FOCA (Biodegradable laundry detergent.)

Hello everyone! My curiosity brought me to try this product. It is *FOCA laundry detergent. I had to share and review because it works better than expected.👍 First, it is extremely affordable per ounce. Wow! Only $1.83 each.😮 Second, once you load the laundry into the water with this product dissolved you can see the dirt and grime releasing right away from your items. Third, is should be great for people with scent and skin sensitivity. Just had to share…👀👚👕👛😉👍
*Foca Laundry Detergents. Foca Laundry Detergent is manufactured by Fábrica de Jabón la Corona, a Mexican company founded in 1920 in Mexico City that produces household cleaning products, toothpastes, and edible cooking oils.Nov 2, 201


little house guy says:

Is the “gray” water from washing OK for your vegetable garden?

jglopezjr83 says:

I’ll have to check this out. Tfs

Jessy K says:

I’ve used this in the past and really liked it. I have gotten it as cheap as $1.59 (liquid) no coupon at Food4Less in San Diego.

ky girl says:

I have used this before, and loved it! It does an amazing job and the smell is very clean smelling but not overpowering! The only reason I stopped using it was because I had an HE washer and at the time I could not find any information on using Foca with an HE machine. I am going to give the liquid a try! Thanks for posting!

Jody says:

You think it’s good now, you should have seen it with whites when it had phosphates.

J Holyfield says:

I love it i switched from using tide

Aussie Mum says:

I am in Australia and don’t mind doing the laundry for some weird reason. I also like seeing what groceries are available in other countries and comparing to what I buy for my family.

Can you please show prices and also where the product is made in your videos – I’m just curious and want to compare.
I haven’t seen this brand in Australia unfortunately. I’d love to try it.

My current favourite here is one called Euca and it has a eucalyptus scent. I buy it online. I hate the highly perfumed supermarket stuff

one day i’ll visit the USA and check out the shops – you sound like you have such a variety to choose from

PhoneJones says:

Foca is good… I used it a few times. Check out Ariel laundry detergent that’s a good one too.

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