You Need these Reptile Products! | “Cold Life Reptile” Review

Check out all of the items with the links below. ↴ Today, I test out and review some of Royal Pet’s “Cold Life Reptile” products which are specifically made for reptile husbandry. All of the items really did help me clean quicker, more thoroughly and more efficiently, I’ll definitely order in the future.

(Purchasing items through the following links not only support Cold Life, but Amazon will pay and support GoHerping too.)


This includes a bunch of different items that can be used to complete your reptile’s cleaning every day. Most of the pieces are extremely useful and effective.



This worked really well, I’ll definitely order it when I run out. It removed 3+ year old water stains and removed the bad smell immediately after using it in all my enclosures.



This is a very efficient way to scoop any reptile poop in loose substrate, as you connect the trash bag to the end of the handle so I ended up without a mess and finished cleanings quicker than usual.



These sponges are rough, but at the same time can’t scratch glass so they’re really convenient.



I’ve found this really useful for feeder insects.



Just like any other sweeper, but nicer colors I guess?

You can also find their items in Petco stores.



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Andrew Applepie



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Lauren Kim says:

Your cat is literally the main star of this channel. xD

ItsAlexVlogs says:

Hey! I’ve got a question about ball pythons… can you keep them in a 60x45x30 cm their whole life? Please answer!!!

Rachel Cassel says:

Do you know where you could get this product in Canada?

April Agustin says:

It’s $50 here in Canada… No thanks!

Victor Huerta says:

Great, fair review. I definitely got to get me some of these products

Zinkyeal says:

where is the best place and or website to get a bearded dragon?

R. J. Denicola says:

“like a good little baby” lol thumbs up

COZMO D says:

someone help I just got my first ball python and he is 5 months old but I can’t keep the temperature right in his tank I have a zoo med heat pad and a zillia thermostat but no matter what I set the thermostat to the surface temp goes to like 98 or higher and I can’t figure out how to make it stay in the low 90s.

Keely Williams says:

does the odor and stain cleaner actually disinfect the cage or just get smells and stains out? because when i bought it, the employee at the store helping me said that it doesn’t actually clean. so i wanted to know if it actually can be used to clean the cage alone, thanks!

Jonah Spence says:

I have a young corn snake I got and I handled it but the. I got it a new hide and it won’t come out from a little spot at the top, how do I get it out

stefanie mortelmans says:

Maybe you can use some nail polish remover to remove the glue 😉

JTB Reptiles says:

Nice review, seemed really honest!

Massey family says:

I’ll take 20

DemonPlayDemonOut says:

I’ve been contemplating those scrapers for my tarantula’s tank (she always poops on the walls, where it hardens and is quite stubborn to remove). I don’t suppose you’re too familiar with arachnid toilet habits,. but based on this, it looks like the scrapers might work. Thanks for the info.

Steve Gee says:

Good review of products. Way overpriced though. Most of those items or similar can be gotten for much cheaper.

Clustern xx says:

your cat is completely camoflaged what on earth??? mannn I didn’t even notice them

lelz says:


MaxAnts says:


dalton jeffers says:

any pointers on breeding my female python

jetman1963 says:

algae the green stuff will dissolve with bleach hot rinse water does the trick!

Username-M 12 says:

I love your love for reptiles . I really won’t a ball python but my parents say I’m not responsible enough but I’ve been working very hard to research them find breeders and the correct equipment even though I can’t buy them

gorgone nonya! says:

u can clean green slim off of anything with Clorox, even air stones that get clogged, simply soak overnight and thoroughly rinse and soak in fresh water for another day just to be sure. then use. bowls can soak in Clorox overnight and rinse and use the next day. have used it both on my fish tank and reptiles cages and tanks for years, NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES

Wolfgang _AM says:

Wait, did he just recommend something you can buy at petco?

Xavier Paul says:

Please do more product reviews!

Sian Hingston says:

i cant find “cold life reptile” on youtube ? is it just me? i wanna follow this person!

Ella k. says:

What a good little boi

Omnisaurus Gaming says:

hey i was wondering what fogger you use ive been looking at foggers and so far ive seen the zoomed repti fogger but ive heard it has a short life span

SohiHien says:

LOL your face when the zipper broke. I couldn’t stop laughing

ReptileRampage345 says:

What kind of camera do you use? Your main camera. And do you use a mic. If so what kind of mic do you use? I use a cannon t3i Rebel for my vids. and a Sony handy cam.

Animal Lady says:

Help meeeeeeeeee were can I get that stain remover it’s not on Amazon anymore heellllllppppppppp help please

Denise Emond says:

I have autoimmune disease and to stay alive my doctor shuts down my T and B cells so I can easily get very sick much easier than most anyone else. Those gloves might actually be good for my situation

Onix The Drake! says:

Why does my petco have like 50 of these and no one buys them?

GeicoGecko says:

“Kindergarten flashbacks” XD can’t stop laughing! You’re a funny guy Alex. (Also the part of listening like a good little baby made me laugh lol)

Terrance Todd says:

do you own a green anole

_3dgy D4bz_ says:

Hey, I just fed my 9 month old corn snake. But as she was going into her hide with her mouse I realised she didn’t finish her shed and she had a little bit if old skin on her tail. I want to help her with her shed but I’m scared she’ll get stressed out when I try to help. Should I try and help or wait until she digests her food?

NoodleWitch says:

For glue residue try using a product called goo-gone. It’s specifically made to remove that gunk but the only problem is you definitely have to clean the tank well afterwards

_Gretish_ says:

Hey i have a question! I didn’t have a lot of money so I bought my leopard gecko a plastic tub aka its home , and should i put the Heath mat on the tub or on a glass surface?

Amya Carla says:

This is the day befor the day that my snake hatched out of the egg he hatched in March 3 2017

Lyle Valtz says:

Hi! I love your channel so much. I was wondering if you could do a reaction/critique of HowCasts “Leopard Gecko Tips” video. So many things are wrong! I know you did one on the Ball Python video by Howcast.

1.0 Yellowbelly Pastel Ball Python
0.1 Normal Ball Python
13+ Mantises
2 Leopard Geckos (getting them tomorrow)

Reptopia says:

Great video 🙂 But i think your cat needs help. It had some Vietnam flashbacks at 6:00 😉 When can you reply to my email?

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