Laundry Detergent Review Wisk Deep Clean Power Blast

Description: This is my review of Wisk Deep Clean Power Blast Laundry Detergent. I wasn’t pleased with the results but you may or may not have the same results. You can visit my blog at:

Also my other blog: @Sashamoniquetalks


Sally Button says:

Hi my good friend, hope so much you are ok. It’s such a shame these pods weren’t up to scratch. I think the modern detergents aren’t a patch what they use to be years ago. In the 1980’s we had Wisk in the UK in liquid form. It was a white liquid in a large red bottle with a handle with the Wisk logo on the front. I use to switch detergents from time to time using Persil mostly as its my all time favourite but I used Wisk a lot & I loved it, particularly the smell was absolutely gorgeous. It also cleaned very well especially if I soaked items in it first in the sink. I think manufacturers aren’t allowed to use some of the ingredients they used then because of keeping the waterways clean, it’s an invironmental thing & so we don’t get the cleaning power from detergents nowadays. Any liquid won’t contain a bleach like the powders do & so the laundry will gradually dull over time but I’m surprised you noticed the difference in one wash! Maybe you could use them up on old cleaning rags or some such.. We’re very hot over here weather wise with the occasional heavy showers & stormy too at times mainly at night. You take care & I’ll be with you again soon x

SWTLaughinLivinLovin TV says:

i wonder if i would be allergic i like to smell the detergent but i break out so easily.

Espeon Spring says:

hey do a video about all detergent I want to see your input on it. I really like that detergent for some reason although I never tried it yet.

Bobby Crutchfield says:

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