Blue Dawn Dish Soap as Shampoo | Product Review – Yes, I used the Dawn dishwashing liquid, the same stuff you use to clean your kitchen with, on my locs!

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violetwonder7 says:

Thanx for sharing! Your locs are beautiful!!!

Jaffar McRae says:

Thank you for this video like seriously I just washed my hair with Dawn dish soap. Wow just wow I washed it in the shower and man was it nasty. I wash my hair it this right here got all the build up that I so badly wanted out and now my hair is clean as ever

sexisaweapon lewis says:

Such a beautiful woman, with beautiful locs, and a great smile, some people get it all!

Angela Bell says:

Dawn ultra free and gentle is also excellent at removing build up and deep cleaning your natural hair or locks. Does not dry out your hair just leaves it fresh, soft and shiny. It is clear contains no dyes and smells like apples. I prefer it compared to my Neutrogena clarifying shampoo because it is priced better yet works just as well. Doesn’t matter which of these two products I wash with I always follow-up with castor or olive oil to avoid dry, stiff micro locks. Dawn + a little oil makes for a low maintenance natural hair routine.

Danielle SimoneB. says:

Have you ever tried an ACV rinse? If so, would you say the dawn dishwashing soap was better at clarifying your Locs rather than the ACV rinse or did you feel they are about the same?

Tracee Tice says:

I love your locs, wish mine were thick like that.

Freddie Taylor says:

It works beautiful

Just Edna says:

Yep i remember a man that used dawn soap to shampoo his hair. He had very long pretty braids. He said to him it worked better than the fancy shampoo! I have used it before back when i struggled financially and it worked great for me.

naturalgrl72 says:

I see how this could work well for deep cleaning your loc’s.  The blue Dawn is a degreaser so it would do a good job of breaking down the oils and products. I can’t imagine it being to rough on the hair. Remember the Dawn commercial showing the birds being cleaned from the oil spill. it worked for them! LOL

Mad Marlon says:

I’ve been using Dawn since day one , I’m 6 years in #freeform , up, I don’t use gel nor loc twist cremes anymore jus wash and Go

Yvette Greer says:

Good review thx for the heads up on steps after the treatment

leggy Reid 4c says:

you should try diluting the dawn and add some oil to reduce the dryness. it works great for me and i only need to use a small amount since its diluted.

Briana Ailene says:

I feel like we’re loc twins. Lol

Miss Missy says:

I’m going to try this today!! Thanks Queen

Elysse Simone says:

Can i use this on my colored locs??

sexisaweapon lewis says:

I just did it, mine were filthy, three times, now I am doing a hot oil treatment with Jamaican Black Castor oil

Lola Break HEARTS says:

cute i love the look and your locs ! i need some help and support on my journey.

JasmineLange says:

I know this video is old but free and clear dish soap (the ones without dye and fragrance) are amazing for dandruff and sensitive skin like eczema

Jax Pax says:

Hi did you ever try Bronner peppermint liquid Castile Soap? If so what did you think of that experience. Would you consider it a loc clarifying why to shampoo the hair. What do you think was a better shampoo experience dawn ultra or bronner?

Dayleeyah Kalonji says:

neutrogena anti residue is much better and not as drying, I’ve used blue dawn and it’s extremely drying. I also don’t use products on my locs anymore because most products cause buildup. For moisture, I use rose hydrosol or rose distillate on my locs and scalp. No build up ever.

ThandiNC says:

I’m glad you caught on to it. Could have shared my video too :)!

Free Khalifah says:

hey thanks for this video! i have used blue dawn once before and I liked the results but i was worried that it was not good for my hair. so hearing you speak on it and having good results makes me feel okay about it now so thanks!

nikaylax3 says:

How many loc do you have?

Rachel Stone says:

Wow I never thought about that! Thanks for sharing!

pamela Miller says:

thank you ,you dont have to put moisturizer on your locks I sure have been messing up my locks and thanks again…..,well sure going to the store and some blue dawn

Sajahza Love says:

I’m just as curious as Danielle SimoneB, how would you compare this method of cleansing your hair to the ACV method? Do tell! By the way, you look great;)

Colden Haulfield says:

Thanks! This will definitely remove the grease in my hair even though I don’t use pomade. 🙂

DarkLadyJade says:

Dawn dish soap is the business!

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