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Eco- Nuts:
Wool Laundry Balls:

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YESSSS I edited this video myself and I am hella proud of it! Did you like?

EcoNuts are actually not a nut, they are soap berries. They are awesome for people with allergies and sensitivities. They are an awesome idea for a green laundry detergent/ laundry soap. You may have seen Eco Nuts on Shark Tank in the past, but now they are available in so many retailers, I find the easiest way to get your hands on them is Amazon.

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Dusk Winter says:

how are they on stains like pit stains and from just general life stains

GiorgiGirl74 says:

Definitely trying the nuts !

kathia cibulskis says:

im all about “on top of the world” playing in the background!

cabanhotcherry says:

thats very interesting thanks for sharing!

jeff hayward says:

ok so the box says 100 loads, but you said you use 5-6 nuts. per load is there 500-600 nuts in that box? it doesn’t seem right. just curious

Chrisanna Fabela says:

I ordred some will be here Wednesday I plan on using them for all there uses laundry cleaner shampoo

jeff hayward says:

I would love to try them but. if it was just my clothes I’m sure it would work just fine . it’s my husband’s muddy ,greasy work clothes and my stinky teenage sons clothes I’m afraid would not get them clean. and for me $10 is alot. I spend 6.95 for 100 loads. I use Purex

Nummers says:

IM definitely going to try them but I’m not too sure about the wool balls, because it leaves me wondering if they are cruelty free.

Medea MacLeod says:

Sorry, I used a dryer for something like 6 months only, but I don’t get what those wool balls are for, isn’t it enough to put the clothes in dryer? :/

Penny Sugas says:

You can use horse chestnuts in place of soap nuts too. I have lots of those in my yard (so it’s free!) & definitely will be trying them out come fall. Thanks for the video, I loved it!

Rebecca Murakami says:

Yes! I love soap nuts. I recommend them to all my clients.

1004524 says:

I think I might actually buy the soap nuts because those seem so amazing!

Bree Hamment says:

Your make up is looking bomb AF in this video!

Rachel Dougherty says:

Currently I use Trader Joes detergent, it’s very natural and inexpensive but I really want to try these! I live in student apartments and doing laundry is always a nightmare and my boyfriend who I live with is kind of tired of me always trying to find the most natural way to do things especially when it comes to cleaning but for the price I will definitely give these a try

Autumn Rose Sharp says:

I love your channel so much. It’s educational and your videos can still make me giggle. Also I think both you and Madison are so adorable and just genuine people!

Heidi Wolff says:

do a video on environmental period products

Christine Kerschner says:

My biggest question would be how well these would work with my cloth diaper laundry

Lexi Lulu says:

I think this is amaazzinngg!! I will definitely be trying these when my current Laundry soap is gone

livelaughForte says:

Wool isn’t vegan?

Rachel Elder says:

Definitely gonna be buying some of these when my detergent runs out (or maybe I’ll just give the rest of the detergent to my boyfriend lol)! I’ve read in some places that you should soak the nuts and use the liquid if you are washing with cold water to release more soap

laura lopez says:

We recently purchased four (4) bottles of Eco Nuts Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent. The bottle says it’s 16 oz. We measured each bottle and the volume of each was short by almost 3 oz. We sent a message to the company hoping for a response before coming online and posting this, but have not heard from them as promptly as we’d like.

Ellie Cauvain says:

plesse don’t use soap nuts!! apparently since becoming popular in the West locals can no longer afford them and have to use cheaper chemicals that are polluting their rivers (and drinking water) plesse try and look at the overall impact when trying to reduce waste

*Odalys Palacios* says:

Can you do a video using muddy clothes with the eco-nuts i feel like that would be interesting

Lexi Lulu says:

I would love love love an update on how you guys are liking the soap nuts? Ive bought some and havent used them yet!

Chelsea Munroe says:

Do you think these will work for heavily soiled sports clothes?

Just Jess says:

The ones I have do have a berry scent, but it doesn’t transfer to laundry, which is cool. Peeples say they can go in the dryer, too, but I don’t put them in there anymore because they smell baked afterward. To me, that isn’t pleasant, even though they still wash great after.

My Shitty Reviews says:

I would totally use those if they work well. I don’t like all the chemicals they put in everything we use. I also want to make my own shampoo/body wash/lotion. My skin just can’t handle all the chemicals anymore. After living in Houma Louisiana after the oil spill….the water down there just destroyed my skin. They say they cleaned up all the mess in the water….but they are completely full of crap!! I had really nice skin until after the spill. Now I’m super sensitive to chemicals and my skin is always dry.

yommy Marie says:

Just subscribed ten seconds in an your a lesbian too an your gf has dreads like my wife oh yea

Desiree Cline says:

gain is what i use and what ive learned with all eco laundry anything is there is soap in your washer and left on ur clothes that makes u thimk they work

Kellcyie Rajewski says:

This is so satisfying

Emily Zahrt says:

Loved this! Thank you for making videos about being more eco-friendly in ways people might have not thought about before!

Shelbizleee says:

Would you guys be willing to wash your clothes with nuts??? I hope you find these as fascinating as I do, you can make so many different things with them, LIKE SHAMPOO! Stay tuned for tomorrow ;D

Get them here >>> Eco- Nuts:
Wool Laundry Balls:

PetCat Rio says:

I know you posted this 6 months ago, but just watched it. Found out that you cannot get soap nuts or wool balls in Canada. If any viewer finds a source can you pls link it.

Farrah Lunceford says:

I make my own washing detergent and sheets

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