Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap Review | Does it work for 18 Uses?

Testing the 18 Uses of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap: Does it Work?
Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps have been a favorite product of ours, but we never tried out many of the 18 uses listed on the package. For a minimalist, using one product in up to 18 different ways can make life much simpler, but do these methods work?

In this video, we test out and review various household uses for Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, such as an all-purpose cleaner or dish soap, and for body care, such as shampoo or even toothpaste! This product is excellent for minimalist body care and also works as a minimalist cleaning product! What uses for Dr. Bronners do you have?

Original Blog Post with 18 Uses: http://www.lisabronner.com/dilutions-cheat-sheet-for-dr-bronners-castile-soap/

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Peppermint: http://amzn.to/2rGV35m
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Del says:

I may be living in my SUV while I do some traveling in the spring and that is how I ended up watching vids about Dr. Bronner’s. A shower in a bottle. Heh.

Maggie Kinsella says:

I’ve been enjoying your videos. I’m decluttering right now so thanks for the inspiration.

Two things I thought of: 1)Dr Bronners used as a shampoo will really thicken your hair, and then gunk up your hair if you keep using it regularly.
2)The peppermint version is good to use to clean in places where spiders make their nests. Spiders hate peppermint.

Pravin Shantae Turner says:

What about automatic dish washer?

Anna Alton says:

I love using Dr. Bronners citrus and tea tree for the kitchen its amazing.

MiVidaBellisima says:

I buy this stuff by the GALLON!
-If I didn’t already have a favorite trader Joe’s, I would try mixing it for shampoo before DC, curious if it would strip the hair
-may leave residue for washing dishes but did a good job
-left residue for laundry so I switched to method brand
– love mixing for hand wash solutions
– few drops of soap with st ives apricot scrub for exfoliation/daily face wash
I want to try more uses. If I didn’t have a steam mop to clean my floors I would be using it for a floor solution too!

Libby Withnall says:

Great idea for a video. I had to buy some as an emergency body wash recently and am going to put in my own motorhome since it can be used so many things.

Sasha Ruiz says:

Works great on my dog (miyagi bully )I use the baby unscented and I get a lot of compliments of him smelling like a baby and it helps a lot with his hair and skin. His coat is thicker and shinier. He doesn’t sed as much.

Sara R says:

We used to have a dog and we washed him with Dr Bronner’s. We preferred it to the pet shampoo.

H FS says:

Jake is a clown brushing his teeth with the Bronners. Have never used it but definitely going to buy some and use it.
Loved this video.

Jenna B says:

Would using only vinegar work as a good window cleaner?

Susan Gnacinski says:

You two are fun! I’m about to try it : 1 cup/1 gallon water to spray on bugs particularly cucumber beetles and supposedly won’t harm bees! I’ll try to get back to post results. BTW, I love your name: Abundantly Minimal….soooo creative and descriptive.

Connie Seward says:

You two are really cute!

lunchie83 says:

I don’t have any proof but I think this stuff cleans out the drains. I’ve only been using this stuff for a couple days but I’ve noticed that the bath water drains a lot faster now.

john ayacko says:

great soap but the peppermint is a bit hot. i love to take hot shower with that soap I’m on fire.

derealovefestival Survival says:

Thanks for sharing.

Julie Mix says:

I’ve never tried this product before, but this blog was fun & informative. It’s always neat to have something that can cut down on the volume of products you need. I will be trying this. Thanks for the heads-up.

CMS Sultana says:

I have a cheapie foaming soap dispenser which I put about 1.5 c water and about 3T. DB and it works great, very rich foamy lather. I wonder if the plant spray would help keep fruit flies at bay? With warm weather, no ac kitchen, we have a flock of them in the compost pot and general vicinity. Any thoughts? TIA

jayathome says:

The peppermint one is better for teeth, the tea tree one is good for cleaning because it’s antiseptic, and the hemp almond one is best for hair, but I still prefer African Black Soap better for hair and body. It has more shea butter. Dr Bronner’s on its own, will not get whites white, but it is good for bedding, if you use the tea tree version. It is Great!! for aphids on plants, but you have to foam up the soap in a bucket, and just dab the foam on the underside of the leaves, otherwise you could kill the plant.

Samantha Lyons says:

Ok you guys are obviously from vermont judging by that apartment view and awesome green t shirt

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