruelty-free/ – I do not keep up with cruelty free status each time I buy a product so when I find out a brand changes its status, I switch to something else and I don’t really look back to keep checking to see if things have changed. The article above is from 2016 so perhaps Method had changed back to CF, but I’m very happy with the products I mentioned in this video so I will continue to use them (links are below). For my cruelty free friends out there, please feel free to do your own research when making a purchase. There is a trust factor involved as we can only know what a company tells us, so each person’s comfort level with using any given product will be different – after doing some research, I was no longer comfortable with using Method products, hence the switch.

I buy all these products from Well.ca (a Canadian e-retailer) so those are the links I’ve included:
Seventh Generation Dish Soap – https://well.ca/products/seventh-generation-dishwashing_118357.html
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi Surface Cleaner – https://well.ca/products/seventh-generation-disinfecting_84580.html
Seventh Generation Glass & Surface Natural Cleaner – https://well.ca/products/seventh-generation-glass-surface_108977.html
Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner – https://well.ca/products/seventh-generation-toilet-bowl_18545.html
Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent – https://well.ca/products/seventh-generation-natural-2x_108975.html
Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap – https://well.ca/products/dr-bronners-organic-pure-castile_18718.html
Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds (we bought the small one to try but there is a larger size available) – https://well.ca/products/dr-bronners-sal-suds-biodegradable_9728.html

Thank you for watching!!! x

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faeriesmak says:

The fire noodle challenge scares me too! You are brave to do it!

Jessica Anne says:

Watched this before I went to bed 🙂 My favorite vlogger! Have a great new year.

Silvia Au says:

Thanks for the segment on natural cleaning products… very informative. Happy New Year to you and your hubby!!!

PinkSquidInk says:

Are you sure Method products are no longer cruelty free? Their website states that they are and it also states that they are on the PETA website. I’d be interested to hear directly from the company on this topic so I’ve emailed them and asked! I’d hate for a really good product to get a bad reputation based on a rumour. I’ll report back here when I hear back from them!

izzywizzywow says:

I see Dr Bronners castille soap everywhere but where were you able to find Sal’s suds?

Angela Starkey says:

Hi Im confused all the method products I have are cruelty free and have the leaping bunny on them. Im in England is it different in Canada?

Wls GT says:


Suzy says:

Your makeup & the lighting in the lipstick segment looks beautiful. Thanks for another lovely vlog!

gela dy says:

5th comment!

montree tsang says:

One trick that worked for me is refrigerating the onion/s in a grocery bag overnight before use. I heard that keeping onions in the fridge for weeks will cause spoilage but so far I’ve had none since I only keep them in the fridge for no more than 3. I did some digging, and it turns out that chilling onions ACTUALLY changes the chemical reaction of the enzymes of the onion, thus minimizing the amount of gas released into the air.

Crystal Laing says:

Mmm that curry looks so good! I love Japanese curry. My boyfriend doesn’t like me making it though because it has raisins and/or bananas in it (I don’t remember) and its apparently not good for dogs. I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes again today, and I served it with broccoli. After the instant pot released pressure, I took out the meatloaf, kept the potatoes in there and threw in a bunch of broccoli and cooked it for 2 minutes. Turned out just fine! Not mushy. The trick is to hardly cook it at all, I find.

KathleenP says:

Cannot wait to see your makeup inventory video! Always one of my favourite videos you put out every year. Crazy that it’s New Year’s Eve, that crept up quickly! Working today, just for 4 hours though, and then a quiet night in with pizza (which is what we like!), hope you have a fabulous New Year’s! Xo

ivy读月沐 says:

happy new year. love your minimalistic style.

mariamakesup says:

Have really enjoyed seeing your husband a little more this month and being able to see his personality more! 🙂

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