I Tried $25 Luxury Laundry Detergent! Was it worth the price tag?

I haven’t tried that many luxury cleaning products, so I thought this would be a fun series to start! I like fancy stuff, so fancy laundry detergent seemed like a good match for me! We try the $25 laundry detergent from The Good Home Company!

This video is not sponsored and I paid for these products with my own coins!

The Good Home Company Website: https://goodhomestore.com/

Corresponding Blog Post: https://goo.gl/WsLwCS

Video of My Mom’s Bathroom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWj9cuje6sw
Decluttering My Mom’s Makeup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PHGliRY3J0&t=298s

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patricia ferrari says:

Loved this video! Going to try it. Most important to me is that it’s not tested on animals! I wish more people knew and would not buy anything tested on animals!

Vickie Manning says:

Look at http://www.mygreenfills.com. Small company, good price point. Products made with essential oils.

Becky Watts says:

You did a great job!!!! You need to have your own TV show. Thanks for showing Clover. He always makes my day!

Debby Kaufman says:

Kay, thanks so much for this video. I love to try new cleaning products, as I am always trying to make my life a little easier. My newest purchase was a spin mop and I love that thing. I have noticed that recently my towels haven’t smelled great no matter what I try. I think I would like to give this soap a try, at least once. Thank you for this very informative and fun video. How about trying a high end body wash.

patricia wolfe says:

great video!!!! pricey? yay, for my intimates? yesssss. would luxury bath/shower soap qualify? am still in search of that product that cleans, hydrates and doesn’t leave a weird film (ICKKKKK) due to my dryyyyy skin. Ty in advance for your consideration.

Linda Moore says:

Thanks for trying out this product….that I won’t be buying…LOL!

Painting the Roses Red says:

Very recently I started making my own cleaning products and scents seem to play a big part. Having a product that does the job well and smells great is definitely a one two punch for me. It makes the task enjoyable. I’m very interested in trying out Laundress now, and this company is a close second. Thank you for your reviews being informative and not sounding like a commercial. I’d love to see more videos along this wavelength. Let’s check out these products together sister! Thanks Kay❤❤❤

Lori Amory says:

Nope. Not happening. I have difficulties spending so much money on certain things especially when you have a somewhat large famiky. The bottle was cute. It looked like olive oil. I’m a Gain detergent type person combined with a Downy fabric softener. Also for tough stains Shout is my go to detergent helper.

Urban Essence Salon & Spa says:

Hi me again. I noticed in the ingredient list that you posted that this company uses surfactants. Another great company you might want to consider for laundry soap and dishwasher soap is Mama Suds. They are a part of the business organization that I belong to and they are completely all natural. Here’s a link to their website.

Urban Essence Salon & Spa says:

Hi Kay, I adore fragrances and essential oils. A fragrance designer is a person that builds fragrances from scratch. This person can work in any area of the fragrance world designing for bath & body products, laundry to actually working for a high in company like Coco Chanel or Lancome.

Cheryl Ann Johnson says:

I love when you talk “science” because it takes the emotion out of purchases…almost. My visual side falls for pretty packaging! I have the Laundress bar and wondered if you can melt it into a liquid that’s easier to apply. A friend is just recovering from chemo and I am thinking of sending her something from the Good Home Co.. It sounds like a little luxury that might brighten her day. This was a great video…thanks!

Tessie Dobey says:

I haven’t found a detergent better than Tide! I tried Laundress and it smelled good but could not get out my eight son’s dirt.

Roxie R. Heart says:

I would like for you to review Frey men’s luxury laundry detergent and laundry products.

nakialoves says:

Hi have you tried Nellies?

oma huppiedos says:

You have the quality of life from your mother.
For the price difference, I think the dollar is a very good result.

Dragona421 says:

I loved that you tested it out for us. I can enjoy it vicariously through. Also, I read through the comments and some of the subscribers have great tips as well. I will also look i to some of there suggestions. I absolutely love Citrusy smelling products. Can’t wait for your next product testing. Lol.

lindsey smith says:

The thumbnail for this video cracked me up! I wish you were a bit more descriptive on the scents. I wish these more expensive brands offered a sample size of these products for a fee. They might get more sales that way. I, personally, would never spend $25 on detergent unless I knew that I loved it. Those scented beads for the vacuum, for example, you don’t care for the scent. I wonder if you called their customer service if they would let you exchange it for another scent. Might be worth a try!

Margaret Lowery says:

I agree great gift idea but not something I would buy for myself.

The Organized Soprano says:

Timestamps for Peeps in a Hurry:
4:15 About the Brand
10:31 Product Demo
14:10 Final Thoughts

Room for Yes by Tosh Jenkins says:

I would love to see organized list of hair products and routine for hair care. Ringlets are amazing!

Sonia Steckle says:

Thank you for all you do, Kay! You’ve inspired me more than you know!

Maria Olker says:

Personally, I think harsher chemicals work better. Seems like I have to use twice as much as the milder stuff to get things clean.

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