What’s the Best Disinfectant for Reptile Enclosures?

Not all cleaners are rated equal. Today we share with you our top three picks for reptile disinfectants for reptile enclosures and decor, and why we use each one!

Link to Chlorhexidine: https://amzn.to/2BENjU9

MERCH STORE: https://teespring.com/stores/snake-discovery

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Laura B.W. says:

Hey, what’s the best to clean a turtle pool? It’s all rocks and it get’s green very easy, we clean every week with those water pressure machines, but not all green comes off, so there’s one that works the best?

Kayleigh says:

I like vinegar

Sidney Lewis says:

Emily do you think you can make a video on how to clean a toad enclosure or is it the same as the reptiles

Jems Momo says:

Hello snake discovery I have a pet toad and he hasn’t done his toilet business for 1 week .We feed him every four days based with earthworms and crickets is there something wrong we’re doing ?and also happy new year.

Tracy Kievits says:

I’m glad you posted this as I was literally scouring the web for disinfectant recommendations from trusted sources. I’d love to see a video comparing the pros and cons of f10 and even a bit of information regarding how it stacks up against the chlorhexidine.

ben says:

Hey umm can I request a video idea or is this not a thing? Lol
I don’t know. If not just ignore this. 🙂

I’d really like to see an updated complete list(video) of what you need to get a snake with optional stuff, recommended stuff and how you use it or how to build fancy stuff for your snakes on your own.
I know i could google stuff but I want to know what you guys like the best after all these years. 🙂

Have a great day,

Kenny Ginn says:

What about F-10?

Chalsey Wilder says:

Do you think vodka would be okay to use too?

trux the destroyer says:

Hey can you make a video about your tiny turtles? The little turtle that wants attention is so cute!

Enigma Vortex says:

What about clorox wipes?

HonoluluTita says:

The Chlorahexidine label says it’s already at 2%. So wouldn’t that mean just cutting it in half to dilute?

Nicole Lynn says:

i don’t even need to watch these videos it just keeps me entertained and satisfied idk just to learn or sum

Flipping Soundz says:

I’m coming from an old turtle feeding video but I have a question on sizing of tanks for musk turtles or stink pots. you have three in a 40 gallon, so what is a good size for one? can you keep them by themselves or is it better to have multiples (I don’t want babies).

Vert says:

More disinfectant reviews please!

AMA AMA says:

My two daughters love watching your vlogs. You have a huge knowledge and such a great ability to share that knowledge with us all. We would benefit from a schools programme here in England that allows children to get up close to reptiles.

Anna M says:

(WARNING) Please dont mix Bleach and Vinegar, if mixed, it creates Chlorine gas which can and most likely will kill you in large quantitiies! In low quantities, it may cause pulmonary problems like acute wheezing attacks, chronic cough with phlegm, and asthma. In general, just DONT MIX CHEMICALS you dont know much about!

Vanished Wolves says:

If you get a alligator as a baby does it get more aggressive over time or does it stay pretty docile and neutral if you take care of it the right way. And is it ok to get a alligator as a egg and hatch it

good kush says:

garbage cleaner

Raymond Mikinos says:

Happy new year Emily, you are looking sexier every new video I watch.

cupcakethekitten lore says:

how do I make a youtude vid -_-

Hannah Parsons says:

@SnakeDiscovery my mom has a fear of snakes. I’ve grown to love snakes but my mom won’t let me get one! I try to explain how friendly they are but she still doesn’t like them. Can you give me some advice on how to help her overcome her fear?

KillerShadowCat says:

The bottle says 1 oz for 1 gallon do still use half a cup ?

Gemishell25 says:

Can you make a video about other cleaners you use too? Like peroxide?

Runny Babbit says:

Wut do i use for a Bearded dragon?

Clean Living says:

Dang you’re a smoke show

prluis11321 says:

Hey guys do boa’s need uvb or just the heat and humidity. I have a 3 month old Guyana and I have her setup with uvb but I don’t think she likes it much never seen her under the light just on the cool side and in her hides I have a 160 watt uvd for days 150 watt ceramic for nights and a heat mat set to 85 degrees. Hot spot under the light is 90 degrees and cool spot is stays around 75-76 degrees. I just need to know is the light too much for her. Thanks

T R says:

Thank you so much for making this video!

Thomas Tim says:

What about F10 Sc?

Dangerwithapen says:

Oh hey, a chlorhexidine rinse is what my doctors are having me use to keep my wisdom tooth surgery site clean now that it’s over! I’d never heard of it before my doctors told me to use it, but the more I learn about it, the more it seems like a really magical thing to use lol! (The rinse was of course a prescription medication that I got, not just a bottle of the stuff lol)

a person says:

I never noticed you have a bob’s burgers book/box in your kitchen

Petmom100 YT says:

What can I use for my turtle tank to clean it?

Flipping Soundz says:

yay, 880K!
(I came to,your most recent to say congrats)

KKJohnson1617 says:

I would be interested in a cleaning solutions pt 2! Going over other 3 cleaners you mentioned and perhaps comparing to reptile specific brand-name cleaners. Really informative video—thanks!!

Harmonion Roblox-And More! says:

Its not my birthday

My dog didnt die

Im not original

But can I get a like? 🙂

dallas reeve says:

i have turtles what should i use for my baby snapping turtles they make there tank pretty dirty

Queen Crazy09 says:

Do you live in Florida

Lica Mari says:

Emily’s eyes look beautiful!

Noot Noot says:

I’m Never gonna have to clean a reptile enclosure…yet here I am

Sandy Elliott says:

Yes. Please compare disinfectants. Do you know anything about ad4novirus ? Paid a vet $900 to save my reptile. He couldn’t give me any info. I don’t want to get a new one and have it get exposed

Reptileman629 says:


ZoidsNut says:

Huh. The directions I got for Chlorhexadine were to make it WAY more diluted (I don’t remember exactly, I have the ratio written on my bottle, will update later), but it’s something like one teaspoon of chemical to 20 ounces of water (1 : 120 chemical to water).

sukariaplayz says:

I wanted to ask? Can legless lizards eat cat food also?

jrtagg1 says:

have you used f 10 sc disinfectant ?

Jon0807 says:

Anyone have experience with F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant?

Jessiree Cailes says:

you are such a good you tuber your my favourite i,v always wanted to bread snakes but my parents wont let me bread snakes

leabtrfly says:

You may want to do more research on bleach vs vinegar as far as ability to kill microbes. You may be surprised to know bleach doesn’t kill as much as it corrodes. There are things it will kill and things it won’t. Same as vinegar but vinegar does just as good a job but it’s FAR safer. Rinsing bleach isn’t enough to remove it either. Common misconceptions thought you might like to look into further if you care about your animals health as well as your own since you handle it and have a lot of enclosures to clean so you get the most exposure. It takes 26 seconds for anything that touches your skin to be absorbed

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