“DollarTree” Great Deal } Fresh N Clean Laundry Detergent 125 -150 Loads


Andrea Ellington says:

Yes that Fresh and Clean detergent is the Bomb! It smells great and it works Really Well just discovered it about a day ago.

Tammey Potter says:


Mireya Perez says:

Smart lady !!!!

Viky Navarrete says:

is for HE machine?

Jon & Amber Lee says:

Thank you SO much for this! Our family isn’t huge (family of 5) BUT we seem to have endless laundry! With money being tight right now I’m always looking for more ways to save. I’m definitely going to try this!

How well does it work on delicates?

Anyway, thank you again! I love your channel! ♡♡♡

Eve Peterson says:

Thanks for the tip!!

Forever Scher says:

Haven’t seen that at our DT yet, but will b on the lookout for it! Tfs!!

happymom73 says:

Thank you so much for posting this vid!! This works amazingly well. Used it on a load of whites that I thought weren’t really dirty. Wash water turned really icky, and here I thought the name brand stuff had been getting my clothes clean. Guess not. Not only is your detergent mix super affordable, but it cleans better than the name brand I was using. 😀

ytonia meeks says:

u haven’t showed us how good get works

aqua fina says:

gyal ah do this also..i even go a step further and add dish washer detergent and i shred up a bar of laundry soap the big pink one..it gets the clothes so clean..then i make my own softener which makes the clothes soft and have a nice fragrance.

Carolyn Durbin says:

Tell it! I love you and your channel.

Skye Littmann says:

i make my own laundry soap. it coata me $9 but you only need to use 1-2TBS per load and the recipe lasts 6months- 1 year depending on family size. lasts me 7months for my family of 7

Lynnette Jones says:

thanks for this money saving tip..i already had the oxy clean on hand…made my dollar tree run, i made a much smaller batch, being just me..my daughter is up in arms telling ..no mom, just stick with what you have always used…well we shall see, spending less than 4 bucks compared to much much more….

Kimberly 3DDD says:

How long have you been using this method??

ertznay says:

Sounds like Roy is in trouble.

Mac Wacha says:

ALL Free & Clear is what I use due to my allergies to the scented soaps. But if any other brand of free & clear type soap is on sale then I use that one. Good ideas though!

Carol Belfon says:

Very nice I will tryvit


I’ve been doing this the last two months. Clean clothes and more money in my pocket!

Terrace Blow says:

I’m looking for the video on how to clean the clothes

Jackie deans says:

Hi. I love your channel but if you are interested I have a better recipe for laundry detergent. If you don’t want scent beads you can make enough for a family of 4 for 10$ lasts you 9 mo to a year!

Abby Lowe says:

Yaas!!! I bought 3 of those detergent boxes, bought two of the La’s Totally Awesome Orange Base Cleaner (32oz each), and added 2 of the fresh scent crystals bottles from the dollar tree (hard to find). It filled up an old bucket of the Sun detergent (22lb bucket) I had. My clothes are clean and smell so damn fresh. All for $8. No washing soda added because the oxygen cleaner already has that as an ingredient. I use 1/2 cup depending on how dirty and how much laundry I’m doing.

Laura Gadille says:

omg I’m going to get this

Tammy Colon says:

we have to use scent free because of allergies. any suggestions on that? thanks so much…

cmortalx says:

I love the laundry and the sun powder bleach. Highly impressed, works better than the sun powder.

ytonia meeks says:

how good do it work???

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