Laundry Detergent Review

Laundry Detergent Review: This is my review of Extra Laundry Detergent. This is only my opinion and you can make your own choice. This laundry detergent has a great smell but did not clean my clothing correctly. After doing this review; I found that some of my clothes had some stains on it and i had to re-wash them. I will continue to use the laundry detergents that i am familiar with from now on. You can visit my blog at:

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Heidi Havran says:

I use the huge $8 bottle and it’s 2X concentrated. I did an experiment. I took a white hand towel and destroyed it with red wine stains, grape juice, bbq sauce, mustard, ect. I cut the towel in half and washed one with TIDE PODS and one with XTRA. I have been a loyal Tide fan for years and had my money on Tide. Now, the xtra says to use half a capful due to the 2x concentrated. I didn’t read the label and used an entire capful. The Xtra actually did the better job!

momfrom NJ says:

The one with oxy works really well, and yes a little harder to find

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Thank you Jay. Gain’s fragrance is pretty strong but it cleans okay.

Frank Nagy says:

you do the greatest reviews you gotta do them all for all brands you’d be great

David Clemmens says:

Xtra is cheap…. Takes about 4 caps to get suds… I use Cheer or Tide.. 1/4 cap to 4 cups Xtra. do the math!

crettybocker says:

no science shocked the person is …. must be lodddddddd Jesusssssss

chilipepper25 says:

Your voice is so relaxing! You should do a sleep hypnosis video! 🙂

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I am so sorry that happened to you.

Timothy Wyant says:


andres gallegos says:

awesome review

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Someone else mentioned the one with the Oxy as well, and i think i will give it a try.

Frank Nagy says:

did you know shaving a bar of ivory soap works better than xtra it’s better too
and 1/3 the price

Stefan R says:

Have you ever tried using the one with the oxi formula in it? and if so does it perform any different from the standard one?

Shilen Parikh says:

I have the same problem. For now, I’m using laundry booster with Xtera to have clean clothes.
I’ve heard excellent reviews of Foca Laundry Detergent available at walmart for under $4.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Yeah, I don’t want to throw it away so i will use it up or use it to clean floors or something. lol

Gene Smay says:

If you are getting suds in your laundry you are using to much. most manufacturers design the detergent to be suds free. especially HE machines. Save the suds for your bubble bath..

Cadmar Business Suite says:

Persil is the best even better than Tide. A little of Persil goes a long way and you save so much more money. It is not about volume or size but about quality and effectiveness.

Heidi Havran says:

I find it at Walmart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. There is also a type of the Xtra with oxyclean added. It comes in a blue bottle with a yellow cap, and I find that it cleans better than all of them. It’s a bit harder to find, though. For the non concentrated version, I put a scoop of Sun brand oxygen booster ($4 for a big tub) and it worked well to use it up.

Brenda Martinez says:

@SashaMoniqueTalks i used it sometimes to wash dishes i dont know it that was a great idea but i did it a bunch of times. i would not reccomend you to mop with it because it can get really slippery its not safe you can fall.

Life with Liz says:

Hi there, I really liked your video, because I always wondered what other people’s views were of Xtra. I’ve only used the Mountain Rain scent (I think that’s what it was called). I found I had the same problems as you – I needed to use more as it wasn’t sudsing. I’ve tried out so many different detergents and I’d say one of the best ones I’ve used was Era. It was cheap, smelled good and was good and sudsy. I think it compares to Tide, but is less than half the price. I’ll buy Tide and Gain if they’re on sale and I’ll also purchase Sunlight and the no-name version. My boyfriend thinks I’m a bit crazy as I have about 8 bottles of laundry soap on the go, but I swear it was because they were on sale and who can pass up a good deal? I also like fabric softener and have been experimenting with the best combinations of laundry soap/softener scents for a few years now. Thank you.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

These companies have to stick to the formulas that work instead of changing and messing up these detergents. We as consumers don’t deserve all these inferior products.

jt rover says:

Good review, thank you! I usually always buy Tide (Cold Water). I purchased the Xtra brand because I needed something to get me through until Tide was on sale again (that’s when I buy it). Wow, what a difference. Scent is not that important to me as long as it smells clean which I think the majority of brands are decent at accomplishing. However, to finish a large load, I needed 2.5 cups of Xtra! I couldn’t believe it. People usually ask me why I get Tide (due to the price), but I tell them I always get it on sale and secondly (and most importantly) 1/3 of a cupful of Tide can clean a full large load of clothes for me – and do it extremely well. You get what you pay for. Tide may be more expensive but it’ll last MUCH longer and my clothes stay super clean. Tide Cold Water is my #1, and I do not have a HE washer, just your basic old top loading machine (I still think they clean better). 🙂

Levinia says:

They changed the formula. I used the Lavender/Sweet Vanilla for years, loved the scent. It even made my house smell good when I used it. I bought some recently, and it has a cheapo good scent at all. It didn’t clean very well either. Too bad 🙁 I loved it! Now I have to find a new favorite detergent.

Brenda Martinez says:

great review the excat same thing happened to me i purchase this since i was on a budget that month it Dirent wash my clothes good. i just used it for the socks afterwards with bleach but i add to full tops of it i had to use it Dirent want to trow it away.

Jay Sia Hermes Coeus says:

I use free & clear detergent from All, but I always seen Xtra and haven’t heard of anyone using it, most people I know use Tide, Gain, and Purex. Thanks for sharing your insight with this review! LOL @ they use perfume to cover that it doesn’t clean well 😀 I feel that way about Gain which is known for their fragrance but to each their own 😀

Simon says:

Xtra is one of the worst detergents, imo. I won’t use it or Sun. Yesterday I bought a box of Purex powdered detergent for $3.97. Washed a load of clothes and then my corduroy blanket today. It did a excellent job of making everything clean & fresh. I’m going on a budget (to save for a new car), so I’m not buying Tide anymore. I think I’ll be switching to Purex.

Brenda Martinez says:

@SashaMoniqueTalks yes bettr option i dont want you falling either 🙂

Frank Nagy says:

i stick to my oxydol powder in the box for 5 dollars at family dollar.  No other way to get whitest whites, colours i use cheer

bammbamm12 says:

The dollar stores do the same thing with the dishwashing liquid – there are cheap brands that sell twice as much volume for half the price of the name brands. But seemingly, all they do is add water – they just dilute it. Wow. What a trick.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

You are right.

vaylen20 says:

I have used that before and I got that same one when I was broke. So now I only use it as emergency detergent. And I was the clothes in hot water;that helps for items that won’t shrink like towels,socks, underwear,rugs,etc. But I love GAIN it’s just to expensive to but the big one all the time.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I cannot afford to fall and bust my tail open I think i will try it for cleaning the tub or toilet or something.

Ken Dire says:

My uncle worked for Proctor and Gamble for over 25 years.  He said the only real difference in a basic detergent in how they perform is concentration of the cleaning agent.
So the reason you can buy that bottle of Xtra for 5.99 and a good detergent is going to cost about three times that is the Xtra and all “off” brand are about 1/2 to 3/4 more water than a leading brand. 
So you are correct if you use more it will work but then what is the point of buying it.

Joe Bon says:

Brilliant review, thank you for the post. I was going to try this detergent, I’ll pass.

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