Laundry Detergent ‘how do you do’?

Foca Detergent anyone?


chavmtl says:

try target. i just picked up yesterday.

MrEqp123 says:

i use a mix of zote, foca, oxy clean in a 1L tub it cleans great and smells amazing, it cleans my scrubs bright too

HaulandCo says:

I have never seen it again. I hope it works well for you. 🙂

Pooh Smith says:

Foca is a great laundry detergent! It even gets out set in stains.

Raising Bushs says:

That is why I rarely do grocery haul videos. I normally come in and starting putting things away immediately. If its other items like consignment or shopping then I put them in my room until I get a chance to vlog.

Mark Jones says:

who vares how your clothes smell as long as your shit is clean

naturegirl2110 says:

Does anyone kno if the ariel sold in the U.S. Wal-Mart’s called ariel USA is sudsy. I ask because I have a HE front load washer. I kno ariel does great on stains and smell wonderful. I just have used in USA before. The one I used in the Caribbean is very sudsy since it meant for hand wash. or top load washers. I’d love to try it again but don’t kno if I can use it in my HE front loader. Help.

Maritza Gaines says:

omg..yeah u can even use it on dishes.

HaulandCo says:

It is a great price!

#Unpresidented #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner says:

Foca and Roma are super good good it will take the color out of your clothes… way before than your USA brands… that is my main concern about it.

but if we are trying to keep it cheap with the kids … it will be the best detergent and way better than the Chinese stuff at 99cent stores. But putting it on designer clothing and such….. nope dont even think about it.

ShyRage1 says:

Does anyone know if this product smells fresh?

Thao Vang says:

FOCA does make liquid detergents for he machines, i use a top load so have nothing to worry about there but just thought i let others know so they dont mess up their he machines – im also located in california so lots of mexican stores with many varieties
another one if u should come across it is called ariel-what i like about it is that their are more variety when it comes to the scent of the detergent and it now comes with downy so i dont have to use a downy ball or wait for the rinse cycle (down side of top loaders)
i decided to switch to mexican detergents because i noticed my neighbor (who is a migrant farm worker) clothes were always clean

Ryanne McCaff says:

I am trying the Foca Liquid as I am typing this. I used it and the Mexican Downy. I thought my white towels looked a little gray and grubby when coming out of the dryer. I will add some chlorine bleach in the next wash. Leaves no scent at all.

Ann Mares says:

I love the liquid Foca! Just started using about a month ago. I think it’s a great value for the money. It also is not tested on animals!

Chris Alvarez says:

Yes Foca is a great Detergent we been using it for over a year and it make our clothes smell very good, and it doesn’t actually work for HE Laundry machine , Don’t recommend using it on HE because in the long run it will mess up your machine. when we wash we us foca with suavitel either the blue or yellow bottle and it smell very good you should try it.

jake thomson says:

Product from mexico my parents used that one and ariel i believe thats how u spell it, lately tide has been leaving me itchy and i decided to buy this since my parents have always used it, if you want it to smell your clothes i would say suavitel the blue bottle u put after detergent it leaves your clothes to smell good.

skababy69 says:

Foca is better than Tide! I kid you not! We had sick kids for a spell and this stuff made the smelly bed linens and vomit stained blanket fresh clean and soft. We only had to use a half a cup in a front load washing machine. This is super cheap, foams up well and really cleans good! I will never buy expensive detergents again!

Isidra Mares says:

Yes, Foca one the best. But do in a 2 gallon glass container Foca the whole bag, one bar of Zote graded, downy or pure crystals, and borax the whole cup of borax mix altogether and your done. Just use 1/2 cup in the washer and it will last you about a year will depend how much you wash. We have to two teenagers and they love this stuff try it out. We also found it in Sam club the Foca bigger bag you can try just the foca one cup and it really a great price but with the other ingredients works better take oil, grass, and hard stains. Try it out.

Erin Thornhill says:

I’m a college student and this stuff is amazing for my budget and great on my clothes!!!

vvbreeaj says:

It is a Mexico product just like the bar of Zote, Foca works fairly good not my favorite but works good for the price they also have the liquid formula as well.

HaulandCo says:

They don’t even carry it anymore at our store. And I sort of liked it. I hate when you get something you like and then “poof”, it’s gone.

Pat Porter says:

foca is great it does a good job on laundry

HaulandCo says:

I have stopped shopping so much at Wal Mart. But I will look for it again when I go shopping. I have been back to making my own. But I do get a little sick of the smell of my homemade detergent. 🙂

Rock N says:

I haven’t tried this stuff yet but it’s on my to get list. I also found a way to make better use of your laundry detergent than most people probably do. About 3 years  ago, I started to let the water and detergent agitate freely in the washer tub for about a minute to allow the soap to activate more and build on suds BEFORE adding the laundry, this seem to cut down on the consumption of laundry soap I had to use and makes more common sense cause laundry soap can’t freely be activated with clothes in the washer at the beginning, hope this helps also. Thanks

Pople BackyardFarm says:

I make my own laundry detergent too 🙂

Heather Yellowowl says:

its a mexican brand…i use it all the time and loveit

Eric Lloyd says:

I have used it for years, I use a small handful in a load of laundry in a HE washer. it’s wonderful. smells nice. It really pulls stains out well.

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