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Consumer Reports tested 50 powders, liquids, pods and packs to find the best laundry detergents. The lab also tested two devices, pureWash and Wash It, that claim to clean your clothes without a detergent.


Matt Lewis says:

Who the hell calls laundry sauce detergent? Okay, Mr. Scientist

dwoodog says:

I think this is just a sample video. You probably have to pay for the actual reviews.

PussMag says:

are you guys hiring more technicians? i am well qualify for that job

Eskimopride07 says:

I use arm and hammer and it works very well

Catherine Complaisance says:

What a waste of water

kylepage64 says:

And what about those of us that want an unscentend, sensitive-skin detergent?

Ken Riley says:

Make you own detergent.. Liquid or powder.  It’s easy ,and CHEAP. The only weakness I have noticed is with greasy stains. So I put just a little dawn dish soap right on the stain. But for every day cleaning.. works great. $20 with of material gets you about 400 loads. Look online for the recipes, and try it. Powder is easy to make, liquid is more involved, and honestly I don’t like it as much… it  tend to separate, so a vigerous shake of the container is needed every time. With the powder you need ONE TABLESPOON…  per load

supremewhip says:

“378 Loads”   What a great starting line lol.

Hhh Hhh says:


i beright says:

thanks for a tiny bit of info…this is why I won’t subscribe like I have in the past. I realize it’s YouTube, but I’m talking about the actual CR. Not much on it, or am I missing something?

NadrianATRS says:

I thought we were in a drought?

michelle kearsey says:

EFF that i dry clean my clothes

AllAboutTiff says:

Tide will always be my favorite to wash my clothing. Lo

Megatron2013 says:

Consumer reports didn’t say which pods were the best! 

fordhouse8b says:

It is all good and well to test for stain fighting ability. What about the best detergent for people who generally aren’t slobs and mostly avoid staining their clothes? What about testing which detergent kept the color you bought with your clothes intact after washing the same item 378 times? If I have a favorite t-shirt, I’d like to know that I’m using a detergent that will keep it looking as bright and vibrant as the day I bought it.

TheSpritz0 says:

I’ve used Tide Pods since they came out, because they are so damn good!!
I’ve sure used a variety of different others before, but when I tried the Tide Pods I never looked back!!
P.S.  The Sunlight Pods suck!  Much worse than their powder!


tide is agood ditergent

Terry Jourdain says:

Wish Deep Clean with Oxy has blown us away..And at $4.99 for a 32 load and $8 or 9.99 for a 64 load bottle.. you cannot beat the price. It hasn’t faded the clothes like some others have and I prefer the scent it has over most detergents as well.  I have yet to try the Tide + Bleach because it has conflicting reviews and is more expensive even with a coupon. 

Leo D says:

Its one of the cheapest and its one of the best laundry detergents: FOCA laundry detergent.
 Use 1/2 a cup for a large load on a regular top loading machine, use 1/8 of a cup in a HE washer or just a little but more of a 1/8 of a cup ( 2 table spoons) or little less depending capacity of your HE washer. then use your favorite fabric softener. Don’t believe me check the reviews for FOCA laundry detergent or try it for yourself. FOCA is found in some Walmart stores, Target and many other stores. And the best thing is super super cheap!!!! I use it on my lg HE washer.

azulmidnightful says:

Some detergents destroy your clothes . Is not about only cleaning them to death . Bad reviews here

Royale with cheese says:

Best tip for white fabrics: turn off the washing machine and let it soak for 1-2h

Nominee100 says:

tide…. killer of german washing machines in germany

Jamie Wilson says:

The reason why this report sounds stupid and why many people are confused by it is because American detergent market is closed to American brands only. Back home we had Persil and Ariel both used to clean very well, remove any stains, smell fantastic, and preserve the colors of the clothes for the longest time. I find it surprising that Tide here is the best! We used to use Tide only as an alternative to bleach to soak white clothes before the actual wash with the main detergent.

fleipeg says:

Did you test Amways Legacy of Clean detergent? We used TIDE for decades and now we use Legacy of Clean and we love it. Any feedback would be welcomed.

YouTubeSurfer says:

This was informative.How about if you fill your washer with water and clothes, AND SOAK THEM? I like cold water best so I don’t fade them. I’ve found that Borax brightens clothes when I soak them in it(cold water).

Noplay says:

I love you guys for releasing these.
I recall last year kirkland’s pods were rated as the best amongst price and efficiency.
Now my question is that, did Costco’s value brand dropped off or they weren’t tested?

Patricia Jimenez says:


Felix Portnoy says:

I just had a visit from a technician from a major appliance store chain and he mentioned that I shouldn’t use more than 2-3 table spoons of liquid detergent per load (I have a front loader). He also recommended not to use the pods and powder. 

Do you have any opinion on the matter?

Simon says:

I don’t like Tide pods. They definitely don’t clean as well as liquid Tide, and they don’t leave a good fragrance on the clothes. After I use the pods we have left, I plan on trying that Member’s Mark, from Sam’s Club, that was recommended in the video.

Jeff Hirata says:

I believe you are missing one HUGE component of your review.  How much does a detergent fade the colors??? Some are MUCH worse than others.  Some detergents can ruin a dark shirt in 2 washes.  I would guess your highest rated stain removers, are the worst offenders. A stain can always be rubbed out with a little work with any detergent. Most general washes do not have stains on every item (except for young kids I guess), but most items can fade and look old and ugly. Good at stain removal AND doesn’t fade clothes…now that’s a highly rated detergent and probably hard to find.

Jeff Lebowski says:

Wisk is hard to find in stores so I use All free & clear liquid, both are made by Sun Products. Tide is the most expensive but Gain works just as well for less, they are both made by P&G. If you have an old top loading machine then powder detergent works the best, in fact most powders have washing soda(sodium carbonate) as the main ingredient. Liquid is best for HE machines, just make sure it says “HE” on the package. The reason the cheap(Sun, Purex, etc) detergents are so inexpensive is because they don’t have many ingredients including enzymes that help clean the clothes.

Christian Maldonado says:

Gain will always be me favorite

Mackenzie Browning says:

Can you do a review of which “free and clear” laundry detergent works best? 

Random Videos says:


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