5 DIY MINIMALIST CLEANERS | budget & eco cleaning + laundry

My DIY laundry soap and other cleaners! It’s so super easy to save money and be more eco-friendly by making your own cleaning products. Here are my top 5 recipes.

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Molly Faye says:

Yay! Thank you! This will save us a ton on detergent and I’ll feel so much better using it!

Parker W. says:

loving the direction this channel is going this year!

Maleah Michelle says:

I use half distilled water and half vodka, plus 12-20 drops of essential oil, as my all-purpose cleaner. Disinfects and doesn’t leave streaks on mirrors. I second the newspaper and microfiber towels! I can’t make my mailman stop giving me newspaper, so it’s nice to know it goes to use somehow.

Brianna Alexis says:

These tips are so amazing!!!!

Delphine A. says:

The great thing with your tips is that they are not for the show and that you actualy tested and used them !

Joelle LTMR says:

You can also use vinegar and essential oils instead of fabric softener for DIY dryer sheets

Kristen Marie says:

These are great! From someone who is minimizing all her belongings and trying to live more on less, this is a fantastic video!! 🙂

Writingisms30 says:

Does the floor cleaner work on wood floors?

Isobel Rigg says:

Very important topic. Thanks!

TheHonestBeautyReview says:

Such great tips! PS-looooove your exposed brick wall!

Kathleen Olszewski says:

This was great. Thank you so very much for the demonstrations also!

Emma Bandos says:

so helpful! thanks so much <3

Kathaline Hansen says:

Depending on the ink used in the newspaper, it may transfer. Many companies us soy based dyes today, which are not as color-safe as older dyes were.

Jordan Cornwell says:

I have been doing a ton of research on natural and diy cleaners and you had some great ideas I haven’t come across yet!! Thank you girl 🙂

Jordan Wright says:

Great cleaning, I’m super motivated, do you use anti-bacterial spray, isn’t it better knowing your surfaces are sprayed, wiped and all germs try to run away as your hand and cloth wipes them away. I use dettol and would honestly recommend it, it’s the leading cleaning brand, all germs panic and cry as they are wiped away. That’s how I see germs, it’s so theraputic knowing trying to run away as you wipe them away. What anti-bacterial spray do you use and how do you see germs? Keep up great cleaning, can you do a real life cleaning video (no time lapse) of you cleaning the kitchen or a deep clean of the kitchen, Keep up great work

Amy Moran says:

I love the laundry powder and used it for many years with 4 kids. If you haven’t tried e-cloth glass cleaning cloth, I can’t say enough about it! I use water and the cloth and nothing else to clean glass and it works better than anything I’ve tried. And it’s machine washable as well. I’ve been using the same one for 2 years and I’m a clean freak!

Melissa Schmitz says:

Just don’t clear your cookies for Ecosia or else the trees are gone. :p

Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS says:

This video is very useful
Thank you Ssrah you’re amazing

Nadia Aguilar says:

This is amazing! I’m going to try every single one! I’ve been wanting to make my own cleaning products this came right on time!

Katrina Marie says:

I am SO glad you made this. I needed a video like this!! I appreciate it coming from you, because I actually trust what you say!❤️

Danica Christin says:

I don’t think I’ll ever go down this road myself but very interesting, thanks for sharing

cynthiacombest5 says:

Thank you!  I was just thinking about this today.

Jessica Jade says:

Love this! I’m going to try a few of those. I’m always trying to be more eco and budget friendly 🙂

Ms. SFDk says:

Great Video— I have one you can add to the list:
• Mix up a cup of baking soda with few drops of essential oils do not use so much oil that soda is wet
• Sprinkle on carpet and vacuum

Laura Elise says:

Do you still use the method cleaning products? Also try simply co. Laundry powder! Comes in a glass jar.

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