We Tried Deep Cleaning Our Pores With A Skin Spatula

Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula is an electronic spatula that scrapes the gunk from your pores. It comes with two modes. Scrubber Mode cleans out your pores and Infusion Mode applies beauty products deeper into your skin. We gave the skin spatula a try to see if it lives up to our pore-cleaning expectations.

See more from Trophy Skin: https://trophyskin.com/products/labelle-ultrasonic-skin-spatula

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Meme says:

Ok but ew

Women Are Property Get Back In The Kitchen says:

Wat about the eye lids ?

Minecraft’s GAMERgirl says:


Agame IMVU says:

Wash your faces everyday you dirty bastards

angel perez says:


Bluuu Path says:

Maybe the guy on 2:52 having facial 5 times a day

Zaxx 1989 says:

did u know you can use that oil to cook

Kaila Evans says:

these people probably didn’t wash their face for 4 days before using it

Spencer 420 says:


Ta Ta says:

Americans don’t have the scrubbing culture as a part of their shower routine. Here in my country, people scrub at least once a week.

Crystal Statis says:

Those are not porse those are sweat dirty greasy poop because u guys don’t wash y’all faces

Ari 4life says:

*Uses a butter knife*

I don’t see a difference?

Ahmed O says:


Natalie Labudova says:

I’ll just use a knife

Daniela Cebotari says:

I have one of these at home for like 6 years now, my mom bought it for a lot cheaper, it’s just another brand but it does the same thing, I like it a lot because the ultrasound helps you to get a deeper cleansing of the skin ( and it becomes red because of that , it rejuvenates)

Nancy xDaou says:

Who washed their face after this video?

Sparkle Queen says:

150?! Take away that extra zero and maybe I’ll consider.

Kylie’s Vlog says:


Ib- Kerr! AtTheDisco

Great gameplays, walkthroughs, reviews says:

I found machine like this for only 20 $ on some japanesse site. Yours costs almost 145 $ – how it’s possible?

Avery's Tea says:

This makes me want to die

lai chan says:

Their pores look the same just water and sweat cake out

Kiara Morinville says:

That thumbnail looks nastyyyy hahah

Shyro syahiran Zainal says:

Does it hurts?

Minecraft’s GAMERgirl says:


unicorn girl ♡ says:


O K says:

The blond gay dude takes care of his skin, and the Indian girl hasn’t had any in a while.

jake hagen says:

Would be much more believable of a review if you wernt sponsored by them and promoting their product for your own financial gain…

kian kiony says:

02:20 she say ooh I see it..!! Excause me the shit on that stupid machine is toward us HOW do u see it..???its just a comercial they are fake…ACTORS

Dre TheMisfit says:

Never ever ever ever ever do this with sensitive skin. You’ll feel like carpet burn and scab. No bueno

Christopher Ennabe says:

It looks like it’s just scraping the natural oil from their skin rather than cleaning out clogged and dirty pores.

10 subscribers with no videos says:

ok, but honestly _me_

High Tides says:

Oh honey nooooo

Livi Holland says:

And I’m on the weird side of YouTube again… frick

Benedita Mendes says:

I would really buy this cause my white heads are so deep!

Booga Uga says:


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