Hello, everyone, you will see various things on my channel such as, product reviews, thrift hauls, laundry detergent reviews, vlogging, food hauls, and me sharing my life with you. I like doing many different things so this channel will have variety. I also like to do real talk segments from time to time, to share my opinion and point of view.

Shopping is a passion of mines but I prefer to do it on a budget.

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Sierrah Justus says:

I have used this . it works pretty good and my husband is a farmer so you know his clothes will be stinking. it works great

Sally Button says:

Hi my friend. Tbh apart from the Persil that I told you about that comes at a premium price I find the budget detergents are as good as the main brands. I have a lot of ” value” laundry products & I love them. Cheaper brands are nearly always called “value” in the UK. Of course there are good & bad as in everything. With a liquid there’s is no bleach remember so your clothes won’t be so bright but it will protect your colours & not bleach them out. Do you prefer liquids or powder? With tough stains like blood I find liquid doesn’t always remove them because of the lack of bleach. Thank you for your concern regarding Buddy. He’s still with me & ticking along, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the vet otherwise he wouldn’t be here now. Other worries, my poor mother has been taken into hospital with pain beneath her ribs & the prognosis doesn’t look good, I’m hoping to find out a little more today. I hate this year, it’s not good at all. You say you haven’t been too good lately, please share your worries with me as I do you if it helps, I’m always here to listen. Take care.

Squishy Miltank says:

Hey Sahsa, have you tried the gain flings? If so, what is your opinion about it?

huggerz281999 says:

I use cheap detergent when clothes just need fleshing up. I use Tide on clothes that are really dirty and stained.

Sally Button says:

Just had to tell you I’ve had a chat with my mum on the phone, she’s still in the hospital & she’s told me she has liver & bowel cancer. She is going to carry on best she can as usual at home until her illness really kicks in & gets bad then I guess she will have to move in with me so I can take care of her at the end. My mum is so independent this will be an awful thing for her to cope with. I pray you don’t get any bad news like this about your family. I will keep in touch & let you know how things progress. Thanks for your support as always.

Robin Shutze says:

Love your videos! You are beautiful and seem like such a genuine and sweet lady. I tried Sun detergent after watching your review and love it. They have a 3 dollar off coupon at Family Dollar this week making a huge jug of Sun just 3 dollars! Great deal!

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