What is the Best Natural Disinfectant for the Kitchen?


Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kellner answers the question “What is the best natural disinfectant for hard-to-kill kitchen germs such as salmonella and E. coli?”

Homemade natural cleaners are a great way to keep chemicals out of our homes. But how do we rid ourselves of those really hard-to-kill kitchen bacteria that can make us sick? One of the best-tested ways is by using both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Keep one spray bottle for vinegar, and one for hydrogen peroxide. Note: Never store these two products together in the same spray bottle as this can cause a reaction. This foolproof, natural remedy will tackle salmonella, E. coli and pretty much any other kitchen virus, ensuring the safety of your family without having to resort to harsh chemicals such as bleach.

More on homemade cleaners from Mother Earth Living: A clean living space makes a house a home. But using harsh chemicals can contaminate your home with toxins, defeating the purpose of all that scrubbing, soaking, washing and dusting. Exposure to chemicals common in household cleaners can have adverse effects on your family’s health. Fortunately, nature provides simple, effective materials that clean and disinfect naturally, leaving your home clean and safe. Just open up your cupboards—five simple, nontoxic items can handle all of your household cleaning.

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Rich Mikesell says:

Is any type of vinegar ok to use?

AVV 73 says:

here in Puerto Rico I can’t find washing baking soda to make the disinfectant spray….would regular baking soda have the same properties?

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