The Rain fresh got the job done it smelled great it gave a lot of suds and over all love the thickness and how well the towels looked..😊🎉🎉🎉🎉

From my last Dollar Tree Haul

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PrettyButterfly says:

tfs I use the same ones from dollar tree and love it.

Sierrah Justus says:

my husband is a farmer and when he comes home he is dirty . this washing detergent is awesome. gets rid of the bad smells makes his clothes smell so fresh

Jasmine Smith says:

I use dollar tree products all the time it works especially there oxy clean powder I love a bargain

Simpli Keii's World says:

it didn’t work for me but I appreciated your review

GrowWithNiki Gaga says:

Nice review! I can imagine how nice they smell from the rain forest fragrance

Mommyof3xo says:

It says rain fresh lol! I only know because I’ve bought this before haha.. it does smell good and works great.. I usually use tide with febreeze, but if I’m running low or I’m out and need a bottle quick this is what I grab! Love the dollar tree!

02sabretooth says:

Used way too much in your laundry. Only need about 2 tablespoons for any size load.

Linda Swoveland says:

What a huge savings! I’ll be picking a bottle of the Rainforest fragrance up next time I’m at Dollar Tree. Thanks for the video, very helpful.

Steph Toyou says:

great review! I sure was wondering about that detergent.

Mandy Simmons says:

I use prettier smelling ones on sheets and clothes but these are fine for towels and rugs.  I have saved hundreds over time with this stuff.  Recently I began making my own “tide w bleach” I take the old tide bottle and add splashless bleach to the dt stuff.  It’s fine! <3

Life’s Journey with Di says:

Well that is good it clean it but I use Tide I don’t switch detergents. I love Tide but good review.

Bernees Way says:

YESSSSS! Very good review…This is one of my favorite laundry detergent’s. I like the red bottle from DT too. I enjoy the smell and how it cleans! Dollar Tree has it going on :)) tfs

runny runny21 says:

I recommend not pouring the laundry detergent directly on the towels because it might stain the towels. Try adding detergent first in the water before adding the towels.

Shiny Knife says:

That’s one thing I don’t skimp on.. I use gain exclusively or I’ll get a full body rash lol..

Paul Taufatofua says:

Does it remove stains?

bigsilver51 says:

That detergent is so concentrated that I use a half cap for a full load and it works AWESOME!

METALZ. CC says:

I understand that when we see suds, we think the soap is working and the more suds, the cleaner but, there are foaming or sudsing agents added to detergents and soaps to create this effect. It’s a marketing tool used to make one believe that the soap is working. Have you ever used soap and gotten no suds and thought “this soap doesn’t work cause it don’t even have suds” so, you add even more soap to create the effect? Or you never buy it again. These companies know this.

Not picking on the video, its informative. Just spreading knowledge.

Jamie Smiles says:

Lucky!!! Not bad for $1!!! Nice

Sophisticated and Enlightened says:

Yes I have teenage boys (football and basketball players) and I started using this detergent. (I use a old Gain cap) and put in 2 capfuls of detergent 1 scoop of Borax and 2 capfuls of the DT fabric softener it is perfect! I buy 3 bottles a week and one bottle of the fabric softener the Borax last for about two weeks. I’m saving a lot more then when I was using Tide and Gain! TFS!

Shannon Williams says:

Me and my sister live together. I will buy the dollar tree laundry soap and mix it with fragrance free arm and hammer. She only wants to use arm and hammer but were on a tight budget. It seems to work for us.

PhoneJones says:

Hmmmm…..I have to try it. I never purchased it because I didn’t know if would clean well. TFS

Angela Johnson says:

I bought the blue oxy detergent it seems to work decent.

mimi rich says:

will definitely buy it now thanks for taking time to review this product

Carol Neely says:

Yes thanks for the review will have to try it…:))

Sharron's Take - Family Vlogs & More says:

I love this stuff!! I have 4 bottles in my house now!!

Claire Vivar says:

Hi there! Thanks for your great video! I watched it 2 days ago and bought 3 bottles the day after. I tried it for the first time today and you are so right. It works well. I used to buy Purex and Tide clean but now I decided to switch to this brand. By the way, this can be used in HE washers. I called the manufacturer yesterday and the woman told me it’s for HE or High Efficiency washers too. They are in the process of updating their labels.

Outlaw GT says:

I used to use strictly Gain.. Now I use the 1 dollar LA detergent and I add a 1 dollar bottle of Gain to it.. My clothes are just as clean and smell good and I save a few bucks I can put towards buying gold and silver and bullets…

Maxine Ritchie says:

Did u really just put 2 things in the wash lol

Mandy Simmons says:

I bought the yellow one ( when I could still find it and put some thick pour bleach in it ) and I wrote bleach on the cap so I wouldn’t use it on something that cannot be bleached like my hubby’s striped white shirts.  I used it on light sheets and towels and light rugs and it worked fine.  For things I like a nice strong scent on I’ve discovered xtra from cvs and it can be as low as one $1.50 a bottle on sale…by doing all this my hubby and I power saved for a few yrs and by cutting back on this and that we were able to move up in house and get a down payment on our retirement place that takes us into our elder yrs.

Mateyena says:

great review i have this one and I love it as well. I have to try the red one.

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