Why Your Mattress Has More Germs Than You Think – And How To Clean It

Did you know that while you’re sleeping at night, you’re sweating out about half of a pint of liquid? Organizational pro Peter Walsh shares his tips to help keep your mattress clean in the video above.
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giselle joseph says:


Randy Lahey says:

Correction. Some people own mattresses that have labels that say ‘no turn’ inside a crossed out circle. Dont turn your mattress if it does.

Individual .Human says:

Why won’t she shut up

The Mitchell Family says:

I always just buy her pots and pan set I never heard her speak… I didn’t know she was so rude.. seems she wants everyone to remember that that’s her show

Jeannette Duette says:

She is annoying and a big attention hog.
She keeps interrupting her guess.

Juan Echevarria says:

Gosh this lady is annoying af. Let the man talk. I would of smacked her and told her “know your place woman and shut up”. Lol jk. But on the reals cant believe this woman has her own show. I bet there are feminists that will reply to this lol.

yvonneost12 says:

geez she never shuts up.

A Gray says:

What is natural about baking soda?

d chattergoon says:

She Italian she talks to much. But honestly her show sucks. Not sure why people watch

Lejander Lacap says:

Shes so annoying

W W says:

#1, There is no point in commenting about her lack of listening skills since everyone already has made that obvious observation. lol #2, I never heard of this woman until today, let lone watch shows of this type anyhow. #3, I did try to find out, out of curiosity sake, how long her show lasted with such a lousy host. Could not get a straight answer from the internet. Seems somehow though, it lasted more than 1 season. No idea how. Other than 1 of the jobs of TV shows is to give you something to talk about. Bad or not. And IF she was doing this on purpose just to get ratings, she did a marvelous job of acting a part that nobody appreciates. lol And you all have renewed my faith that there are still people in this world that realize the art of being a good host is to let your guests have the opportunity to respond fully before adding in your next question or comment. 🙂 Glad I am not the only one that knows this skill and practices it.

Charity White says:

My god. Let the man speak

Ivone Hernandez says:

She s rude

sy scoby says:

I bought a new mattress and I still have the plastic cover on it and then I put a plastic mattress pad over the top of that so I’m double plastic protected I don’t know what else to say about this but I also laundry pretty often so I’m pretty protected with the pet plastic on

`CuntHammer Von LoveJuice says:

fat mouth hoe needs to stfu

shishira tm says:

girl is so annoying

E Nizzle says:

Thank god for YouTube✌

Specialized 29er says:

Love juice.

Sharon Bishop says:

Just use Norwex Mattress Cleaner instead! You simply spray on and walk away! email me at sharon.bishop47@gmail.com for some testimonials of lives that have radically changed because this natural enzyme product!

Dena Dena says:

Shut your mouth

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