Dollar Tree Haul Dollar Tree Laundry Detergent Versus Tide Test

I am a major penny pincher so when I found a large bottle of laundry detergent at the Dollar Tree I was shocked but excited. I bought it and decided to compare it to one of the brands I love, Tide. I have to say, the results surprised me.


Joshua Chamberlain says:

I bought the dollar tree detergent strictly for non clothes cleaning like mopping the floor or a quick bathtubs sink cleaning. I ran out of my normal name brand of detergent and only had dollar tree left so I used it, I don’t see the difference to tell you the truth, Name brand smells a little better but once you put in liquid fabric softener its all the same.

Excelsior Books says:

Great review

Was it worth the time? says:

Straight to the point. Good information, under 2 minutes, great audio and good lighting.

Simon says:

My only worry would be if the Dollar Tree brand would make colors fade over time. That’s why I spend the extra on Tide. Uniform pants for public servants aren’t cheap.

Cindy Herschberg says:

I make my own detergent typically however their are times I just pick up a bottle at the store ( I have some mobility issues so it happens from time to time ) I use the green bottle from the dollar tree too I am extremely sensitive and it does not bother me and it cleans well too ! Also IT IS A DOLLAR ! LOL my homemade detergent costs about .25 cents a gallon more or less. and it works well too ! But if I dont have any on hand DOLLAR TREE TO THE RESCUE !

Cadmar Business Suite says:

Really…good YouTube review. I love your delivery. It was quick, clever, succinct and to the point. Now I will pick up a bottle and compare it to Persil.

Apple's bunches says:

try the blue one

bobcat8 says:

thank you for your effort

Ryko Ultraclean says:

I’ve found that this stuff (the blue and red bottles) works really good if you pair it up with the LA’s totaly awesome oxygen base cleaner it really does just as good a job as Tide and oxiclean paired together. I have even gone so far as to test this stuff on my high school football team’s clothes and trust me they are filthy by the time I get them and I found they turned out perfect. Dont waste your money on Tide and don’t believe what those goons tell you in the commercials or the people that say that cheap detergent wrecks clothes I have used this stuff on my own laundry for the past few months and it works fine.

Cheryl Kalsch says:

Can the dollar tree detergent be used in HE washing machines?

Angela Johnson says:

Wow, surprisingly the dollar tree one worked just as well as tide.

Zuri Robles says:

thanks for the review i must give it try am a dollar tree sucker too 🙂

Syl A says:

Thank you, short and to the point. I like your review style.

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